Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents – Not sure how to decorate your home with an open concept? I was there! When we moved into our new house five years ago, I was grateful for the large living room in the center of our home. But it was also a problem because we saw it all day, every day. I wanted it to be beautiful and functional, but I didn’t know how to handle all the empty space! Also, our TV and media console had to be front row, which is a common design problem. After years of working on this room, I recently accomplished some of my long term goals! Today I’m excited to partner with The Home Depot to share living room decor ideas to create a space you love. If you’re looking to spruce up your media table, fill an empty corner, or just add some coziness to your space, I hope you find these tips helpful.

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Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Here are some pictures of our living room this spring. I have worked in this area for years and there has been so much to love! But there is also work to be done.

Decor Essentials For Thanksgiving Entertaining

I am a newbie when it comes to DIY home projects with power tools. However, after seeing some of my friends put up wall art themselves, I wanted to give it a try. I chose a picture frame because it is a classic style and relatively easy to install.

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing a more detailed post on how I installed the wall art, but I wanted to list the products I used in case you’re ready to tackle this project! Home Depot had everything we needed to transform our space and bring our vision to life.

Once the paneling was in place, I was ready to work on our interior. Here are my living room decor ideas to enhance your space with a statement.

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Hallway Decorating Ideas

In my opinion, this is the best way to fill an empty corner in your living room. We used to have an olive tree, so I decided to switch things up with this gorgeous faux cherry tree. The texture and movement it adds is so good!

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Our light wood coffee table surrounded by white furniture didn’t work. I wanted more contrast! This walnut coffee table warms up the living room while the twisted spindle legs add a sculptural touch. It also came fully assembled, which is always a plus for me.

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

I also added this antique brass table next to our couch. It’s taller than our old side table, which is an upgrade, and the metal adds contrast to the space. Changing the accent table is a great way to change the look of your living room without replacing a large piece of furniture!

Colorful Home Decor From Home Depot

The wall molding made a big difference, but I still wanted to find a way to fill the space to the left of our media table. Our home has archways throughout the main floor and I thought this 71″ x 32″ curved mirror was the perfect compliment. My kids love scratching their faces in it too 😉 The mirror reflects our gallery wall so beautifully! Can’t get enough of this view.

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Once you’ve chosen your statement and filled in the blanks, it’s time to think about accents. They are great for adding coziness and character with accents and The Home Depot has so many options!

I like to keep the coffee table decor simple with a large vase and a selection of coffee table books. This ceramic jug has a great texture and won’t topple over if my kids hit the table. Have you noticed that I can’t turn off my mommy brain?

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Entryway Decorating Ideas

As for the media table, I decided to change things up with one large lamp. I’ve had my eye on this giant rattan table lamp for months and was excited to add it to our space! Combining it with this empire shade created a vintage look. A gray planter and charcoal bowl fill the space under the TV, and I love that wooden chain. Finally, these decorative boxes are perfect for remote controls.

Is there any more interesting decoration than pillows? I love the texture of these tassel pillows and this classic plaid. This knotted border rug was perfect for the back of our couch and also helps keep it clean since our kitchen is just a few steps away!

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Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

I finished on the left side of the living room with a large basket for extra throws. Beautiful baskets are my favorite way to store toys, slippers and tablets in our home. You can also try combining two different baskets for a combined look.

South Shore City Life 46.5 In. X 23.75 In. X 16.75 In. Coffee Table In Concrete

Arched Floor Mirror 71″ x 32″ | walnut coffee table | copper end table | cherry tree | large rattan table lamp | Imperial lamp shade | ceramic jug vase | plaid pillows | cushions with tassels | fringed plaid | tree picture on a chain | coal bowl | large gray plant | decorative boxes | large basket | Brad nail | crazy nails | wall molding

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

I hope this post was helpful as you work on your living room! I’m not sure I’ll ever call the space “finished” since decorating is my creative outlet…but it’s pretty close! 🙂 I am in love with our wall art and cozy decor from The Home Depot. Do you have ideas for living room decor that I missed? Leave a comment below! XO, welcome to my Texas home! Thanks for stopping by! My website is the best resource for sources, links, photos and all information about my house and the My Texas House brand.

My living room is the epicenter of my home. This is where we spend most of our time together as a family. I like to keep it fun and fresh, and as you all know, I like to change pillows often! However, I haven’t changed the finish of the coffee table in a while and walking into this room felt like a bit of home decor. It seemed to be the same as the decoration, only with different flowers! So, today I’m sharing how I updated my coffee table decor and revamped the seating arrangement in my living room to give the space a new look with products purchased at The Home Depot.

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

Cozy Classic Living Room

Did you know that The Home Depot has a large selection of home decor and furniture on their website? They have lots of high quality and affordable products from some of the biggest brands in home decor. I managed to find some lovely pieces to use in the living room and coffee table. And one of the best things about ordering from The Home Depot is that all my items arrived in just a few days! Super fast delivery! I also love that the Home Depot website has really nice room inspiration photos that show home decor! You should definitely check them out here!

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Changing the decor of your coffee table is a quick way to freshen up your living room. Since this is a place your guests will undoubtedly notice and you’ll be using daily (I mean, you need a place to safely put your coffee mug, right?), it’s important to have a few key items on your table. I have a bit of a formula when it comes to coffee table decorations…

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

I got this beautiful ceramic vase from The Home Depot for my coffee table. The pocket is the perfect size and the cute rope around it gives it character, with just a hint of the rustic look I love! I also got this beautiful domed cloche with a rustic wooden stand which I thought was perfect for displaying my candles. I added some new coffee tables which are a good base for other decor. Using books also allows you to add visual interest to the coffee table by changing the height of the items.

Sunroom Decor Ideas

I found this gorgeous decorative bone rod box for my coffee table on the Home Depot website. I liked her unique look. I think it’s important to add textures and interest to your coffee table. This box is also practical because it’s the perfect size for storing glass ribbons and remotes!

Home Depot Decorative Table Accents

I also found these gorgeous white beaded pillows in the home decor section at The Home Depot. I love that these pillows are neutral and can go with any color scheme. The beaded detail on the cushions is just the perfect amount of glamor to add to my space! And in case you’re wondering, these aren’t just pillowcases…they’re coming

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