Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

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Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

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How To Care For Your Christmas Tree

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Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Please note that all tree heights shown on our website include the base of the tree. If you want the tallest Christmas tree your room will allow, we recommend buying a tree six inches lower than your ceiling height to allow some clearance for the top of the tree. For example, if you have a typical 8-9 foot ceiling, we recommend 7½ feet of wood. Here are some other tips:

7 – 7 ½ foot trees, our most popular size, fit perfectly in rooms with average 8 – 9 foot ceilings.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Artificial Christmas Trees You Can Reuse For Holiday Seasons To Come

9ft Trees Our second most popular size, designed for rooms with 10 – 11ft ceilings to create a stunning effect.

10 – 12 foot trees These trees are beautiful centerpieces for two-story living rooms, rooms with very high ceilings, and some commercial spaces.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

15 – 30 foot trees are popular in churches, shopping malls and large office spaces to create a great holiday display.

Pre Decorated Pine Cone And Glitter Unlit Artificial Tabletop Christmas Tree, Natural And Red

We offer artificial trees in a variety of shapes, from traditional wide trees to energy-efficient slim and flat trees. When choosing your tree, we recommend taking into account the diameter of the Christmas tree (in the description of the shape, it can be described as a full 40) to help you choose the right tree for your space. The point of the tree is that if you plan to place some branches that touch the wall or furniture, the actual space of the tree will be six inches less than the indicated diameter.

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Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Balsam Hill designers use site visits to carefully craft the landscape to mimic nature and guide them by cutting down live trees. We offer three types of sheets made of PE or PVC material. While some trees use only one type of foliage, others use a mixture of foliage to achieve a specific look. The specific blend is listed on each product detail page in the tree leaf description section.

True Needle™ Balsam Hill’s exclusive True Needle technology&tade; Evergreen plants are used to create original and luxurious artificial Christmas trees. These ultra-realistic plants are made using injection-molded PE plastic and various colored pigments to mimic the structure, texture and color of natural evergreen needles. A distinctive feature of True Needle™ leaves is the color variation within the branches. For example, the branch may be brown/green in color, the needles start out dark green and gradually fade to light green.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree, 20

Balsam Hill’s Classic Needles leaves have soft, smooth and flexible needles in a classic synthetic shape. These needles are made from thin sheets of PVC cut into thin threads that resemble evergreen needles. We use these durable and flexible needles as the primary foliage for many of our highly affordable traditional trees. It is used as a filler for our Christmas and real trees because of its excellent ability to block light and create a “full” look to the tree.

Pine Needles The PVC pine needles used by Balsam Hill are specially designed to mimic the size and texture of the long, thin needles of a pine tree. These needles have the hard texture of pine needles. If you roll them between your thumb and forefinger, you will feel the ridges.

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Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

If you dream of the beautiful twinkling of lights on your tree but are afraid to untangle the wires, Balsam Hill Prefab Christmas Trees are the answer. All of our lights are UL® recognized and hand tied to the tree to minimize wire visibility. Each of our trees is equipped with high-grade lights for indoor use, so if one bulb burns out or is removed, the rest will stay lit. We have a variety of pre-lighting options to suit all decorating needs.

Christmas Tree Themes For A Stylish, Coordinated Look

Color+ Clear™ Lights Our exclusive Color + Clear™ remote-controlled lighting system features energy-efficient LED lights. The remote allows you to select bright lights, multi-colored lights, or both. With 50% more lights, your tree will have many beautiful lights, even if only one type of light is selected. If you choose bright and colorful lights, your tree will show more lights than any other artificial tree you can find.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Bright lights Enjoy the timeless look of bright lights. Our most popular tree, light bulbs in your decor give moss flexibility and the ability to change your look from year to year.

Multi-colored lights Warm up your home with these pre-lit trees, with traditional and festive lights. Most of our colorful trees already have red, green, blue and yellow lights.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Beautiful Country Christmas Decorating Ideas (to Inspire Your Coziest Christmas Ever)

Candlelight™ LED Lights Enjoy our energy efficient LED lights that never go out. Unlike the cold light emitted by traditional LEDs, our energy-efficient LED candles emit a warm glow reminiscent of a candle flame.

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MULTICOLOR LED LIGHTS Our Multicolor Classic Color™ LED lights bring a festive glow to your Christmas tree without the harsh glare of standard LED bulbs. These red, blue, orange, green and yellow LED lights are energy efficient and never turn off.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Use your special lights on trees without lights. For unlit trees that specify Simple String™, we have already wired the trunk with extension cords, allowing you to connect the lights of your choice to the extension cord outlet in the center of the tree.

Festive Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

. This darling Christmas tree with a doll base will add a rustic touch to your rooms and entryways.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our products and stand behind their quality. All non-removable trees are backed by our 3-year warranty, which includes:

Balsam Hill offers a three-year limited product warranty on its artificial Christmas trees. Balsam Hill’s three-year limited warranty guarantees the quality of our factory-installed Christmas tree lights (excluding burn-in bulbs), frame, leaves, hinges and tree base. The warranty covers full repair or replacement of the defective parts within the specified period. Please note that this warranty only applies to artificial Christmas trees. All other products are covered by our premium warranty. All cleaning trees are covered by a 60 day cleaning limited warranty.

Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

Festive Christmas Tree Ideas To Impress Guests

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Holiday Artificial Tree Table Decorations

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