How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable – My sisters and I made the centerpieces for my niece’s wedding last week. I can’t wait to show you these affordable summer wedding flowers.

There are many ways to make summer wedding flowers. And with a little planning, you can do a lot. We made 30 centerpieces that were affordable and turned out beautiful. Most importantly, we had fun along the way!

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

My brother and sister had the most beautiful wedding last Saturday and everything was spectacular. My two sisters and I made all the centerpieces in colors that complimented the bridal party and I just adore those purple and white flowers!

A Great Source For Centerpiece Vessels

Today I’m going to share how we created these summer wedding flowers for my niece. You can do some or all of these steps when creating flowers for a dinner party, a large dinner, or even a large celebration such as a wedding reception.

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

My sisters and I asked the bride to send us some pictures of what she wanted the centerpieces to look like. This helped us a lot because we immediately saw the style and type of flowers we should use for our summer wedding flowers.

The four photos she sent are above. They are all so beautiful and have been a great inspiration!

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

Best Flowers For Wedding Decorations

One of the first things you need to do is decide what vases you will use.

And while I used the word “vases,” you don’t have to just use traditional vases. Jars, galvanized buckets, and clay are some of my favorite vases and can be very inexpensive. I recommend that you look around the house and see what you already have and what you can borrow.

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

For this reception, we didn’t care about matching the vases exactly, but we knew we wanted to use glass (some were round and different sizes). Between my sisters and I, we already had enough similar vases for 30 arrangements.

Spring Table Decor

I have to admit I panicked when I started thinking about how many flowers we needed to buy for thirty centerpieces! But then I realized that it is not difficult at all.

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

Arrangement. I used some fresh and artificial flowers as I just wanted to determine how many flowers I needed for each arrangement.

There are a few things you have to accept with this process. There are two words

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

Affordable Living Room Side Table Styling Ideas Rose Decor, Beautiful Flower Arrangements, Fake Flower Bouquet

. If I expected every centerpiece to look exactly the same and perfect, it would be a miserable experience.

We bought the right size, color and style of flowers at the flower shop and bought as close to 40 dozen as possible. One thing I didn’t understand was that the florists in Los Angeles sell flowers by the dozen and twelve. That means we didn’t buy exactly 30 of each type of flower. We got closer and it worked out great. Also, we bought enough flowers to put three in each arrangement because we liked them and they were a good price.

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

My sister Susie is in the elevator with all the flowers we bought at the Flower Mart!

The Spring Table Setting Of Your Dreams

When it comes to prices, you should shop around a bit. If you are lucky enough to have a local Flower Mart in your area, then it is best to shop there. Just be sure to check the hours that the public can shop and confirm that they allow non-wholesalers to shop. In Los Angeles, our flower shop charges $2 to enter the wholesale shop. This is a bargain!

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

Otherwise, you can find great prices on flowers at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Costco. You can also order them in advance. You can also try the vendors at your local farmers market who can help you out.

Thursday morning we went to a flower shop and then to my brother’s house to pick flowers. We usually did this on a Friday (the day before the wedding) but since my brother has a big wine cellar (very cold) we did it on a Thursday and kept them in the wine cellar for two days.

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

Beautiful And Cheap Wedding Decorations ∣

We set up six tables in the garage and placed all the vases on half of the tables. We fill them with water, and then we open all the flowers and first cut them to the desired length. (Of course, we cut some of them out again later to make things just right.)

We were so busy filling the vases that I forgot to take a picture. But we started with the greens and put a little bit in each vase. Then we started with the first flower on the table and placed one in each vase. We did this about sixteen times until all the vases were filled.

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

As we added more flowers, we cut the lengths of the flowers to work in the vases.

How To Make Affordable Summer Wedding Flowers

After finishing, we put all the flowers in the wine cellar. I took this photo standing over the centerpieces. This is so cool!

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

We had a lot of fun at the wedding. Although Michael couldn’t make it (due to a business conflict), we had a lot of fun. I have four siblings and a very large family, so we loved seeing all of our family!

I’m sure you want to know how much we spent on flowers. We only spent about $20 on each deal!

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

Things To Tell Your Floral Designer When Ordering Your Holiday Flowers

I have many posts on my blog about wedding preparations. Tap any of the links here.

Today I’m hosting a live show on Amazon and sharing lots of fun ways to get ready for Memorial Day and summer!

How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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How To Decor A Table With Flowers Afordable

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