Hops Table Decorations Purple

Hops Table Decorations Purple – You see, I made this board about three weeks ago and had to be quiet all that time. But finally today, I can shout from the rooftops that my spring table setting is complete.

I have to thank Pleasanton Rentals, Sarah Garden and Tyler Delejean for putting this blog post together.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Hops Table Decorations Purple

And this whole post, my dear friend, Jennifer of Town & Country Living, invited me to a blog hop with some of the most talented bloggers around. You can see the list for yourself at the bottom of this post.

How To Decorate Every Room In Your Home Like The Chinese Zodiac The Rabbit

Now, I’m sure you’re scratching your head and wondering why they’re not in our house.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

You know when you swear to love your partner through illness? Well, we both definitely put it to the test last December and January. I was sick for one month and my husband was sick for two months.

His flu was so bad that he still has a terrible cough that feels like he’s going to lose a lung.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Hugs And Kisses Valentine Tablescape

So you can guess that he is a bit paranoid and if he starts coughing, the house is looking for a criminal, guilty party. So now from time to time he will say that my wonderful flowers stop the cough.

But, I don’t put them in the trash, no, no, that would be trash. I moved them into our backyard.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

So when my florist friend, Sheila, called me and wanted to collaborate on a spring table setting, it only made sense to design an outdoor table decorated with gorgeous flowers!

Compote Centerpieces That’ll Upgrade Your Reception Tables

This is a tablescape I can enjoy without feeling guilty about spreading disease in my family!

Hops Table Decorations Purple

First, I should mention that we were incredibly lucky to have a local rental company provide us with tableware including chairs, plates, glasses, silverware, candle holders and tablecloths.

Pleasanton rental products are not factory items. Lots of wonderful tablecloths to choose from, as well as chairs, china and more.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Romantic Spring Table Setting With Purple Stock & Vintage Elements

This is where you make your statement but you don’t want it to overpower the other elements. So this tablecloth is reversible and has a white background with purple flowers on the other side. I knew we wanted a dark, strongly patterned side to set the stage for displaying fresh floral arrangements.

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In my humble opinion, a tablecloth should stand out but not steal the show. It is like an orchestra all working together to create a beautiful symphony.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

We loved simple white plates with little texture and striped flowers. Again, the plates are nice accents that don’t take away from the focus.

How Floral Arrangements Began To Take Over The Table — And The Entire Room

We seriously ping-ponged between the yellow and green scarves, you’ll notice we used both! It’s okay to be a little eclectic in style. I love the many styles and how they make a rich interesting table.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

We had the original amber glasses, but they weren’t included in our order, so I brought my antique bottles to match them. Well, even though we didn’t have glasses, we decided to have bottles because the dark color adds richness to the table.

Cooper was the perfect choice because it has a color that matches all the beautiful flowers and table decor.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Hippity Hop® Glitter Paper Star Garland Dots Hanging Decor, Star Event & Party Supplies, Paper Garland Party Decorative(pack Of 1

At the last minute, this adorable sewing basket was added to hold candles and flowers. It is a beautiful, interesting and perfect addition to our small outdoor environment.

We knew we wanted an almost casual farmhouse style and this crisscross back chair was our first choice.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Sheila had a great idea to add these white potato vines to the chairs. This little touch adds a rustic element that is so romantic.

Gorgeous Tablescapes For Outdoor Entertaining

Sheila cut flowering pear branches, potato vines and gorgeous hellebores from her garden and incorporated them into her floral arrangements. Your garden has a lot to offer and if you don’t have flowers or greenery, don’t be shy, ask your neighbours.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

I always put desserts on the table and Sheila prepares the fruit and cheese. Well, fruit was the best choice with rich colors and textures. Also, we ate this delicious dish while all the pictures were taken.

Flowers need not be limited to flower arrangements. Don’t be afraid to scatter it on the table, sprinkle it on plates and dishes. Fruits can also be grouped into new locations, such as flower arrangements and place settings.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Best Wedding Theme Ideas For 2022 For Any Taste And Style

Thank you so much for joining me this week and preparing the spring table, I had a great time with you. And until next time, enjoy your day.

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I named my blog Happy Happy Nester because I love all things home related. I have always loved decorating this area. Relax and stay a while, thanks for visiting! I’ve always wanted to design a romantic outdoor summer table, and I finally got the chance the other day. And finally, I collaborated with my brother, who is a talented photographer.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

You might laugh at this, but all winter long, my brother and I dreamed of building an outdoor summer table. Yes, Mark and I are total nerds with a capital N, but I’m proud of what we came up with this week.

Decorating For Spring The Easy Way

I have to admit that since March, I have been struggling with my focus and creativity. I find it hard to decorate or craft when I can’t get in the car and hit Joanne Fabrics. Instead, I buy stuff on Amazon, and most of the time, my supplies don’t arrive on time.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

You see, for the outdoor summer dining table, I had planned to paint some fun paper lanterns outside, but it has been delayed.

Well, I finally put my frustration aside, and had a blast setting up this table last night.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Zoë + Ben Part 1: Wildflower Inspired Wedding Floral Design At Rt Lodge

I had to overcome a few hurdles, basically being on lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. So I shopped our house and garden to create this romantic summer dining room.

Well, since I didn’t have white paper lanterns, I had to find an alternative that would have the same feel.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

And you know I love flowers and tissue paper. So I decided to make some large tissue paper pom poms. I wanted a dreamy, floral vibe, so I combined hydrangeas from my garden with my tissue paper flowers. Then I hung them on the table.

Romantic Outdoor Summer Table Setting

I tried working on a few colors of paper flowers, but in the end I settled on the simplicity of white and cream. I wanted the focus to shift from the tissue paper flowers on the table below to the hydrangea.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

I didn’t have the luxury of checking out the flower shop at the San Francisco Flower Market or even our local grocery store.

So I went to cut some flowers from my garden. I have lots of hydrangeas blooming right now, so I happily cut them for this romantic summer outdoor table.

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Hops Table Decorations Purple

Summer Table Decor With Hydrangeas

I wanted each vase to be a glass bowl, as it reflects the light well and adds some sparkle to the table. And I borrowed some nice bottles from my husband’s extensive collection of antique bottles. If you don’t have any of these beautiful antiques, check out this resource I found.

When I got the flowers, I just wanted pink hydrangea and lavender. Don’t you think they go well together?

Hops Table Decorations Purple

I turned to candles, battery-powered lights, and Edison-style outdoor lights. I have quite a collection of crystal votives, so I enjoyed placing them around the table. I love how they light up and have nice color accents too.

Hippity Hop Paper Party Decor Purple

Speaking of Edison-style outdoor lights, if you’re interested in how to install one, check out my husband’s DIY outdoor lighting project. Yes, Michael made a small guest appearance showing off his carpentry skills.

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Ok, now that I can start creating a romantic outdoor summer table, I’m not sure what’s next. But, I’m sure my brother Mark and I will do another fun project.

Be sure to check out my blogging friend’s beautiful summer dining posts. What a fun blog this is, and thanks for joining us!

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Charming Diy Tea Party Styled Centerpieces

I named my blog Happy Happy Nester because I love all things home related. I have always loved decorating this area. Relax and stay a while, thanks for visiting! Who’s ready for Halloween? Me, me and yes, me!! I really believe in making this “season” last as long as possible. So, for the next few weeks, I’m sharing with you a variety of Halloween party and decoration ideas. Get started with this fun fortune teller Halloween craft party.

This Halloween party is part of the aptly named blog hop by Fun-Squad. That’s right, the fun doesn’t stop here, there are 5 more Halloween parties to check out. You will find links to each at the end of this post. You can also enter our Hope Giveaways. $75 Eastern Mall Halloween Treats!

Hops Table Decorations Purple

Come on

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