How To Decorate A Restaurant Table For Birthday

How To Decorate A Restaurant Table For Birthday – It’s my birthday yyy…table! I wanted to do a little less at the beach party this year than last year, so I set up a nice table for myself and some good friends in a nice restaurant. Yes, my “do nothing” idea is to decorate a table. enjoying.

Place: There are many options, but ultimately George is my go-to! I’ve had coffee and brunch in their lovely cafe and I’m obsessed with their blue and white plates too. I also considered several other places, but when I came up with the idea of ​​decorating my dining table, I was immediately impressed with the courtesy and customer service that made this the right place. Georgie is a new restaurant in Montage Beverly Hills, replacing the previous Scarpetta location. I have to admit that my appeal started with the cute decor and super girly atmosphere, but I was impressed with the delicious food and service. I ordered salmon and we both shared the most delicious sweet and salty bread. Most of my friends have ordered Dover soles and can’t stop talking about them. But I have to say, the martini is at the top of my list, very chic, very chic. Luckily at least one friend of mine was brave enough to order a martini (or two) so we could experience the cart! Two of my friends love Spring Meringue and Georgie Gerber cocktails. I chose the lower sugar paloma which is basically just tequila, soda and grapefruit juice and it was delicious!

How To Decorate A Restaurant Table For Birthday

How To Decorate A Restaurant Table For Birthday

Table: So, surprisingly, this is the first table I’ve ever decorated! I wasn’t quite sure what look I wanted, so I bought a bunch of what I liked. Next time I will definitely check that everything is correct before I buy it, but I think it turned out beautiful, so no complaints! I knew this restaurant had blue and white plates so I started there. I wanted to put a green palm leaf on the board to complement the blue and white, a color scheme that I really like. I also knew I wanted pink flowers, unfortunately peonies were out of season and hard to find so I bought some pink roses and found these great little lavender pompoms, unfortunately I couldn’t find the official name. Instead of using a vase, I spread the lavender branches and placed the rose heads in the crevices. Then put my battery-operated copper string lights on the table. In hindsight I would have opted for clear strands or mini single lights so that the copper wires wouldn’t show, but hey, you live and you learn! For the location map, I have a great idea of ​​using miniature pineapples (available at most grocery stores, mine is from Ralph’s) and miniature flags. If you can’t find a similar board, I recommend attaching a toothpick to the back of a regular card to fit it into the pineapple. I wrote on their flag with a metallic gold marker (my friend wrote it because my handwriting is terrible) and glued the flag to the pineapple. Wallah, a super chic spot setup is complete!

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First Birthday Party Of A Baby Concept Made Of White , Black And Pink Colors Balloons . Luxury Decorated Table For Editorial Stock Image

The Treats: As usual, I ordered my favorite marble cake from Susie’s! This year I decided to put a Drake on the cake – for the old-fashioned, it’s just a cake with Drake’s lyrics on it, made famous by this fantastic Instagram account. I had a lot of options but in the end chose “feel good and live better” because why didn’t I lol. I am very happy with how it turned out and of course SusieCakes consistently delivers heaven! The candles I found are probably my favorite detail! These blue and white marble candles are very chic and are available in different colours. I’m just fed up! As a party favor, I gave all my friends some delicious macarons wrapped in cellophane and tied them with light blue pompom fabric. As much as I like the idea, I think it’s more than enough for me, maybe combining baby pink and baby blue is a bit too, honey. not yet!

How To Decorate A Restaurant Table For Birthday

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