Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas – Have you ever been to a baby shower where you could almost hear a collective groan when the baby shower games were announced? Okay, so most guests just grin and bear it, but come on! we can do better. There are tons of options for really fun baby activities and games that won’t have your guests running for the door.

Create a set of wooden cubes. This one is fun and easy for guests (even those who are afraid to get a little artsy). You’ll end up with a cute set of blocks to display in your child’s room. You can provide materials that match your decor.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Make a baby headband. We absolutely love this baby band station. Little girls are wearing headbands in abundance these days. Why not add a touch of sentimentality to your fashion statement knowing that your favorite niece, nephew, etc. made it for her?

Boy Baby Shower Decorations That Are Worth Trying

Decorate the Onesie. This one is always fun. Keep plenty of units on hand to let your friends and family get a little creative. We love the two below – one that lets you glue on bows and ties, and another that provides a template to get the perfect design. Both take the pressure off less artistic guests by keeping things simple.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Create a flower crown. Flower crowns dominate maternity photos, so it’s no surprise that they’re starting to appear on babies too. Share the fun with your guests and let everyone make and wear their own.

Decorate your own glass. Okay, so this one is definitely on the unusual side, but we really love it because it’s a ceremony and a favor in one. If you’re planning to have a mock-up bar in your shower, this baby activity might work for you.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Cute Baby Shower Dessert Table DΓ©cor Ideas

Create an alphabet book. Do you have a particularly artistic crowd? Get their help in creating a personal alphabet book for your child. Visitors of all ages will enjoy it.

Baby Shower Mad Libs. Nothing makes visitors laugh faster than a silly round of gibberish. There’s no pressure on your guests to be clever. They just follow the noun/adjective/verb and they’re left with a pretty funny page of advice for expectant moms. Use our free printable version here.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Design a preschool game. Can you guess this activity was at our very own founder Melissa Fluhr’s baby shower? Well, of course! Print out pictures of cribs, gliders, changing tables and nursery decor and let your friends go to town creating the room of their dreams. The expectant mother will choose her favorite and announce the winner.

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Backyard Baby Q Baby Shower

Anticipate the baby’s facial features. This is one of the dumber children’s games. You and your friends and family will stitch together collaged faces that will eventually combine the cut and pasted features of the future mom and dad.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Bingo. Okay, so it’s a traditional baby game, but it’s one of the biggest crowd pleasers in my opinion. As an added bonus, it helps keep guests busy while you’re opening all those presents. You can download and print our free printable baby shower bingo cards.

What is your favorite baby game? Do you love the tried and true traditional baby games or do you prefer unique baby activities? We hope you have been inspired with ideas for your baby!

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Project Nursery Editor Beth lives with her husband and their two sons and daughter in upstate New York. Beth is a stay-at-home mom who loves writing, crafting, and all things baby design. My best friend from high school is pregnant with twins and several friends and I decided to throw her a baby shower this past weekend. I had the pleasure of making all the decorations for the shower and was so happy with how it all came together. I thought I’d share the details with you today! πŸ™‚

After we decided to shower, another friend of mine took care of sending out the invitations. The invitation was

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Even for a party. I came across this printable baby kit from Tania’s Design Studio on Etsy and fell in love! It was exactly what I was looking for! All the printables you’ll see in this post are from this bundle.

Girls’ Baby Shower Themes

The background of the cake stand was made from white crepe paper/party ribbon. I got the idea for this from my friend Taryn at Design, Dining, & Diapers. It was such a cheap and easy way to create a neutral background for the desktop screen… although it was still a bit time consuming! πŸ™‚ The

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

The banner hanging in the background was again from a party pack I bought from Etsy, as were all the other printables you see on the table.

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I used two cardboard boxes to display the cupcakes and wrapped them in plain silver foil that I bought at Walmart. I always like to add party prints to the boxes to match the rest of the decor. The white fabric used for the cake board was actually just a size two flat white sheet that was also purchased at Walmart for only $5.00. The Chevron fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I love the color and pattern it added to the table. And last but not least, the trendy paper buns hanging from the ceiling complete the display. Mom was kind enough to help me decorate the shower. She made me pompoms. If you want instructions, you can click HERE.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Easy Steps To Creating A Diy Woodland Theme Baby Shower

The guest table top might have been my favorite thing in the shower. They were so simple but oh so cute!

We used mason jars we already had, filled them with water and added a handful of lemon slices to the water. Then we created little designs inside the mason jar with baby’s breath and yellow mums. The daisies and baby’s breath were purchased from one of our grocery store flower departments for only $5.00 a bunch. Then we just used the cupcake toppers from the party pack, punched a hole in it and tied around the neck of the mason jar for a little detail. Cheap, easy and beautiful! πŸ™‚

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

We had very small tables, very uneven tables for our guests to sit at in the shower. To make everything more uniform, we used again white sheets from Walmart as tablecloths. We were able to get 3 single sheet tablecloths for $5.00! We then added a gray runner (fabric from JoAnn’s) to each table and finally our floral centerpiece.

Adorable And Unique Safari Baby Shower Ideas On Love The Day

The dining room table was covered with another $5.00 Walmart tablecloth and then decorated with a print from the party pack and some floral decorations. We had lots of delicious appetizers for the shower and we also had chili.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

We had bottled water and lemonade for our guests to drink. I bought some pretty yellow striped straws (also from Etsy) to tie in with the shower. The party pack also came with straw flags for even more cuteness…love all the details! πŸ™‚

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I love this shot of Christy and her son Owen in the lower left corner. He is such a cutie pie! I’m still not sure he understands how the world will change in a few weeks! Christy will be a busy single mom with three little boys, but I know they will all be best friends! To see the baby we made for Christy when she was pregnant with Owen, you can click HERE.

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Prettiest Baby Shower Ideas & Decorations For Your Big Day

We thought Christy would go through a LOT of diapers with two babies!! It was a great way to stock her up and prepare for the arrival of her little ones!

And for a little shower fun and because our party package was SO awesome that it included photo booth props, I thought

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

We simply moved the cake table and used our streamer to create a photo booth for our shower guests! I grabbed a pack of foam boards from Walmart and asked the shower guests to write a little note to Christy and her family. It made for some really cute photos and lots of fun memories!

Diy Ideas For The Best Baby Shower Ever

In other news, hopefully my blog posts will be back to normal very soon! I may have put up my Christmas tree and started decorating for Christmas last weekend! πŸ™‚ Homemade shower decorations can be just as beautiful as purchased things, which often cost you a small fortune. Home decorations usually spark conversation and admiration and are more meaningful to expectant parents because they were created with love and care. These 20 cute and creative shower decorations will get the party started!

Homemade Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Everyone loves a good center! When planning decorations, it pays to get a little creative with table centerpieces. Guests spend most of their time at a party sitting at the table, eating, interacting and playing games, so table decorations, table cloths and decorations end up

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