Home Decorators Sofa Table

Home Decorators Sofa Table – Struggling to decorate the table behind the sofa? Find 4 different ways to style your sofa table here!

When we moved into our new home last year, the living room was the room I was most concerned about decorating. We bought a sectional sofa for our old house but it took so long to arrive that it was delivered to our new house.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Luckily, I love the new piece in this room. (I brought home a measuring tape to make sure it would fit). And I was pleasantly surprised that my beloved Everett console table fit perfectly behind it! I love our new cozy living room layout, which is less open space than before.

Best Sofa Table Ideas And Designs For 2021

But the new challenge for me was how to style the console table behind the sofa and in the middle of the room. It needs to be functional (with reading lamps) and beautiful (duh!) and not look like a wall in the middle of the living room.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

I’ve styled it one way since I put it on, but I decided to play around with some other styles and I got 3

Even to style it! So I thought I’d share them with you in case you too have a console table behind your sofa! These home decor ideas will work for any ramen service too!

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Traditional Style Home Decor Ideas That Are Still Cool

So what do you do differently when decorating a table than when it’s pushed against the wall? Well, first of all, you don’t want to fill the table with a bunch of really tall decorations, because then you won’t be able to see them.

So keep that in mind while styling them. For example, when I framed this console table against the wall in my old house, I put a large piece of art in the middle. But in this situation it will not work.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Although each style is slightly different, I like to incorporate at least one of these elements into my decor when decorating any horizontal space.

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Styling things symmetrically is probably my favorite way to decorate, but it’s not always the most pleasing to my eye. It’s easy for me. So this formula is what I use most on our console table behind the couch.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

It includes two of my favorite lamps on either side of the table, then a small pile of books and a decorative accessory in the middle. A small brass turtle on top of the books brings an organic element.

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The faux plant on the right and the blanket bordering the basket on the bottom left add just enough asymmetry to make it feel a little more interesting and less “plain Jane”.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Home Decorators Collection

Then at the bottom, I have two of my very favorite console baskets. This is a very simple but classic style and we use these lamps every night when the sun goes down to give a cozy atmosphere to our living room.

In this look, I kept the two baskets on the bottom, but removed one bulb. It still needed to feel balanced with something tall (or) to the right, so I moved a stack of books under my faux spider plant to give it some height.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Then I added an organic shape through this dried grape branch. Not only does it bring interest, but it’s low enough to see.

Of The Best Home Decor Stores

I think I like this look best, but we want to have both lamps on the table for lighting. But if I were to change our current look, I would change it to this! 😊

Home Decorators Sofa Table

I took a basket and added some decorations to the bottom. I love how this tray on the bottom left brings these 3 things together.

Limestone nodule decor at the bottom adds organic juice. And the tray on top of the table can serve as a place for keys or remote control. If your console table is near the door, you may need containers for everyday items.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Geometric Carpet Goth Room Decor Anime Skeleton Carpet Modern Living Room Home Decor Sofa Table Rug Anti Slip Hallway Furry Mat|

See how I balanced it by placing a large lamp on one side and a large basket at the bottom on the other? It will look funny if both large objects are only on one side.

If you don’t need or want baskets, I want to share a way to decorate your console table without them! I also put a tray on top to hold the remote control if you need it.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Moving the lamp to the other side of the table also gives a clear line of sight! Do what works best in your living room design.

Home Decor Ideas: Off The Chain Interior Design

I hope these different styles have helped you find a way to decorate your table behind the sofa. I just went around my house and picked up a bunch of things and moved them around until they looked good. So get creative and use things in your home too! Whether you place it behind a sofa, against a wall or off to the side, a sofa table is useful for a variety of reasons. It gives you extra storage space for common items like books, magazines, TV remote controls, table lamps, etc., but it can also act as a space divider, separating the seating area from the rest of the floor plan. Useful in the case of many open-plan living rooms. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some sofa table design and decorating ideas. Some great DIY project ideas will do.

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Home Decorators Sofa Table

If you need a narrow table for that small space between the sofa and the wall, there’s really no need to look for one in stores, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find one anyway. How about making your own sofa table instead? It also has a built-in power outlet so you can charge your devices there and then.

A beautiful table behind a sofa can be a beautiful focal point for a living room, especially if you decorate it with all kinds of statement pieces. We suggest you pick a style and just go with it. How about decorating a living room with a coastal theme. You can use this styling tutorial from Adventures in Decorating 1 as a source of inspiration.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Modern Boho Interior Of Living Room At Cozy Apartment With Beige Sofa, Wooden Table, Wicker Chair. Stylish Home Decor. Stock Image

Let’s take a look at some more sofa table projects, like the one featured on City Farm, for example. It is easy to make and only requires a few basic tools and some materials which can include pieces of reclaimed wood or even pieces of old furniture that you can reuse. Either way, don’t forget to customize the table to match your own sofa and style.

Making your own sofa table is a great idea, especially since there aren’t that many styles or design options to choose from. Sure, you can just use a console, but it won’t be the same, plus a simple and chic design proposed on Remodelaholic will look great in any living room.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

You can also make a sofa with things you already have around the house, such as leftover materials from previous projects and things you can repurpose. The easiest option is to reuse an existing piece of furniture such as a shelving unit and give it a new look and a new role. That’s exactly what happened here. Check weatheredfox for more details.

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Urban 57 Home Decor & Interior Design

An old bench can become a great-looking coffee table, and the design changes required will be minimal. You can place two benches to create a tall unit that can act as a sofa table, or you can rearrange the bench and make it taller and even add an extra shelf for extra storage. This idea comes from Tommyandelie.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

If your sofa can actually be pushed against the wall and you don’t technically need a sofa table to fill the space, you can still have one. Maybe a very thin sofa table will look like a shelf in your living room. It will allow you to display many things behind the sofa and also have a place to place several table lamps and it will take up very little space. For instructions, always check Not Done.

A sofa table is really great in an open plan living room where the sofa doesn’t sit against a wall. The table will act as a divider, buffer between the seating area and some other space and also provide useful storage space for all kinds of things, including decorations. Check out this cool tutorial by Ana-Bello to learn how to make your own rustic sofa table.

Home Decorators Sofa Table

Home Decorators Collection Rectangular Haze Finish Wood Coffee Table With Brass Metal Base (42 In. W X 17.25 In. H) Ac B

A sofa can help create a more intimate atmosphere in a living room that shares a floor plan with other areas. It can act as a barrier, a divider between two zones and can also help create a more symmetrical and harmonious decor.

A sofa is usually lower than a sofa. It allows it to be non-invasive and literally keep a low profile. It doesn’t have to be as long as it is

Home Decorators Sofa Table

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