How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table – Staying away doesn’t have to spoil the party! Celebrate remotely with a virtual party that allows your attendees to connect “even if you can’t physically get together in person. From birthday parties to company milestone events, there is almost no limit to the type of event you can host. “

Although your party planning list may be short for a virtual party, you need to make sure you are prepared and choose the right streaming technology for your needs. Check out some ideas below on how to have a virtual party

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

The key to a remote company party is to find a creative way to get people involved and feeling appreciated! Here are some easy ways to do it.

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Your guests may be scattered from coast to coast, but you can still bring the foodie movement to their doorstep! Keep your party inclusive and throw out some favors that everyone can use to enjoy in person “and it takes some time to set up!

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Order food through a delivery service like UberEATS or DoorDash that will arrive at the same time as the meeting. If you are concerned and have no known dietary restrictions or sending food is not an option, you can always offer your employees a lunch stipend to order their own food.

Before the event begins, get your attendees excited with a creative contest. Challenge participants to find any party decorations and themed clothing they have “or purchase the items online if they prefer” and reward the most impressive display with a prize.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Ooh La La! Parisian Inspired Party

Use a platform like Netflix Party to host a virtual watch party with a group or share your screen with audio! Share a survey in advance with options for full-length films or short films so you’re not scrolling endlessly to find something suitable to watch.

Bring out some old-fashioned fun with games, including anything from board games to trivia night. Prepare quizzes on various topics “from geography to sports history and beyond” with apps like QuizUp or Kahoot! If you enjoy the classic board game, consider online board games as an option. For games that work best with smaller numbers, you can break it up into smaller groups with features like Zoom breakout rooms.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

In addition to participating in bragging rights activities, encourage friendly competition and reward gift cards or subscriptions! Choose from local businesses or generic options like Starbucks or Amazon.

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Create a channel on your favorite instant messaging platform like Slack or HipChat to share photos and ideas. Bring fun to social media and create a unique hashtag to link to your employee posts” Use the hashtag and link a gift card prize to the best post by tagging your company.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Now that we’ve covered some ideas for throwing a virtual party with remote workers, here’s a simple checklist to bring your event to life.

Choose a time when all attendees will be able to attend and send the calendar invitation. Pay attention to time zones! If your workforce is coast to coast or international, this can help avoid ostracism and location specificity.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

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Check out the best online conferencing technology and choose a simple tool to record your attendees and track their engagement. That way you can get answers to follow-up survey questions and see who attended. Next, you’ll want to choose a video platform that fits your needs and can host all of your attendees within your budget.

Make sure everyone has access to the conference room call. If your chosen technology platform requires user creation, make sure all participants do so before the party.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Whether you want to center your party around a decade or a movie genre, adding a theme to your virtual party will engage your attendees. Check out some ideas for corporate event themes here.

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Communication is important. Send reminders across multiple platforms, including email and instant messaging, to increase engagement.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

If you can, prepare a meal or snack for your employees and thank them for participating. Food options should be BYO, encouraging casual potluck get-togethers. Attendees can share their favorite family recipe or secret they made for the party “ This includes drink recipes too!

Don’t let your party get out of control. Choose attractive activities and put together a virtual party menu. Using PowerPoint or Google Slides Set your agenda on the “Use PowerPoint or Google Slides” slide deck, with the number of minutes allowed for each slide to keep your party organized and moving accordingly. Be sure to share the agenda with all attendees beforehand so everyone is prepared and knows what to expect.

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How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

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Set a time limit so the party doesn’t drag on to the point where everyone is exhausted.” We recommend about an hour or an hour and a half. you are approaching the scheduled end, end the party before it gets awkward and end the meeting for everyone, instead of letting attendees leave the room.

Send out a feedback survey encouraging participants for their ideas or suggestions on how to improve the experience or other fun games they’d like to add. This is a great time to lay out options for a future gathering or party and gauge when your guests will be available for another bash!

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

And finally, explore some ways to keep your virtual company party lively with great games.

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Reserve your own questions for custom trivia knowledge, or use an existing game on any topic from general knowledge to geography.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Play the online version of Mad Libs or Word Blanks and get input from everyone for guaranteed laughs.

Challenge participants to draw a self-portrait on a basic application such as paint or paper. You might discover that some of your colleagues have a hidden artistic talent, but if not, it’s sure to be fun.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

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Unlimited bingo cards are available online and can be customized for your theme or your company’s facts.

Belt out your favorite tunes with a silent microphone, so you can really hear the song – and live the way you want. Attendees can see their colleagues dancing and singing.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

No one has to leave home for an exciting scavenger hunt challenging them to find everything inside their home.

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Give your attendees the human connection we all crave with a virtual bash from the comfort of their own homes. Maintaining rooting ceremonies and boosting group morale is essential with good timing. Be creative with your agenda and take suggestions seriously to make sure you can satisfy most people, even if it’s not your personal preference.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Remember – being isolated doesn’t mean you’re completely alone! When you perfect the art of hosting a virtual gathering you can feel very close to your colleagues who are miles and miles away. Frozen yogurt is the new “cupcake” with delicious frozen yogurt shops popping up everywhere! If you are in the Nashville, TN area, you must try sweet CeCe. Their decor is bright stones and hot pinks, which we love, but their amazing frozen yogurt (best scent? Red velvet!). There are containers full of candy and layers of fresh fruit to add to your frozen yogurt (even cheesecake and cookie dough!). There are!

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We created this sweet CC party to match their fun decor and logo. There were little jars filled with a mixture of candles and sprinkles – all the kids go for sprinkles (well, so do we, let’s be honest). Michaels where we find bright pink flowers. We found a fun, lime green fabric at Hancox Fabrics. Throwing a frozen yogurt or ice cream party is super easy and fun!

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Best Christmas Party Themes 2022

In Nashville? The party will be featured on News Channel 4 WSMV with owner Courtney Dial

What a great way to say it – “surprise” or welcome! This wreath is very easy, all you have to do is cut a circle from a corrugated box and tie it with a ribbon. Then add party hats, horns, funny birthday cards, balloons, etc. to create a wonderful garland for the birthday of your child, colleague, friend or neighbor.

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

Here’s what you’ll need: 1. An 18-inch round circle cut from corrugated paper. Cut out the middle, leaving a border 3-inches wide. 2. Seven yards of 3-inch wide ribbon 3. Decorate with party hats, horns, paper stars, balloons, etc. Tyler’s 100 Days Party

Here’s what to do: 1. Cut an 18-inch circle from corrugated paper, leaving a 3-inch border. 2. Using 3 yards of ribbon, wrap the wreath completely 3. Make a big bow, using another 4 yards of ribbon 4. Glue the bow to the bottom of the wreath 5. Glue party hats, party horns , stars, etc. Whatever you want to use for the necklace and/or to personalize your necklace. From the album to the music, there is plenty involved when a

How To Decorate A Scentsy Party Table

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