Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench – Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Home Decorators Collection. We got a free chair. All opinions are my own.

If you think I’m crazy about working on a dining room makeover and planning and hosting a family reunion at the same time as the One Room Challenge, you’re right! Okay

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Insanity. But the good news is that it was worth it because I’m very happy with all the effort I’ve put into the different spaces I’ve worked on so far.

Cozy Farmhouse Dining Room

We didn’t like the dining table anymore (we bought it when we got married), but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new dining table, so we decided to build one. We’ll be sharing all the details about those beautiful tables and benches and rugs soon. Look now!

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

The chair at the end is from the Home Decorators Collection and I like the Mid-Century Modern style to mix more modern and traditional elements in the room. (And, just in case, I’m spending time with wishbone chairs.) These are the Clark side chairs in black. I still like the simplicity of these at the end), but now. (There are many beautiful dining chairs to choose from in the Home Decorator Collection at PS.)

I really like them next to our dresser/buffet.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Home Decorators Collection Plum Hill Smoke Brown Wood Rectangular Dining Table For 6 (66 In. L X 30 In. H) 12595

I think this chair is a fun way to incorporate my husband’s minimalist, contemporary style with his eclectic love of all things mixed style.

As for the table, I’d love to share all the details! The bench is similar to the one made for the porch, but shorter. Also, the most frequently asked question about this room is the paint color. Gray Night by Benjamin Moore.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Now back to the One Room Challenge! Time is running out and I still have a lot to do. good luck! Editors choose . We may earn a commission if you purchase through our link.

Adorable Kids Chairs

Find it online if you need new furniture for your office here. My team doesn’t have the bandwidth to visit multiple brick and mortar stores. We’re all busy testing products, finding great deals, and writing articles for our readers.

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Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

When we recently built a new test kitchen here, it was clear that a sturdy dining table was available nearby. So I went online to Home Depot. Home Depot, one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers, is also in the business of furnishing homes. The company’s home decorator collection offers affordable furniture and décor in a variety of styles that look comfortable and familiar.

Does Buying Furniture Online Work? It depends on what you want, where you look and what you have to spend. This is how it went for us.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Home Decorators Collection Plum Hill Smoke Brown Wood Backless Dining Bench (49 In. W X 18 In. H) 04226

The Aldridge Home Depot table is made of solid wood and is very sturdy. This style looks great in a casual farmhouse setting.

After clicking the table photo, we decided on the Aldridge extendable dining table. A sturdy looking rustic table with an extendable footboard style met our criteria. It’s also a bestseller on the Home Depot site, where the owner gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

I bought an Aldridge Washed Wood Dining Bench for the seating. We have a conference room next to the kitchen and there are a lot of chairs, so we didn’t order one, but a bench on one side of the table has many advantages. First, benches are suitable when tables are in front of windows, as they do not block the view. Secondly, unlike chairs that sit one person at a time, seating is limited only by the number and size of people sitting on the bench. One bench probably has room for a group of kids.

Ban House / Zhang Dongguang + Liu Wenjuan

Need to buy furniture online? It depends on what you want, where you look and what you have to spend.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trends and Design at Home Depot, provided more insight into our picks. “The Aldridge Collection’s rustic and sophisticated dining tables and benches are among the most popular pieces from the Home Decorators Collection,” she said. “The classic look of the table made of raw mango wood is enhanced by the smooth curve of the trestle base. The furniture’s versatile finishes of old grey, antique walnut and black washed furniture help make it a personal piece in almost any environment.”

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The operations manager says it takes about 30 minutes to assemble the Aldridge table, and the pieces are heavy, so he suggests inviting a friend over to help.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Home Decorators Collection Walnut Finish Backless Counter Stool With Woven Seat

Aldridge tables are large and heavy, weighing over 250 pounds. It came in three separate boxes and required assembly. The bench was packed in one box and also required assembly. Our operations manager reported that this part was not difficult to assemble assuming they had the parts assembled and placed correctly. Due to the size and bulk of the components, I think it’s safe to say it will take about 30 minutes to assemble, and I recommend enlisting the help of a friend.

We invited our colleagues to bring their laptops to the table, sit down and work for a while. We left them a questionnaire to fill out based on their experience sitting at the table. Here’s what testers love:

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Our testers thought they wouldn’t want to sit on a hard bench for long periods of time, but it was comfortable enough to sit on for short periods of time, say during lunch. If your style of hospitality includes a long dinner party, guests may find it more comfortable to sit in padded chairs.

A Vintage Inspired Dining Room Makeover For Generations To Come

Most employees fit comfortably. However, tall people said they couldn’t sit cross-legged on a bench.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

In the short term, they did not believe it would scratch or splinter. This is a very strong series. No veneers. They are all trees. This table looks like it will last a long time.

This set blends well with a farmhouse or rustic aesthetic. It is certainly not flashy, but it is substantial. You can dress up the table by covering it with a nice runner or tablecloth, but it’s definitely a more casual home.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Kate Spade Home Decor Line

This vending table has a wax finish to prevent staining. Since the top is textured, I wonder if it requires a lot of scrubbing and a lot of sticky spills.

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It is said to be an antique gray, but in reality the color of the piece is closer to taupe. It doesn’t match the blue-gray cabinets in our kitchen. There are two other colors on the table and bench, Antique Walnut (Brown) and Washed Black, which I think would suit our kitchen better.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Most testers didn’t like how the wood stain was much darker on the pavement than on the table. But one person said that the furniture looks more interesting.

John Lewis Maharani Dining Table

Our testers didn’t like the look of the finish on the tabletop. A colleague thought he made the piece look like it was made of engineered wood. Testers were divided on whether spilled mashed potatoes were easy to clean up. There were no potatoes in the house, so I poured some water on the table and it didn’t settle or leave a stain. Our concern is that since the top is textured, it may take a bit of scrubbing to clean up any sticky spills. However, some online critics wrote that the finish is stain and heat resistant.

Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

If your home is farmhouse or country style and you are looking for a solid wood dining set, this is something to consider. Our testers thought the tables and benches would be suitable for casual and more formal dining. remember You will need other chairs or benches for your family to sit on. And if you buy it, get a strong friend to help you install it. A sturdy table is very heavy.

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Home Decorators Collection Table With Bench

Look Alikes Showdown: Dining Tables

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