Homade Tnt For Table Decor

Homade Tnt For Table Decor – There are many tents on the market today, but many stylish options cost hundreds and may require drilling into your ceiling (for those circus-style tents) or taking up a lot of floor space (for style). Those. Tent on tepi).

Today we will show you how to make a popular tent for your child’s room that is smart in size and does not require drilling into the wall, best for tenants or those who like to change things frequently!

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

This is a seamless do-it-yourself that will be a relief for many, but you will have to A little easier with electric drills.

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We made this DIY play tent in classic white with natural wood accents and decorated with colored string lights, but you can use any color fabric or print you like to add your own style.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

1. Cut your four ends at a 15-degree angle using a miter saw (or do it at a hardware store) to bend them up, giving you the shape of a tent.

2. Stand two pieces of wood and cut them on top, creating a tent shape (as shown in step 4) and use a pencil to mark where the wood overlaps.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

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3. Find the center of the bend and mark it with a pencil. Drill a hole first, then use a 25mm drill bit to drill your thick hole will go.

5. Now draw 8cm from the bottom of each stick and use a 19mm drill bit to drill small holes for thinner panels in each piece.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

6. Paint the wooden legs in 2-4 layers of paint. We used Monsta’s Absolute White as a semi-gloss, but you can use Matte or Low Gloss if you prefer.

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7. Cut a 19mm piece to make two 1.2m lengths (we used a jigsaw for this, but you can use a drop saw or cut it at a hardware store).

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Homade Tnt For Table Decor

8. When dry, set up your tent with two pieces of wood at each end and slide the thick planks across the top and two thinner planks at the bottom of each section.

9. You can now add your tarp. The fabric fits perfectly across the width so it will just be a matter of gluing the fabric to one side of the dowel at the bottom, then pulling the taught fabric back before gluing one side to the other dowel.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

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Tip: Use a needle to secure the fabric in place before pasting. That way you can be sure that your fabric will not move away from the center and you can get great results.

Once one side is glued, pull the fabric tight and glue the other side in place before gluing.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

10. Optional steps: We want to create the perfect finish inside the tent and do not like the shape of the fabric that cuts to the fabric, so we buy 3 cm thick white tape and stick it on the inside to cover the edges. This.

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We feel our tent is safe like this, but if you want to make it more sturdy, you can add small ropes at the top of each pitch to give it more structure.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

Now your tent is ready for any style you like! A small fleece or embroidered blanket forms a great base, while lamps or toys can be attached to the interior ‘roof’. Of course, it is important to understand the dangers of electric shock and always monitor children around fire and battery.

PS – Don’t forget Style Curator readers can claim $ 20 in color at Monsta store using the code “monsta-weekend” at checkout!

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Homade Tnt For Table Decor

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Living out of town provided the Ally Spasic of Art encouragement by Ally S she needed. Her design is characterized by softness …

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you consent to their use. To find out more, including how to manage cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.accept and make a statement for a party with this fun smudge roof available for lemonade tables, ice cream parlors or birthday parties!

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I have not had a party in a long time! I’m excited to post this Scallop DIY table top! This is a fun, easy and inexpensive DIY that can be used for displaying lemonade, ice cream parlor or birthday party booth. Lots of party ideas you can use with DIY Scallop Table Top!

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

This little roof has a nice little story behind it. I was in charge of my children’s church group, and since the church was demolished due to the locks from Kovid, we have lost our children so badly that we decided to make happy ice cream. We want the ride to be fun, colorful and exciting. Because our budget is tight, I have to be creative. I knew I wanted a thatched roof and didn’t want to spend too much time on it. I looked through Pinterest to find some DIYs but could not find the detailed “how to” to put a canopy together unless it was wood. The idea finally came to me and I love the finish and I am saving the roof for a future stand or party!

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If you follow it, the project can take about 2 hours with painting and drying. What’s even more amazing is the stained table top, which is easy to remove and transport. It is made of PVC pipe and foam board. And what holds the foam board to PVC? Good hot glue! And it works perfectly. The white table is from Ikea! (Source below)

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

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The first thing I did was cut three 10 1/2 “1/2” PVC pipes with a PVC cutter to the gauge above and connect them to a connector similar to the one I had above with a 44 “pipe. In the back.

Then take three sheets of foam and fold them down. This way you will paint the outside of the foam board and it will fold over the PVC pipe. Take a round plate and use it as a guide to draw the snail on the short side of the bottom of the foam pad. Then take your line and draw a line to form a strip on the board. Take your artist’s tape and stick a pencil line inside the tape that will remain white. Take your favorite acrylic paint and foam brush and draw the stripes. Leave it to dry. Then, using sharp scissors and a razor, cut the crab.

Homade Tnt For Table Decor

Once you have a hot glue gun and glue the foam board to the PVC pipe, be sure to glue all the corners and tops.

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