How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party – Evening parties and summer parties are about to return here in the UK and now we can welcome our loved ones back into our homes. We all know that food brings people together, even in the toughest of times. I sat around the table with my happiest moments, my most romantic gestures and my deepest laugh. A beautifully decorated table setting is essential to gathering a party and is just as important as the main course, drinks and company.

Aesthetically beautiful tables are not only for holidays. You don’t need an excuse to decorate your kitchen, just follow my simple table decoration tips to bring a little magic to your next night out, Sunday roast or Chinese restaurant.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Adopting a few basic colors will help your table look harmonious and balanced. For color ideas, check what’s trending on Pinterest or in the new arrivals section of your favorite home improvement store. For the table setting, I used one of my favorite interior colors: sage green. This green is soft and delicate, so I paired it with a range of neutrals, mostly sticking to whites and warm beiges.

Ideas For Decorating Your Holiday Table

You can be inspired by the current season or an upcoming holiday: think fiery oranges and browns for fall or pretty pastels for Mother’s Day. Choose two or three complementary colors and try to avoid contrasting colors.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

The table doesn’t have to be just practical, think of it as your blank canvas – the foundation of your table. Add layers on top to create depth and interest. A contrasting table runner draws the eye to your display, or you can keep it monochromatic with similarly colored fabric layers. I always try to style in washed clothes because it’s light and comfortable and I don’t have to bother with ironing. Placemats don’t have to be boring, I found these woven rattan rugs that perfectly frame my plates and add a touch of elegance.

Every table should have a centerpiece where you can unleash your creativity and bring your personality to your decor. I always recommend working in sets of three or odd numbers as this is balanced and looks the most pleasing to the eye, such as one decorative vase, three bunches of flowers or five candlesticks. Remember to use different heights for drama, but avoid using objects that block the view of people across the table.

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How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

Go DIY with your centerpiece, you can make your own plant box, paint a branch gold, make a terrarium – see what you already have in your home or yard. If you have limited table space, your food can take center stage. I added fresh flowers and sprigs of baby’s breath to my cheese board as a way to create a food centerpiece.

Visit your nearest charity shop and look for all sorts of interesting glassware (if you’re buying bed linen, watch out for sauce stains!). I love these ribbed champagne flutes that have a modern vintage feel. Using antiques will add charm to your surroundings and help you interact with your guests. Borrow bread utensils and breathe new life into a modern kitchen.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Add dimension to your table with a contrasting mix of cutlery and flatware. I paired the organic ceramic plates with these elegant white china plates and copper cutlery – the perfect subtle touch of glam without being too OTT. If you stick to your color theme, you can easily experiment with different patterns and materials. You’ll also notice that I made the chevron marble border in beige. A short guide to easily setting the table for any occasion or celebration.

Table Setting Ideas For Everyday Use

We are not people who set the table every day. (I mean, more than I care to admit, cereal is eaten here on the couch.)

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

But when it comes to entertaining friends or family in our kitchen, there’s a simple dinner formula that I’ve used for every occasion (or special occasion) over the years. all).

And I use some tricks to make cheap things look expensive. Some of my inexpensive tableware and dinner table decorations that I’ve been using for a long time come from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Spring Centerpieces And Table Decorations

So if you find yourself at a fancy dinner and not sure how to set a simple dining table, here are my favorites in this post.

(P.S. You can find more DIY guides, paint colors and supplies in our kitchen decorating section.)

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

The best reason to stick with white, grey, beige or black tableware is that it gives you the freedom to choose any color scheme and floral arrangement you want for any occasion!

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Decorating The Dining Room Table

Some might call neutral tableware “boring,” but if you use it as a blank canvas, you can set any holiday tone to a simple table.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

I love this colorful open clay dinnerware set that I’ve owned for several years. They are very durable (even if our children bang on them) and they are made of stoneware, so we can put them directly in the oven.

Neutral cookware is easy to find at thrift stores (even the expensive, vintage ones), so keep an eye out for your next thrifty trip.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Décor Tips For Your Dining Table Everyday

Add a rosemary sprig, handwritten card or leaf to each place setting for a meaningful celebration.

It’s definitely not something you do every day, but that little touch can make Thanksgiving, an anniversary, or a birthday extra special.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

We picked magnolia leaves from our yard last fall, shook them to mark each Thanksgiving, and our oldest daughter wrote names on them with a silver permanent marker.

Insanely Gorgeous Informal Table Setting Ideas On A Budget!

Our hydrangea bushes always explode this time of year! I love that they are easy to organize with a few green stems in the mix. (Or you can dry hydrangeas for a simple fall centerpiece in the dining room.)

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

I simply stick flowers or stems I find into a neutral vase like this clear vase.

I like to cut a few ginkgo stems from our ginkgo tree in the front yard when it turns bright yellow in the fall.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

How To Set A Thanksgiving Table In Warm Fall Colors

Or skip the vase altogether and spread green stems across the table and use them as a low centerpiece for the holiday dining room.

Last fall, I cut a few stems with purple leaves from the loropetal bushes in our yard and put a few pears into a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece that anyone can put together.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

For Christmas I cut some hemlock and cedar branches to create a little Christmas centerpiece and added some dried orange slices with the orange pomanders I made with the girls.

A Simple Table Setting Idea For More Relaxed Hosting

I added juniper berries that I picked from a tree in the parking lot of our girls’ school (with permission, of course).

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

A simple table setting can be done with just a couple of candlesticks. There’s something about the flickering of flames that makes a birthday or anniversary dinner somehow magical.

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At home, we play a little with our girls – while the candle on the table is burning, we learn to behave at the table. (My parents and grandparents used to do this to my brother and me, and it’s one of my favorite memories.)

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Original Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas

You don’t have to fill the center of the dinner table with fancy items or fill every open space with decorations.

Let the table “breathe” and instead leave open areas in the middle for serving dishes or a board for meat products.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

My favorite plate is the multi-purpose 5-in-1 cake dome made of acrylic, which can be used as a cake stand, divided tray, chip and dip tray, punch plate or serving plate. It is resistant to breaking, so it works great outdoors.

Table Linen Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Not only do I use this white-legged planter around the house for serving food on the dinner table, but also as a fruit bowl on the kitchen table or as a winter table centerpiece for growing paper white bulbs.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

This round cutting board is the perfect size and shape to create a 6 person charter board. I can’t believe it’s from Walmart! It appears to come from a high end store.

We’ve produced this black flatware or gold flatware specifically for table settings to add something more than the usual silver flatware.

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

Dining Table Decor Ideas For Hosting Dinner Parties

This is our display of table decoration! It’s a lot of simple little details that are something special when we want to feel beautiful.

But don’t worry… most of the time we eat messy tacos on paper plates. If this post gives the impression that we eat “pink” food every day by candlelight. 😉 Yes, no. That

How To Decorate A Dinner Table For A Party

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