How To Decorate A Night Table

How To Decorate A Night Table – I recently held a decorating masterclass where I showed participants how to style bedside tables. Now I don’t have tickets for myself, but I think the content changed my life.

It means when your nights are perfect, all the other aspects of your life fall into place. Just kidding, of course, but decorating nightstands can be a legitimate problem for people. There seem to be so many areas where you can get stuck. How many items to put on top? Must match? How do you make them look clean? What size should the items be?

How To Decorate A Night Table

How To Decorate A Night Table

Well, look no further decorating junkies, because I’m going to show you how to arrange the nightstands in your home to look amazing. And of course, it looks great to reflect you!

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This is the most important rule of the party, so we put it first. When designing nightstands, so many people feel compelled to make them mirror images of each other. But honestly, your notes should be sisters, not twins. You want them to be styled together and look similar, but not exactly the same.

How To Decorate A Night Table

Now that we know we’ll be decorating the nightstands as sisters, not twins, we need to choose a decor item to tie them together. A lamp is an obvious choice. I think bedside tables with different lamps look weird. So, choose large table lamps for each bedside table and let them be the moment that visually connects the two tables.

When deciding how to place your nightstands around your chosen lamps, keep the theme of your home in mind (if you’re not sure what yours is, click here). The decor you choose for your bedside tables should reflect the overall style of your home. It’s visually shocking if your interior is Hamptons-esque with gorgeous whites and blues and a random bright red cat ornament on your nightstands.

How To Decorate A Night Table

Bedside Tables That Blend Convenience And Style In The Bedroom

It’s hard to know when to stop embellishing your notes. How many things can you place on the surface of the table without it feeling cluttered? The rule is three. The lamp is your first, now you have two more decorating moments to sit on top of the table. Now note that you can stack things. A deck of cards with an ornament on top is a “moment” (because only one thing touches the surface of the table). The lamp is your next “moment”. Now you have room for one more moment. A flower arrangement or plant is always a good idea.

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If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom with large bedside tables, the lighting and decor should reflect this scale. When I teach my clients how to design nightstands, I always display small items on large tables. And you can immediately see how dwarfs they look. Of course, the same goes for large items on small bedside tables. If only one lamp fits on the nightstand and not many others, the base of the lamp is probably too large.

How To Decorate A Night Table

When organizing bedside tables, you need to consider variety. If your lamp base is cylindrical, choose a decor with clean lines. For example, place a jewelry box next to a lamp. Or place a square photo frame next to the bed. So you have a circle and a square. Then the remaining moment can be in a liquid form, such as the organic nature of a plant, or an ornament, such as coral. Something to break the possible monotony.

How To Decorate A Side Table

The last rule for arranging bedside tables is to remember. After all, this is your bedroom. Even if it is a guest room, it should still reflect your personality. No one wants to sleep in a guest bedroom that feels like a hotel. So put some personalized travel memories on your bedside tables. Crawl the souvenir handed to you. Place a watch you received from a loved one on top of some books. The options are endless, but you have to reflect your style!

How To Decorate A Night Table

Ah, very good question. If you organize bedside tables and don’t need a table lamp, it will change the way you look at things. In that case, I would replace the table lamp (the largest piece of the table) with something the same height. A plant, a large vase of flowers, or a large vase/bowl is best. Too many times I see a great pendant hanging over a nightstand with very small items on the table. The distance between the top and the pendant is too large. A high “moment” is the best solution here.

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How To Decorate A Night Table

How To Decorate A Nightstand

In addition to writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He has also spent time on TV in Channel 10’s dressing rooms, as well as presenting segments of Channel 7’s Sunshine and The Morning Show. If you would like to book a design consultation with Chris, you can find out more here

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I’m Chris Carroll, an interior designer, and at TLC Interiors we’re all about helping you create amazing homes without breaking the bank. It’s the best designer style possible, and we make the whole process easy and fun for both clients and readers! Here are some smart and simple bed decorating ideas! For most of us, bedside tables are more useful than beautiful. However, they should not be cluttered with only the essentials. They can be arranged to bring beauty to our bedrooms! Here’s an awesome dating feature!

How To Decorate A Night Table

We’re cleaning up the nightstand in the master bedroom! As you can see, I have round glass bedside tables that aren’t very big, but they work really well because they have a shelf underneath.

Nightstands And Bedside Tables That Add Golden Glint To The Bedroom

This post will show two approaches to how I created the same nightstand. One from StoneGable and one from us at Tanglewood House. I hope this gives you more ideas to decorate your nightstand!

How To Decorate A Night Table

If you want to see our master bedroom and the sources for the items in it, including these beautiful bedside tables, go HERE.

Even a small bedside table can have a few things that will be nice to see when you wake up in the morning!

How To Decorate A Night Table

Modern Stylish Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas » We’re The Joneses

First, you know what essentials you need to have on hand every evening, throughout the night and in the morning, before you even get out of bed.

Most of us have a mobile phone and many others that usually find a home at night on the bedside table!

How To Decorate A Night Table

Larger items are best placed in a drawer or on a nightstand shelf if you have one. And in the bedside basket if you don’t!

Awesome Diy Side Table Ideas

This is my way of keeping my nightstand free of clutter. I keep extra glasses, remotes, hand cream, lip balm and more in a little basket with a lid on the bottom shelf of my nightstand!

How To Decorate A Night Table

Here’s a tip from StoneGable: If you’re sick and need to take medicine like cough medicine, cold pills, etc., put it on a small tray. That way it won’t be scattered all over the table!

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A lamp is a must on the bedside table or on the wall above it. Choose a lamp that matches the bedside table. Too small and the lamp may not provide the work or reading light you need. Too big and may take up too much space on the bedside table.

How To Decorate A Night Table

How To Decorate Your Home: The Foolproof Plan In Just 3 Steps!

We installed lamps above the bedside tables to free up space for the table. I don’t plug them into the wall, but into the socket behind the bed.

Even if it’s the smallest flower in a small vase, it adds something organic to the nightstand! Something made from organic materials will liven up your table!

How To Decorate A Night Table

The organic item on my nightstand is changing to something I can get from the garden, get to the grocery store, and have in the basement! Today I cut and brought these cute hydrangeas with Santa. You might want to see how I trim and maintain my cut hydrangeas to keep them from wilting HERE.

How To Style Your Nightstand What Every Nightstand Should Have

For me, the best “personal thing” is my family photos! No matter what time of day or night I see the faces I love, I always smile!

How To Decorate A Night Table

For you, it can be a piece of art or a collection. Whatever it is, add something to your nightstand that will make your heart sing!

Keeping books close at hand is a great way to use up that prime desk real estate!

How To Decorate A Night Table

Must Haves For Your Side Table

As most of you know, I fabric cover all my decor cards to match my decor. Here are a trio of my favorite decorating books that I use as references!

Be creative when it comes to adding items to your nightstand. Just don’t add too much and leave room for the essentials!

How To Decorate A Night Table

My best advice if you haven’t

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