How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table – Do you want to surprise your guests but make it easy? Follow these 17 tips to set up a charming yet highly functional Christmas buffet.

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun things you’re about to do!

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

If you’re like me, you want your buffet table to look good, pull out easily, and be functional. Here are some tips to make your table shine this season. Your guests and you will love it!

The Best Dining Room Christmas Decor

At the end of this post I give a look at my girls table contributions. I’m sure you’ll want to jump in and take a closer look.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

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For me, serving in a buffet style is the easiest in our house. Maybe it’s because we enjoy a casual lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I still want it to look good and I do

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Dining Room Christmas Decor

Here you need to consider the number of guests and the space to dine, as well as the style of your home.

Typical places for the buffet line are the dining table, the kitchen island, maybe a console table in the living room or the dining room table, the dining room buffet or the sideboard. When the weather is right, an outdoor buffet is always a good option. Or maybe your basement lounge was a buffet counter.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Why are you meeting at all? Is the food the focus of the evening? Or is the meal an accompaniment to maybe a game night? Or a watch party? Or as part of a wreath?

How To Decorate A Buffet Table

You’ve laid the groundwork and hopefully the theme as well. Don’t panic, the theme can be as simple as a color scheme. Here I went with lots of white accented with softer, muted versions of traditional Christmas greens and reds.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

My buffet is for a Christmas gathering of 10 friends for a game night so snacks and drinks.

Our dining table is between the kitchen and living room. It’s not that big, but it’s big enough for heavy appetizers and it’s very conveniently located for that gathering. This leads to:

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How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Jeweled Interiors Holiday Home Tour 2017

Not all drinks have to be in the same place. And nobody has to queue at the buffet.

Water glasses can stand next to the buffet line, and a bar can be installed throughout the room. A coffee station may be in third place, especially since this is mainly accessed later in the evening.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

I found this small folding table with two drawers and a separate tray at the top at a flea market. I knew right away it would be perfect as a wheelless bar cart, hot chocolate station, or coffee station.

Easy And Elegant Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

If your audience is into it, maybe add some spirits to the coffee. Particularly practical because the coffee machine will be on the kitchen island right next to the bar.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

I gained space by opening the small drawers, one contains the bar towels, the other contains the coffee liquors. These drawers have safety locks inside so the drawers cannot fall out or even be pulled out.

But here’s a tip to reduce the amount of these spots. Place your red wine bottles on a plate or small lip plate. Here I’m using two of my mismatched Transferware cymbals in a coordinating color.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Christmas Village Table Setting And Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Based on your decorating style and any theme or color for your gathering, determine the following table linens. If you use a dining table, do you want to cover the top? If you are using a console or sideboard, do you want to cover the entire top or maybe just one runner?

One of my favorite sources for large tablecloths is my favorite cloth. You can see it here and here and here. Yes, it’s my favorite, but I also use quilts a lot. A twin blanket is usually offered at bargain prices and they are heavy, wash really well and hang so well, plus they rarely need to be ironed.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

I absolutely love cloth napkins. That’s all we use in our house for every day and every occasion. With one exception: game night, snack buffet. This is because the night grazes more throughout the night and people don’t keep track of where they left their napkin.

Our Christmas Table

I give in and use paper napkins. I plant several small piles in strategic places to complement the original napkins that everyone gets at the buffet.

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How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

If you’re serving a full buffet, place a flatware set on a napkin, and then place those packets in a basket or mudroom or whatever you have at the end of the buffet line. That way, guests don’t balance that pack while dishing out food at the same time.

If you’re serving sandwiches or appetizers and only require an item or two of utensils, and sometimes optional, consider placing a container of forks or chopsticks next to those specific items. Dishes are only taken away if a guest eats that particular meal,

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Best Christmas Decor Ideas

I love finding unexpected opportunities to inject a little style surprise. One of my favorites is using bamboo cutlery instead of plastic when the occasion calls for disposable cutlery or for more setups than you have.

We bought these for our daughter’s wedding. He used them for Thanksgiving dinner and the reception. They are so sturdy that not a single tooth broke off! And they are sustainable.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Here I painted them with some metallic sage green paint I had in my craft stash. He used a flat artist brush. no measuring or tape required. I just eyed them so they were similar. Start the brush halfway up the handle, then angle and pull up the length of the handle. Rotate and adjust the angle on the other side. Place the tines of the forks in a slot cut in a corrugated cardboard box to dry. That’s it.

Christmas Buffet Stock Photos

Match your dishes to your style of buffet. Full meals require full size plates. But if yours is an appetizer, use small or even plates

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

I usually put a napkin (cloth or paper) on each plate when stacking the plates. So everyone remembers a napkin at the beginning and doesn’t have to ask again. Also, it saves space on the buffet line.

When they take their plate, they take out the napkin and put it under the plate and then share the food. If it’s a cloth napkin, they often throw the napkin over the arm holding the plate.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Best Christmas Brunch And Dinner Deals In Jakarta

This is for decorative purposes only. It’s just a fun piece of style but everyone is commenting on it!

If you have square plates, just rotate the stack a little and it feels so elegant and put together. Everything might fall apart, but you’ll never know because you twirled your plates.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

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Tatler Home Tips: Holiday Season Tablescape Ideas For Christmas 2020

Every table, even a buffet table, needs a focal point. And one of the best ways to create a focal point is with a centerpiece.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

In my situation, our space is too small for the buffet line to run either side of the table, so we pushed the table against the wall and I created a center piece running the length of the table against that wall. It’s really more of a focal point in the background.

Recently I was working on a Lambs Ear Obsession. Apparently I still have a long way to go as this table is also quite focused on Lamb’s Ear.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Best Christmas Centerpieces

Last year I learned that you can dry lambs ears and then I made a lambs ear wreath. So this year I made lamb ear ornaments using fresh lamb ears and then the cutest fresh lamb ear Christmas trees.

The base of my focal point is a long, low wooden box that I made after making this larger one for a friend’s wedding decoration.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

I put a string of lights inside and then a tube of chicken wire to fill the void. The chicken wire was covered with a thin layer of batter. So I started layering some Christmas greens in softer tones along with pearls, fruits and onions. I finished it off by sprinkling some fake snow and a bunch of lambswool leaves.

How To Set A Table For Christmas

If you’re planning to place your buffet line on a large table that your guests will walk around, you’ll need a thin layout that offers some height but is attractive on either side in the middle of the table. A long line of different cone trees or a grouping of some other large decorative items like a collection of ginger jars with tall branches or fresh flowers would work beautifully.

How To Decorate A Christmas Buffet Table

Beyond the Altitude Gain

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