How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table – Here are some candy ideas for your next party. Learn how to make your own party candy tables, a cute and sweet party idea!

Hosting an event? Guests love sweets, and a good candy buffet table can be a hit at any party! This increasingly popular table is popular for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties and even casual entertaining.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

There are so many varieties of candy tables that the colors, decorations and ideas are endless! You can go all out with glassware, expensive candy, elaborate designs, and custom cakes, and even put quality candy on a budget.

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Check out these great candy concept ideas that have party favors, party favors, and candy favors. Make your own with these candy buffet ideas at your next event, and you can purchase the supplies here.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

1. Girly Pink and Green – I love using pink and green candy to liven up the table along with plants and flower arrangements. Lollipops, candy buttons, sixlets and rock candy make up this candy bar.

2. Colors of the Rainbow – Amy from Atlas Adventures uses color to light up this party! I love how she chose different colored candies to make this candy stand out. It looks like light blue is the base color, but you can choose any table cloth you want.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

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3. Pink and blue cotton candy – I love this color scheme for baby showers, you know, the kind of parents who don’t want to know the gender of the baby. Mostly blue gives a bright yet masculine approach, where hints of pink soften the look.

4. Black and white with a hint of yellow – it’s a little vintage with the logo and paisley background. I think it’s great and Yellow executes it perfectly! White chocolate flakes, vanilla bean paste, vanilla pearls and white almonds make this masterpiece.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

5. Berry Blue Candies – A variety of blue candies make a beautiful buffet table look! Tall blue glasses, cake centerpieces and blue sprinkles are sure to impress.

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6. Sticky Outdoor Candy Buffet – Love this sticky colored decoration for a yard job! Peach and mint are the main colors, with yellow and orange accents in each jar. This is so cute and my favorite cool candy concept of the summer!

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How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

7. Playful Orange and Blue – This fun arrangement will make kids scream birthday! I love orange nuts, orange peels and macarons. Table cloths and cupcake liners also make this candy stand out!

8. White Wedding Bliss Candy Buffet – Clean, simple, elegant. This white candy cane says it all without saying too much. The addition of flowers gives a little pop of color. Terrific.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

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9. Pretty in Purple Candy Buffet – Shawna Young has an eye for creativity, and she showed it in her purple candy buffet. Most of the treats look like they are homemade, and everything matches the floral decorations on the square. Purple napkins and paper-wrapped candies add a little color to the table, and I would love to see the tablecloth in dark purple!

It’s so easy! Pick up the candy buffet supplies you need, a variety of candy in your choice of colors, a few glass or plastic containers, matching tables, hats or napkins, colorful ribbons and name tags and get creative! Check out these candy party table ideas for some direction.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

I think small candies and bite sized items work best for a candy buffet display. Individual candies, such as Skittles, candy bars, M&M’s, Gummies, individually wrapped mini candies and other small candies are great for baking. If you add other treats to your dessert, we recommend making them smaller as well, such as mini cups, candy canes, etc. Sometimes, a standard size cake is used as a centerpiece, but this is probably the only size. A number in a table.

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You can buy candy at your local or online candy store, and you can find many items at party stores, dollar stores, or Amazon. I made a mini candy buffet for a friend’s baby shower last year and found lots of glass jars and colored ribbon at the dollar store. The best candy buffet ideas are so much fun to make! If there’s one trend I’m totally in love with lately, it’s probably the muted rainbow trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright and vibrant rainbow colors as much as the next person, but there are more muted colors in a soft boho feel that make me feel relaxed and happy. That’s why I was so excited to create a muted rainbow dessert table for a client’s daughter’s first birthday party recently. Filled with soothing colors and elegant organic elements, this sweet table style is perfect for a birthday party, shower or any celebration. Read on for all the details!

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How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

P.S. You can make your own silent rainbow party for just $7 in my shop. The printable packaging includes 6 different bottle labels, 13 different party flags (perfect for wrapping straws!) and 12 different desserts.

Bonus: My subscribers get free access to the Silent Rainbow ONE banner just for subscribing! If you are already a subscriber, you can find it in the subscriber section. Otherwise, sign up for my newsletter for exclusive access!

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

Candy Buffet Labels

I love having an area that welcomes guests and sets the scene and tone for party decorations. For this party I used a pale natural wood A frame poster board sign with a simple “Happy First Birthday” in white on brown paper. To emphasize the muted rainbow theme, I added a woven macro rainbow in the corner.

Below the dessert table, I added additional theme decorations. I lined up some bamboo storage baskets of various sizes and added a woven rainbow. Then, in front of her I placed some pretty muted painted palms, with cartoon letters spelling out the birthday girl’s age – one.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

On the table itself I made sure to add a variety of natural baskets, bowls, bowls and chairs and an extra woven rainbow. I also added some gorgeous flowers in soft blush colors to add an organic look to the party. Some gauzy pink fabric adds to the table’s bubbly feel.

Mickey Mouse| First Birthday Party Inspiration Candy Buffet & Dessert Table

The centerpiece of the table was a gorgeous cake of sweet carousel cakes, topped with delicate macarons and frosting dollops with perfectly arranged rainbow toppers and matching toppers. Gold decorations and a pretty pale pink “1” on the side added elegance to the boho feel of the cake. I placed it on top of a rolled up rattan basket for height and visibility on the table.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

In addition to the cake, I have launched more delicious desserts, all of which match the color scheme of the party. Front and center, I used a wooden tray to display a mix of small desserts, like a dessert board.

Some of the desserts are too nice to blend in, but deserved to stand out. So I’ve created a few niches to showcase Westlake Bakery’s amazing themed cookies.

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How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

Cake, Candies, Marshmallows, Cakepops, Fruits And Other Sweets On Dessert Table At Kids Birthday Party Stock Photo

To add more themed elements to the dessert display, I used some pretty muted rainbow sweets (you can get these in my shop) and a really cute “one” doll from Luna Lollipops.

I also set up several stands of different sizes and heights to display more of my desserts – cane and dark chocolate covered pecans.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

For easy access to drinks for the dessert table, we launched mini water bottles wrapped in muted rainbow logos and polka dot straws wrapped in muted rainbow straw flags. Both of these come in a quiet rainbow package that you can purchase from my store.

Candy Land Birthday Party With Candy Bar

The final piece that completes this dessert is a place for your guest to enjoy! We accessorized her high chair with a cute muted rainbow ONE banner and some matching backdrops. Behind the scenes, we pulled out a sweet personalized muted rainbow onesie from Kiss Hug Design for Myla to wear to her party.

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

Don’t forget, if you subscribe below, you can get a free silent rainbow banner! It is perfect for chairs or as a wall background.

If you are in or around the Austin, TX area and need help planning any or all of your parties, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

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How Do Decorate A Birthday Candy Table

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