How To Decorate A Table With Books

How To Decorate A Table With Books – I joked on instagram the other day that coffee table books are coasters. Mine is covered in wine, coffee, spilled flowers, crumbs, you name it. Terrible. They cost a lot and we just pile them up and make them suffer with food and other decorations that look good on top of that.

Well, I’m not here to share ways to keep them clean. However, I wanted to share a few ways you can restyle it on your coffee table! I find that if I change the table every week or two, I always keep it clean and actually flip it. When you move them, you probably dust them, you notice how the lids hold, etc.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

How To Decorate A Table With Books

And since we’re definitely going to be lighting a lot of candles, drinking a lot of wine by the fire, and generally spending a lot of time in our living room now that it’s getting colder, my goal is to update the space regularly. Here are some ideas to get you started styling, and some quotes from the book at the end of the post! (ps. the “levels” we categorize in each method are just for our entertainment, don’t take it seriously 😉

Coffee Table Books To Entertain And Accessorize

Method: Stack a few and add a tray Level: Beginner Who it’s for: the impatient person just starting their book collection

How To Decorate A Table With Books

This is the easiest and fastest for obvious reasons. It’s a simple stack! I like to offset the books a bit for that messy look (and also everything on the table doesn’t line up perfectly. This method works best for small round tables. You can center your stack and then add flowers, trinket dishes, and a small tray for your candle on the side.

My one rule for this stack is to keep your books in odd numbers. In the world of design + styling, odd numbers always win when it comes to grouping things (3 is the best!). So keep this in mind when choosing your books.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

Ideas To Style Your Coffee Table Or Ottoman

Method: tetris stacks Level: advanced Who it’s for: The maximalist who wants all his stuff on the table (literally)

This method requires a little planning and a larger table. You should commit to basically covering your coffee table with books, and instead cover your books with essentials. So make sure you’re equipped with pillows and trays, because unfortunately this method is the easiest way to ruin your books (if you’re a mess like me).

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How To Decorate A Table With Books

I stick to a pattern of 3 (same rule as above!) mostly because of the size of my desk. You can add multiple stacks. I vary the ways in which the books are faced, as well as the number of books in each stack. I kept the pile furthest up and worked from there.

A Tom Ford Coffee Table Book That Doesn’t Break The Bank

You may find yourself amazed at the distance and making sure their books are lined up at all times (maybe don’t try this with curious kids). So I put it at the end of the effort spectrum. However, this is actually my favorite and well worth it.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

Wait, you want people to see INSIDE THE BOOK??? Well, then this is for you. I just took out my favorite book from the “Tetris” show and opened it right away. Choose your favorite page (it should only take about 47 minutes to choose) and then cover your other books, but be careful, the edges hanging on the table will catch your clothes and a exploding trinkets in your living room due to their flying. the table. Some books are heavy and don’t need it, but I like my little hand weight so I always use it to open the book. Keep the page colors in mind when choosing, it can change the look of the whole room if your book is big enough. I raised my candles and balanced the black page with a black candle…which you can do with any color.

And finally, my number one tip for any table; always put something alive in it. Fresh flowers, a cactus, a succulent, an air plant… I think even dried flowers can be used (they used to be alive too). It relaxes the hard lines of the books and brightens up any room. It’s probably no secret by now that I love decorating with coffee table books. They can be used for many applications and therefore become a versatile accessory in today’s modern design styles.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

How To Style Coffee Table Books Like A Pro Decorator

I have a few favorite ways to use them that I thought I’d share with you along with a summary of these great books in case you’re wondering where to get them besides an expensive home decor store.

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I consider a coffee table book bigger than a typical book, that’s why it’s special in my opinion and why it’s easy and fun to decorate. Here are some of my favorite ways…

How To Decorate A Table With Books

Here I used it to help fill the space between the left and right sides of my dresser and as a pull up piece to get my accessory to the right height on my dresser under the mirror.

Easy Coffee Table Styling Like A Designer

My friend Tamara of Citrine Living uses them here in stacks and groupings to elevate her accessories and create drama. It’s great, isn’t it? You can see more of her talent and coffee table styling here.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

I love the way these large books are used in stacks to fill the space on this wall! Such a dramatic way to display it creates great interest and a focal point (not to mention a conversation piece) along this wall.

So whether you’re decorating your coffee table, console table, bar cart, or other piece of furniture, a shelf, a tray, or just making a beautiful stack on the floor, remember that the book on the table coffee has many uses as such. many areas of home design!

How To Decorate A Table With Books

How To Decorate With Coffee Table Books — Crazy Blonde Life

When I choose coffee table books, I look for books that are at least 9-10″ minimum height so that they can carry some weight and mass and so that they can hold a decent amount of accessory size. You don’t want your accessory to swallow up your book so that the book gets lost in your design. And when I stack my books, I like the graduation from bottom to top to be no more than 1-2″ smaller than the book below it… if the book or books on top are smaller than the low (if that’s not nice even graduation), it can look like an afterthought rather than a conscious plan.

Here are some of my favorite books that I personally use and that I view as my decorating budget allows.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

I hope you enjoyed my coffee table book round-up and my simple tips! If so, I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog for weekly updates from ZDesign At Home! Thanks for stopping by and you can do it here :). If you haven’t been saving, I love decorating with books… Love it. My collection of coffee table books has grown quite a bit over the past year. I have them on display in several rooms in my house so I thought I’d share some photos of where they live in my place.

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Coffee Table Book Ideas That Are More Than Decor

I made some updates to my home office, living room and sunroom using colorful books as decor. I absolutely love the glass coffee table in our living room that is filled with tons of them. A few years ago, one of my husband’s clients, an editor at

How To Decorate A Table With Books

, invited us for drinks at his Upper East Side apartment. He had a large side table (about the size of a normal person’s dining room table) covered with large books. It was amazing to watch and has inspired me ever since.

PS Like that giant six-wick candle pictured below? Get it, and all outdoor and citronella lacquers at Flashpoint, for 30% off (plus free shipping!) with code through Saturday. Their candles go up to 23-wick which I have never seen anywhere else. The big ones make a big statement.

How To Decorate A Table With Books

Elevated Examples Of Coffee Table Book Décor

Welcome to Lemon Stripes, where my adventures in motherhood, style, healthy living, and living in New England come to play. Their versatility and utility make them a must-have piece for every designer wardrobe. They are simple, but in a natural style. And with their beautiful covers and graphic spines, they add color and personality to almost any flat surface in your home.

In short, coffee table books are MVP statement makers. And while their large size and high production values ​​can come with a hefty price tag, you can put together your own collection on the cheap (click to the end of this post for budget-friendly shopping tips).

How To Decorate A Table With Books

Still not sold on their design value? Well, here are 10 reasons why coffee table books are an interior designer’s best friend and why they can be yours too.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

They can find work in every corner of

How To Decorate A Table With Books

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