Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations – Here are some party decorations you can check off your list to make your kids’ Sesame Street party. This is an amazing DIY Sesame Street character decoration, easy to make. I will show you how to make Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird step by step. What’s even better is that you can download it for FREE from my blog.

Below you can find a DIY video to show you how to make this centerpiece. Otherwise, the failure description is also given below:

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

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Sesame Street Cupcakes

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Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

**All copyrights and trademarks of character images used are owned by their respective owners and are not for sale**

**** This article may contain affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you very much for your support! These centerpieces are fully assembled, decorated and ready to display! It is completely handmade and made with attention to detail. A matching ribbon is attached around the base and decorated with tissue paper!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Fabulous Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

You will get the image on both sides. This option gives you two separate images. This is a mirror image, placed backwards on a single wooden rod!

Centerpieces are not DIY kits! It is fully assembled and decorated just like the pictures! When you receive your package, all you have to do is take it out of the box and they are ready to show. Save your time and money. No need to buy extra stuff to make it look like my picture.

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Customers have previously used language to store party items. Many of them used this place to put their cutlery, napkins or treats wrapped in small (you have to remove the tissue paper)!

Pretty + Pink Elmo Party Ideas For Girls

They look so cute, stand out and make a statement! This item is not available in the party store! They are unique and will be the talk of the town! I guarantee your guests will want to take them home!

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Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

All our products will last long after your event! Make them very valuable! A guest service you will take home! If you prefer to keep them to yourself, they look great in your playroom or small room!


Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

PLEASE READ – This listing is only for our creative time and services to create your item. All copyrights and trademarks of the character images used are owned by their respective owners and are not for sale. This product is not a licensed product and we do not claim ownership of the characters used. Thanks! Sam’s birthday is just a few days after Christmas. So every year it’s always like “Wow, what are we doing for Sam’s birthday?!” once all the Christmas glitter has died down. Given that my own birthday falls on Christmas Day, I’m afraid his birthday will get lost in all the holiday chaos. So at least this

At the last minute, I tried to put together my own special party with a very simple DIY project and inexpensive decorations. This year, I’m sure Sam will want a PAW Patrol style party, because this is the stage we’re firmly on. So I was very surprised when out of the blue he asked for his “Elmo Cake” not to be moved. This is actually good news for me, since making Elmo is easier than the whole Pup team! Let me show you our easy Elmo birthday party ideas to use this year if you also have an Elmo lover (and not much time!) in your house!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

If you go to Amazon or Party City and look for Elmo stuff, you’ll quickly see that this is it

Jeremy’s Vintage Elmo Party

To celebrate the 1st anniversary. I tend to “curate” my own party anyway, but I was a bit surprised by how “little kids” a lot of Elmo napkins, balloons, etc. were. I quickly decided to use the colors of the little monster (red, black, orange and white) for the theme of our party. This approach is not only allowed me to use

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

From all the 1st birthday items, but also give our party with Elmo a more … umm … “maturity”. More suitable for 3 year old baby!

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I just bought 1 Elmo design from the Cricut Design Space Library (Waving Elmo # M4063E shown below) and used it in a variety of ways. I then stock up on basic red, orange, black, white party supplies to bring the whole theme together.

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Easy Diy Pokémon Birthday Party Ideas

Streamers | Party bucket | #3 Balloon | foil balloons | big plate | small plate | Napkins with polka dots | Elmo Party Hat

TIP! Party City allows you to order online and pick up at the store, even order balloons! This is a great way to save time shopping and buy what you need!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

The result is very cheerful and fresh, but at the same time very cheerful ELMO, birthday! I’ll never forget how Sam came downstairs and saw his party for the first time: “This is my party, Elmo style! It’s okay!”

Pink Minnie Mouse Head Stickers And Red Mickey Mouse Stickers 140 Pcs /roll Mickey Pvc Stickers, Minnie/mickey Themed Birthday Party Supplies, Children’s Birthday Party Decorations

Remember, that time was here. In fact, I put together this whole party in just one day… including a trip to the party store. That’s what I do!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

For almost every party I host, I make some themed tables that we can use throughout the room. I have found it to be a quick and easy way to bring any topic to life and here I have presented a tried and tested formula.

This time I paired my favorite City Party bucket with just the graphic face of Elmo (cut out of the vinyl and glued directly to the bucket). I then cut a bunch of triplets from black, red, orange cardboard and attached them to buckets (on wooden skewers) from red tissue paper.

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Manic Mama Miles: Elmo Carnival Decorations

The additional triples are spread across the table. As for all the appetizers, I just rummaged through my cupboard for anything orange and red…including a mixing bowl and a paper bowl of soup! All the food is in a color scheme: Cheeze-Its, strawberries, mini Oreo cookies … and then a bunch of leftover Christmas candy!

Speaking of this Elmo face (again, just taken from a larger picture of Elmo), I use it everywhere!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

We wrapped all the birthday gifts in red wrapping paper. I then cut out some more vinyl faces (the same as the red bucket) and we attached them directly to the gift. Our pile now not only stays in the theme, but also serves as a great decoration itself!

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Amazing Sesame Street Party Ideas + Free Printables

The red tablecloths and centerpieces brought the theme of the party to the adjoining kitchen and common room, but it was actually the display along the back window that made everything very festive!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

The main focus of the entire exhibition was this very large Elmo, which I cut out of cardboard. I have a complete guide on how I made Elmo this big here.

It’s a great way to make a space more colorful and trendy for just a few dollars!

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

I originally ordered a large Elmo ball. But when they went to blow it up, they found that all their stash was defective, and all the balloons were full of holes. Instead, I decided to just take a big red balloon and add another Elmo vinyl face. In the end, I still had the cute Elmo ball I wanted for Sam, but it was cheaper!

Ouch! What about the “Elmo cake” that Sam asked for? It really doesn’t get any easier than layering a round cake with lots of red icing (no need to make your own, this one is bright red and delicious too). I used Oreos for the eyes, black sprinkles for the mouth, and red icing with a big flower tip for all the hair on the sides.

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

In addition to Sam thinking that we sing “Happy Birthday” too loudly, Sam threw an amazing third birthday party! We left her for a few days because she loved it so much and was so upset when everything was finally set up.

Diy Cup Cake Set

I think this party is one of my favorites to get together. Not only did I love the unconventional color scheme for Elmo’s birthday party, but how easy it all came together. In the past, I have thrown huge parties for the kids, prepared and worked on projects every day. This time I made a large Elmo, a party basket and a vinyl face sticker in a few hours. After Sam went to bed, we spent about 30 minutes setting the table and stretching. Sam’s reaction in the morning (and in the morning

Homemade Elmo Table Decorations

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