How To Decorate A Table For Farm Theme

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My son Leo loves all kinds of farm animals, so when he turned 5 he specifically requested to have a birthday party at the farm. While I love some of the Farm/County Fair elements, when designing this party I took a modern look and gave the farm theme a simpler and cleaner approach.

How To Decorate A Table For Farm Theme

How To Decorate A Table For Farm Theme

The party was in the backyard, which was great because it allowed me to set aside different play areas for the kids to play. Tai and I created a fun cow-inspired balloon wall and placed a cow paper balloon and a pig paper balloon at the dessert table. I love how the classic black and white colors create a modern party look. I also used our colorful garland around the dessert table. This burlap garland helped bring the farmhouse vibe to life!

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I set a separate table for the kids and used these adorable farm-themed utensils, including barn plates on small farm plates, farm napkins, and a picnic tablecloth. I also added some farm animal figures to the table for the kids to play with. I loved the modern yet fun look of the kids table! Finally, I made some corn paper and popcorn for the little guests. Oh my god, the kids loved them! Check out our Eskimo Popcorn Guide here!

How To Decorate A Table For Farm Theme

Daphne from DH Cake Studio is my friend when it comes to birthday cakes. The cake design was inspired by an adorable red barn plate and a cow print. Next to the cake, I used some small bales of hay to show off the beautiful pet cakes Daphne made for us. Aren’t they the cutest? My husband is from Brazil, so we also have brigadeiros, the Brazilian chocolate snacks that are a must-have at children’s birthday parties. I love these cheese balls! Not only do they look cute, but they are incredibly delicious!

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In addition to a rented jump house, I also got some hot air balloons to ride with farm animals, including cows, geese, chickens, and sheep. I put them together with hay bales in the garden. The little farmers had a great time with their animal friends!

How To Decorate A Table For Farm Theme

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Finally, next to the dessert table, I placed a small corner with a very simple rustic flower arrangement. Not only did it create a farmhouse feel, but it was also perfect for a holiday table. I prepared some soft toys from the farm for our little guests to take home. They were definitely successful! Such a cute idea for toddlers to remember this fun farm party!

We hope you enjoy this wonderful farm party we have hosted together! Be sure to check out our Farmhouse collection for all the amazing party supplies!

How To Decorate A Table For Farm Theme

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