Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations – I just like to decorate for the holidays. There are many creative ideas, but they can really add up. I went to the Home Store which was the Garden Center first. It’s like a Kirkland in a Lowe’s house. I found the most beautiful centerpiece of the table. I’m not very passionate about things like this, but I just love this. However, the thought of paying 80.00 for a program just didn’t add up in my crazy brain.

I decided to challenge myself and see if I could go to dollar stores/thrift stores to find something to use as a centerpiece. I decided to start at the Dollar Tree. I always see these things about projects people have done from the Dollar Tree and think I should give it a try.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I need to have a fall center. Dollar Tree has many options including pumpkins with a shiny jack olan.

Boho Friendsgiving Dinner — Pixels & Pop

8 Pumpkins – I have different sizes and hold some sparkly jack o’lanterns. I hide their face in the schedule.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

1 pack of 4″ flower picks (Hobby Shop) – I used these to attach the square pieces of organza and embed firmly in the foam. It is used as a filler in an object.

Recycle gold silver spray paint. When I gave the styrofoam pumpkin, it bubbled up, but I liked it.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Easy Thanksgiving Table

Once the center piece was done, I sat on the sconces I bought at a garage sale and spray painted them to match the house. I really like the look and it’s very different from other centerpieces. I used whole leaves that I bought at the Dollar Tree and other small pumpkins. Thank you for your thoughts! A search on Pinterest can make your head spin. All you need to know are the essential pieces of Thanksgiving table decorations and you can decorate the rest!

If you’re looking for steps to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table, you’ve come to the right place!

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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Incredible Ideas To Adorn Your Home With Thanksgiving Decor

The first week of every month I team up with some amazing party goers to create something beautiful for the season. Teams have changed since COVID and instead of going out, we are going to our homes and give you tips on how to make your intimate gatherings fabulous!

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Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

So today we have Day 5 of Thanksgivings AND more Thanksgiving inspiration “join us” at the bottom of the post.

First, decide whether to use a tablecloth or keep the table plain. A tablecloth always makes the event more fun, but you have to wash up after dinner, so consider your options.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

How To Create A Cozy Thanksgiving Table Style

*This isn’t actually a tablecloth at all, just a piece of sequined tablecloth I got at Hobby Lobby. So don’t feel boxed in by the tablecloths on the shelf. Be creative and design something for you!*

If you choose not to use a tablecloth, I recommend using a table runner instead. This will help ground your Thanksgiving table decor and create visual separation for the table setting.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Palm table flowers are the perfect centerpiece! You can buy something pre-made or create your own using a pumpkin and a variety of flowers, leaves, berries and feathers.

Opulent Cottage: Native American Tablescape

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but if you make a fake arrangement, you can make it ahead of time and enjoy it all for a long time!

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

If you just need some flowers, you can get great deals on artificial flowers at Michaels. Hydrangeas are my favorite perennial flowers for their size and beautiful colors. Dried hydrangea heads are also beautiful, but do not store well.

Once your centerpiece is chosen, build on it with small repeating elements like pumpkins, leaves and feather balls.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

How To Set A Beautiful Thanksgiving Table * Hip & Humble Style

You don’t have to make the exact same Thanksgiving table decorations on either side of the centerpiece, but you do want things to kick in as they move away from the center of the table.

Thanksgiving dinner is a big deal, but setting your Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be so fancy that you’re not comfortable anymore! We went rustic and although it looks fancy, this table still has a casual element to it.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Start from the bottom and work your way up. Even with a tablecloth, you can use a rug or charger to help define each space.

Thanksgiving Table From The Woods

Then layer on a dinner plate, salad plate or bowl. And finish it with a napkin. These rustic chicken plates are actually melamine {

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Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Pair a nice glass with a lined paper for the Hot Apple Cider Bar to keep it grounded.

Even our paper dessert plates and forks are left on the table with the Thanksgiving meal until ready. This leaves less space on the table for making dinner.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

My Thanksgiving Table Decor & Dining Room Reveal

If you like adding place cards to the entire Thanksgiving table, you can easily add a name to a chocolate turkey or maple leaf cookie {

For a great Thanksgiving table plan that can be done on a budget, consider creating some table decorations. These sweater pumpkins are cute, can be made to match any color scheme, and are easy to make. Get the tutorial here.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Buy your home and see what you already have. This little blue truck is perfect and carries a white pumpkin as well as a “blessing” symbol that I got from a fall wreath.

Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor

Once you’ve decided on your colors, walk around your home and look at everything with fresh eyes. You never know what unexpected items will be perfect for decorating your Thanksgiving table!

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Don’t worry if something is not enough for you. Feel free to combine dishes, tablecloths and napkins, glasses, etc. As long as you set the table deliberately, as I did by using a different linen for each different setting, it will still look cohesive.

When your dinner table is set, don’t forget the Thanksgiving table. It is much easier to serve a large group from a restaurant than to try to serve each dish around large or multiple tables.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Fall Decor Tablescape

In the background you can see our hut with desserts and some appetizers to keep guests entertained until dinner. As well as other table flowers for Thanksgiving!

I hope you feel confident going forward with these Thanksgiving table decoration ideas. This rustic table was not pretentious, but still considered important for our celebration. Be true to your style and personality and create a beautiful table.

Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

If you want a 16-piece place setting for each person with 3 forks, go for it! I’m all for fantasy. But I’m still for the family and it’s good that I don’t want to go that far.

You Dressed The Bird, But Don’t Forget To Dress The Table — Lost In The Lowcountry

I’d love to hear about your Thanksgiving table decorations in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see them too! Tag us @ on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We love to celebrate all your hard work!

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Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Neutral Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor

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Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I always start my tableaus with an idea that I want to use as a centerpiece. In this case, I just saw two tall glass buildings

Plaid And Pumpkin Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting

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