How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table – A coffee table is one piece of furniture that can really make or break a room, and how you arrange it is just as important. A beautifully designed coffee table can really help unify your living room and make your home look cozy, warm and inviting. A coffee table is usually a low table that sits under your sofa and provides a comfortable tabletop for your guests to place their drinks or whatever they have on hand. Therefore, it is a good idea to strike a good balance between style and functionality. So today I’m sharing my best tips on how to design a coffee table that’s realistic, practical for kids and Instagram-worthy at the same time.

Scented Candle in Glass Holder // Shelter Book // Round Bamboo Bowl // Down to Earth Book //

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Hand Carved Wood Starfruit // Made for a Living Book // Foot Creamer 3 // Sun Dried Palm Leaves // Cross Hatcher Object

Reasons To Decorate With Coffee Table Books

Surf Shacks Book // Sea Glass Beads // Textured Stoneware Vase // Round Stoneware Vase // Wood Sphere // Bamboo Tray //

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Balanced d├ęcor is very important when decorating anything in your home. One of the first things I like to do is set focus. This is especially important at first, as it helps to know where the eye naturally lands upon entering the room.

The second thing I want to do is make sure I balance out the thick parts. I usually like to keep my decor neutral and timeless by using classic decor pieces, but I like to include a few bold decor pieces here and there. However, I was careful not to clump it together, instead placing it strategically on the coffee table and placing some neutral pieces around it. Finally, we focus on visual symmetry, or sometimes even asymmetry. Making visual pairs with your decorative objects can really simplify the process and create great visual interest.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

How To Style A Coffee Table

Using a tray like this $29 to decorate your coffee table is a simple and easy way to keep your table in style and can really help complete a room rather than just adding a few random items to the table. It’s also a great way to organize and put things together, and not be too flashy. Overall it felt like something was meant to be there.

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There are many ways you can organize trays in your living room and you can use them to have fun and get things moving. One of my favorite things is placing flower arrangements in a vase and placing them on a tray, then adding another vase to create visual symmetry. You can also put your decorative items in the tray and combine them with some functional items that you will use as well. I love this stone tray from H&M, only $24

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Whenever I shop for new home accessories, I always try to stick to classic pieces that I know are timeless, meaning they will never go out of style and will last for years! The first tip I personally do is stick with neutral colors. This is the easiest way to make sure you get your money’s worth. I love neutral pieces because they bring a light, fresh and clean feel to any space. Some of the classics that I like to use are picture books, sculptures, vases, neutral decorative objects. I try to stay away from “trendy” home decor because we all know that trends don’t last. However, if there is something you absolutely LOVE, get it!

Studio Designs Home Camber Modern Glass Round Coffee Table In Gold 38 Inches

While I like to stick to neutral colors in terms of my personal taste when it comes to home decor, I really like to go with multiple colors, especially in summer and spring! Throwing in some subtle color adds character and adds some visual interest. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a flower arrangement to a vase and place it in the center of your coffee table. It is very simple and subtle, adds a hint of color and looks comfortable on the eyes. You can also use a tray with a bit of color and mix up your neutral decor items to balance things out. If a tray isn’t your thing, you can opt to use a bowl and add some decorative beads like these sea glass beads.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Finally, use Coffee Table Books. There are so many great options on the market today, from Amber Interiors to Dior, so many great ones! There are also so many different ways to style it, which is why I think it’s my favorite. You can stack several on top of each other if you have several picture books. You can even add flower arrangements, decorative items, or even bowls to your photo book.

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I also love this Restoration Home Book. You can also place these books next to a tray or bowl and place some decorative beads on top. There are endless possibilities like the simple decorative candle above. If you’re planning to stack coffee table books, try using different sizes to create visual asymmetry and you’ll catch the eye.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Harper & Bright Designs 36 In. Beige Medium Round Wood Coffee Table With Dusty Wax Coating Wf191157aad

I hope there are some helpful tips and tricks! Home decor can be tricky sometimes, so have fun and play with different pieces until you find what you like!

Abode Book // Hand Carved Wood Starfruit // Made for Life Book // Foot Cream Pot 3 // Sun Dried Palm Leaves // Sea Glass Beads // Textured Stone Vase // Bamboo Tray // Ikea Basket // Amber Glass Vase // Spice Cylinder Vase // California Living and Eating Book // Home Body Book // Yellow Vase Feeling confused about decorating the round table? Watch me decorate and arrange our round coffee table in 3 different ways.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

We recently got a new coffee table for our living room! It was the piece I had been looking for for a long time because I wanted one that fit my vision of a European organic farm living room.

Decor Tips: How To Style A Coffee Table Like A Professional?

Since the room is so angular, I wanted to bring some curves into it with a round table. I also wanted to bring in some nice wood tones with a nice organic texture.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

During my search I came across an online shop called Amethyst Home. Look, they have the coffee table of my dreams called the Joshua Wheel coffee table.

I spent a long time admiring all the other beautiful decorations they have curated. Unlike other online stores like Amazon, Wayfair, Target, etc. (where you can find a variety of styles to choose from), Amethyst Home has a beautiful, curated look.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Macchiato Round Coffee Table

If you like European styles and organic textures, you’ll probably feel like a kid in a candy store looking at all the beautiful home items, and I know you’ll feel very inspired.

I personally feel like they set up their entire shop for me! Everything is so beautiful! I reached out to them and asked if they would like to sponsor my post and give me the opportunity to create and share some decorating ideas with their products.

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How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

With her help, I feel like the living room has blended in so beautifully and is almost ready for a big reveal since we built our home. They sent me some beautiful vintage pillowcases from their collection.

Shop Modern Round Coffee Table With Stainless Steel In Gold

I want to walk you through 3 ways I decorate my round coffee table. I had fun playing around with the different ideas and styles I wanted to share with you today.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

This first idea is a coffee table that invites you to sit down, relax and pick up an inspirational book.

This is my favorite way to relax! Doing this look is easy, especially if you’re already a book lover and have a well-curated home library.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Rules For Picking A Coffee Table (+ 105 Of Our Favorites For Every Space)

I arranged them in groups of three, which is a very natural way to arrange them at any round table.

I made the most of the table and even put some books under the table.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

If you want to buy some of my favorite books from my book collection, I’ve prepared a great place for you HERE.

Rounded Diy Coffee Tables

Sometimes simple is best. The round table creates the perfect opportunity to keep it simple with one center piece.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

In this case I put together one of my favorite vintage vases and had fun exploring nature for a few pieces.

This idea can easily adapt through the seasons. Keep the same beloved vase and refresh yourself with what grows outside or what matches your color.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Tables That Bring Transparency To Your Living Room

If you want to decorate with multiple items on a round table, it’s best to think about multiples of 3 or create offset triangles with your items.

I had fun pulling some collected vases off my shelf and arranging them in the center of the round coffee table.

How Do You Decorate A Round Coffee Table

When working in 3rds it also feels best to have different heights and wobbles

Styling A Small Round Coffee Table

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