Houzz Dining Room Tables Decor

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Residence @ Lakeshore is a 3 bedroom apartment next to Jurong Lake Gardens for a young family with 2 children. The interior design of this apartment is modern and minimal, focusing on natural materials such as stone and wood as the main material palette. Living-Dining-Kitchen The highlight of the apartment is the Jurong Lake Garden view that you can appreciate as soon as you enter the main door. The open plan, which organizes the entrance foyer, dry kitchen, dining room and living room as one continuous space, allows views of the Jurong Lake Garden from all these functional areas, which is the most important decision made in space planning. On one side of the space, a marble-clad wall (Black Forest) is a feature – running continuously from the entrance through large windows framing the dry kitchen, dining room, living room and finally the lake garden. The naturally arranged horizontal veins of Black Forest marble look like water ripples, completing the feeling of lakeside living. On the other hand, the black mirror walls have expanded the interior space through reflection and the panoramic view of the lake garden from the windows. GALLERY The gallery beyond the mirrored wall that leads to the private areas of the house – the bedroom and study. Designed with walls and ceilings finished in wood, the gallery connects the entrances to the various rooms, going beyond a mere distribution space – as a place to showcase the art collection. The room gallery leads to different rooms. The study is designed as an extension of the gallery with only glass doors separating the physical space. The master bedroom’s design statement continues the use of wood, emphasizing natural elements and minimalist style. The living room is designed with an automatic Murphy bed to suit the use of this room – a versatile space. The wall of the children’s room is painted like a beach front, combined with the lake to stimulate the imagination of children’s minds.

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Houzz Dining Room Tables Decor

Houzz Dining Room Tables Decor

New Yorkers are always looking for innovative ways to make the most of the space they have. Faced with a slightly cramped L-shaped apartment on the Upper East Side, the couple enlisted the help of Decor Aid to get the most out of their Manhattan condo. Together with our lead designer, Kimberly P., we learned that clients wanted a space that was beautiful to look at, comfortable, and functional for everyday life. “When I saw the space, I knew right away that we had to create a story that allowed the design to drive how you move through the space,” says senior interior designer Kimberly. After exploring each room and learning a little more about their individual styles, we began the living room renovation. It is clear that the couple wanted to incorporate mid-century modern into the design plan. With narrow arms and narrow legs, Room & Board bought the Jasper sofa, offering a mid-century look with the modern comfort customers are used to. Velvet accent pillows from West Elm and Crate & Barrel add pops of color, while adding a subtle touch of luxury, while framed photos from the couple’s honeymoon personalize the space. Next to the dining room, Kimberly decided to add a blue accent wall to highlight the Horcho two-piece percussion framed art that is the focal point of the dining area. Article’s seno sideboard perfectly accentuates the mid-century style that customers love while providing much-needed storage space. The palette used in both rooms was very New York-style, with grays, blues, beiges and whites, with Kimberly accent pieces mixed with different metals to add depth. “The artwork above her bedroom desk is a photograph taken by her father” Approaching the bedroom renovation, our designer made sure to stay true to the client’s style preferences, once again creating a personalized, warm and comfortable space. Photo taken by client’s father. Avery added bedding textures and colors to complement the room’s other colors, and a hidden drawer at the foot for extra storage, which the customer was thrilled about. The deco-inspired faceted mirror from West Elm was the perfect addition to the bedroom as it provides the illusion of space. The result is a bedroom full of mid-century design, personality and space to move freely. The project resulted in a layered mid-century modern design with a touch of luxury, but a space that is not only livable, but also serves as an extension of the people who inhabit it. Our designer was able to take a very cramped Manhattan apartment and turn it into a spacious home that’s great for sophisticated parties or cozy lazy nights.

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A modern dining room can be used as a formal space reserved only for banquets and entertaining. Singaporeans tend to put more effort and money into the living room than the dining room, but that doesn’t mean neglecting this space. The dining table is the cornerstone of this room and should therefore be your biggest investment. Dining chairs, decor and storage should complement this focal point. How to choose a dining table? When considering dining table options, consider the size and layout of your modern dining room; How many people you have to take care of; And how you want to use the space. Your dining room should accommodate all the people in your home and have room for extra guests. To ensure that people have room to move, the distance from the dining table to the wall or additional furniture should not be less than 1 meter. Round tables work best in tight spaces, while rectangular tables are ideal for long, narrow rooms. On the other hand, a square dining table can be a dramatic addition to any dining room, but only if you have the space. An extended dining table or a table with leaves will allow you to receive different numbers of guests. This is especially useful in a Singapore apartment, which is usually tight on space. How to choose dining chairs? Look for modern dining chairs that share a common design element with your dining table. For example, curved or tapered legs can be simulated in chair designs. Next, consider the dimensions. The height of your dining chairs should be at least 30 centimeters between the top of the seat and the top of the table. You can mix and match chairs to personalize the space, but it takes some finesse. Again, look for design elements that can be shared, such as colors, furnishings or materials. How should I decorate my dining room? The dining room tends to be a minimalist space, but you can still splash some color around with artwork, a rug or an interesting sideboard on display. Lighting can dramatically change the mood of a room, creating drama, romance or encouraging conversation. Use soft lighting with dimmer switches over the dining table and choose oversized pendants in large, open spaces to make the dining area more of a focal point. Finally, add some basic table settings – a tablecloth or runner and a centerpiece – to reinforce the style of the room. How do I create an open plan dining room layout? Whether you live in an HDB, condo or landed property, space is a precious commodity. Local homeowners are finding ways to maximize floor space for their daily living without sacrificing the functionality of individual spaces. Open-plan kitchens, living and dining rooms are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, and it’s worth exploring living room and kitchen spaces to see how homeowners are preparing their dining rooms for living and entertaining. In these kitchen, dining and living photos, you’ll see designers use the following techniques to make an open-plan living-dining or kitchen-dining room work. This includes using different floor materials to transition between spaces, using focal points (eg

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Houzz Dining Room Tables Decor

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