How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat – Every year our church has a special dinner for our widows and widowers. Each of our devils is associated with someone who watches over and cares for them, and this is a special night when we all come together to honor them. Programs, menus, and decor change every year, from formal to casual themes. Since we were not able to do this event last year, we were looking forward to it this year. I usually don’t participate in this event, but my friend did this year and asked me to participate and help him with it. We quickly settled on a random theme and today I’m sharing what we came up with for “Oklahoma” / western party space and table decorations.

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How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

If you’re new, I often help decorate events at our church, and when I first started doing this years ago, it was hard to find good ideas online for big event decorations when you’re working on a tight budget. So, as we have events or vintages, I’ve been sharing the stage and table decoration ideas here for years. We tend to be very tight on our budget, which means the team has to be creative! And that’s when things always go well, right? Almost every event I help decorate starts like this… I pull and load anything from my house (or my mom’s house) that might work for me to grab and use!

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Upon arrival, this sign board with names on each side was the first stop. My friend had some old buckets and we mixed in little cowboy boots, an OK cutting board my son made, hats, lights, and a nice bucket of door prize tickets.

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

A few years ago I bought black and white gingham tablecloths for my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary party. Then, our church also bought several of them to use for different events…they are a nice change from the usual hard black or white boards and can be used for many different events depending on what you use them for. . . So, between church supplies and mine, we tend to have a lot of gingham tablecloths for big events.

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We used red bandanas all over the napkins, then one in the center. Each table was lit with candles, a bunch of cereal, Oklahoma chocolates and a large Ball vase with a few sunflowers. We kept programs and menu cards under napkins, and added essentials to the center as meal time approached (bread basket, s&p, coffee, creamer, etc.).

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

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To decorate the stage, we used 2 sets of curtain lights (recessed with clips to tie them all over) in front of a black curtain that always hangs on the stage. I thought it looked like a dark, starry sky and sure enough it was! This was my first time using curtain lights and I am a fan! They have a few different styles that you can put on and they were pretty cool in the background.

We picked up a paper at a local store, then my boyfriend and I hit our homes with all things Oklahoma and the west! You may notice a few things here-ha!

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

The shining star of the stage was the adorable cow! I had a good idea of ​​how I was going to set things up before I started. The night before the event they were preparing things and taking things out of the church storage room for use, and I saw that the cow had been cut randomly… I almost cried with joy! I knew that was all we needed to finish it. Our events coordinator said “I almost dropped that a few times but I never did…” 🙂 it was waiting for me! (Had to remove the “GET EAT MOOR” sign from his neck! #IYKYK)

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My friend had an old necklace that had been passed down through the family and we collected as many swags, hats and other rustic items as we could.

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

We also prepared gift bags for everyone to take home. Everything we installed was from an Oklahoma company! Bedre Chocolate Factory is great and they make these lovely chocolates that we have. Each bag contained one of a variety of bells, rustic crosses, or stars (all from the Christmas decor section) from Hobby Lobby, and we sent them home with a bandana scarf (also at HL). We found a variety of Shawnee Milling Company cornbread and biscuit mixes and added to each bag, and finished it off with a nice custom postcard made by a local graphic artist.

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Here’s a look at the tables before the event begins with salads and desserts instead. Our menu includes BBQ beef and chicken, baked red potatoes, green beans, salad, Texas toast, and desserts – all crowd pleasers! And it’s just an idea if you ever do such an event – our youth choir students organize a mission trip every Summer. At such events we often ask them to serve food, refill drinks, etc. Every tip goes on their mission trip, it’s a win/win for everyone!

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

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We encourage participants to wear their favorite western clothing if they wish. I usually don’t think about things like this before, but a few weeks ago my friend mentioned picking up this cute sundress on clearance (cheaper if you can find it in a store!) and it was. you will try and work hard on evening entertainment. I had seen the dress and I liked it but I knew it would be too short for me. But I knew I would love it if I could make it work as a long shirt! I put two of them together, cut off the top of one, sewed the pockets that will be on the bottom and put the two together to make a maxi dress! I was totally figuring it out as I went along and it’s far from perfect, so no tutorial, but I think it’s cool!

As I went along, I shared the project on my Instagram stories, and a few mentioned that they picked up a dress to use as a Christmas tree shirt this year…. You are very smart! Now I might hunt for one, ha!

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

It’s a great dress on her but like I said it has a few inches in it so I was worried it might be too short for me.

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Deycon often offers a set of dining gift cards to give away as door prizes. Our folk music teacher led everyone in singing old “cowboy” favorites, ending with “Oklahoma” of course! After that, we had a small group game and questions related to Oklahoma. The program ended with our current worship minister leading some old favorites on his guitar. It was a great time!

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How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

We were delighted with how everything went and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and our guests were happy and felt special, so success! (My husband and I are taking a quick trip this week without cell service, so if you have any questions in the comments that I can help with, I’ll get back to them when we get back!) Making a party theme out of things you already have at home is easier than you think. Here’s a look at some cool DIY birthday decorations for inspiration!

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How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

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Keep your child front and center with this simple straw ball. To make this easy DIY birthday decoration, start by cutting ovals from your favorite scrapbook paper. Glue a picture of your child’s face to each oval and use a hole punch to cut a hole at the top and bottom of each oval. Attach a piece of paper to the holes so that you smile with each sip.

You only need three things for this amazing array: tissue paper, decoupage glue (we use Mod Podge) and empty glass jars.

How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

Apply a thin line of glue to the jar with a brush, then trace the paper towels over the glue. To seal the pattern, carefully apply another layer of glue to the tissue paper and let it dry completely. When it’s party time, place a small tea light candle inside the pot to illuminate your handiwork.

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How To Decorate A Table With A Hat

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