Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas – These Oscar party ideas will help you recreate the glitz and glamor of Hollywood’s big night in your home.

The lights were shining, I walked down the red carpet in my vintage Valentino dress, Louboutin stilettos and wearing Harry Winston jewelry, with Hugh Jackman on my arm.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Since the Academy did not send me a ticket to the Oscars, I threw away my glamorous and Hollywood style.

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

My goal: to recreate the atmosphere and menu of the famous Governor’s Ball, the official Oscar party hosted by Chef Wolfgang Puck, using World Market food, wine, champagne and decor.

Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for recipe links and free printables. You can also check out my Ultimate Osika playlist, a great soundtrack for your next Osika party.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Speaking of movies, here’s a little snapshot of my Oscar party, from shopping to cooking to partying with friends.

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…Featuring Blood Orange Mimosas, Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Verdi Raspberry in sugared champagne flutes, Cosmopolitans in stemless martini glasses, and a selection of World Market wines.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

My friend, Alex, is wearing this beautiful amethyst necklace that was a gift to her Mom from an actual Oscar winner. (Alex’s mother is a dancer and her best friend is married to José Ferrer, who won Best Actor in 1951 for his portrayal of Cyrano de Bergerac. Pretty cool, huh? Only six degrees, I think that I can say (I met an Oscar). winner, right?)

As is tradition at the Governors Ball, I focused on appetizer-sized portions of gourmet comfort food. Most everything except side dishes and some fresh ingredients come from World Market. The store also has a lot of work pieces and essentials that make my desk easier.

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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What’s an Oscar party without a variety of movie candy? Hot Tamales, Red Grape Licorice,  Junior Mints and Chocolate Movie Tickets.

The World Market gold fluted and square rimmed charger adds light to my table and holds all the food.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

The books have been personalized with fun messages that we are sure to hear during the Oscars telecast in a few weeks.

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I decorated my dinner table with a gold mirrored table tray, along with some leftover Christmas decorations, a DIY printable sign, and Oscars confetti that I made with my silhouette cutter.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

I decorated the favor bags with gold vinyl that I cut out with my silhouette and added a custom Bloomatini flower to each.

My friends love to think about what it would be like to win an Oscar.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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Here’s an idea: Add gold masking tape to the top and bottom of the ballot to make it stand out.

Oscar Party Table Poster (designed to be printed on letter size paper and fits in an 8×10 frame when trimmed).

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

For more Oscar party ideas, be sure to check out my How-To Oscar Party details. I’m not sure exactly where this table came from. One minute I’m using a gift certificate to buy tablecloths for the Valentine’s table, and the next thing I know, I’m off to the movies. I think the change may have had something to do with stumbling across these cute boxes of popcorn for $1 each at the Dollar Tree.

Valentine’s Heart Party Table — Davis & Scout Celebration Co

For the centerpiece I used a red and white cup purchased from Williams-Sonoma years ago. Filled with candy, it makes a fun company. You have to have candy when you are at the movies. Popcorn doesn’t hurt either.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

If you are creating this table setting for a children’s party, you may want to use a more practical glass. I can’t resist red cups today.

Various banknote stubs work well as napkins. They are lightly tied around napkins. You can buy a large roll of ticket stubs for only $7 at most party stores. Wish they had less rolls… Now I have enough to last forever! lol

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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I cut one of the gold and beige “tickets” from one of the invitations and stuck it in the middle.

You know the cake stand I’m using in the middle? It’s the basis for a whimsical cake stand on this Alice in Wonderland table.

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Where card holders are party invitations on the side. A guest’s name can be written with a gold line below the words “We invite you.”

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Bird’s eye view… There is one thing I would love to have when creating this table. Imagine 4 large rolls of film, each about 13-14 inches in size, as a log under each plate. I don’t know how useful they would be for eating, but they sure would look pretty on this table. They have them on eBay, they even have red ones! The red ones would be perfect, but the traditional gray metals would also be better.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Did you also notice that the back of the invitation cards has red and white stripes? We are lucky to find the … they work well with this theme.

Tip: spill my secrets… when you create a centerpiece like this, just put a tea towel or paper in the bottom of the container to fill some of the space. That way, you won’t have to buy more candy than you really need to fill the container. I have a red purse tucked into me.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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The only cost to create this table setting is $7 for the ticket stubs (it’s any large roll used), $4 for the popcorn boxes at $1 each, and $4 for the 8 invitations used as cards. place I have everything else.

Since this is a children’s table setting for our “night and a movie” table, tonight’s main feature will be Jumangi with Robin Williams. Klapboard, also known as chalkboard, is a photo frame I’ve had for about 20 years.

Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

If you don’t want popcorn and candy right now, I haven’t done my job. Watch it in the cinema!

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

Halloween landscape with a spider tableau. Summer landscape for two. Your fruity coconut drink awaits the 10 beehives at Alaafia Valley Farm in support of this delicious honey table.

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Hollywood Table Decorations Ideas

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Filed Under: Birthday Tables, Children’s Tables, Wednesday Tables, Event Tables Tagged With: creative tablecloths, movie night table settings, table settings for or Children’s party, Tablescape Thursday All in 2015 I attended one of my first conferences as a blogger. BASH is for party planners and people who blog about it. Back then I was doing a lot more with themed tables and parties and I was happy to go. The speakers were amazing, the parties were fun, but what I enjoyed the most was the table competition on the last night of the event. This is an outstanding display of creativity and skill in table design. With Sunday night being the Oscars,

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