A Turntable On A Table A Turntable On A Table – Have you ever thought about getting a record player but wondered where to put it? Bring home a tape recorder and not sure where to put it? Do you have a record player, but now you feel like the sound is muffled?

Designing around recording players can be difficult. It can be large and the equipment is often heavy. A record collection can quickly fill a room if you let it. So, how do you create a space where curved tables don’t look like uninvited house guests? With vinyl in mind, we spoke to four design experts to get their expert advice on building and decorating your space. A Turntable On A Table A Turntable On A Table

From all our experts, whether it’s the principles of balance, rhythm and harmony, or modernism, agriculture, etc. We asked newborns where they would start to explain design, assuming they would talk about design styles like: No. No. Personally, they say, the starting point is: what do you like and how will you use the space?

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Lisa Gilmore, chief architect and CEO of Lisa Gilmore Design, says the most important thing she wants to understand from a client is “how they want to live in their space, and not just how they want to live in their space.” feel when they enter their space. Is it a place you want to be inspired by? Is it just to relax, you have a lot of work and it’s normal when you come home? Or have kids and wild animals? Where should you fight and place yourself? These are the really important things. “ A Turntable On A Table

For Liliane Steckel of Liliane Steckel Interior Design, trying to think or speak only in style can really get you off track. “The language of design can be misspoken. If you say ‘modern’ to five different people, they all think differently.” Talking about your feelings or emotions can help you access what you really want. When you say, ‘Relax,'” Steckel continued, “Well, what do you do? Do you listen to music? Do you read a book? Do you drink whiskey? Do you sit still? What does that mean to you?

High-level design work is sufficient. Is this the office? You probably want a desk that you don’t want to put in the most space in your home. Is this a fun place? You’ll need to find enough seating (or at least enough space for guests). Don’t try to do too much in one place. “Sometimes people try to make a room out of their bedroom/office/gym,” says professional organizer and lifestyle manager Elsa Elbert. “The truth is, you wouldn’t be comfortable with one of those things in this situation because it would be too painful.”

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The hardest part is creating a tone of voice that will put you in the right frame of mind. We all have our own taste, so a design element that is soothing to someone may feel cold. Most of us are not design experts, so we may not know what works for us. So you have to do your research. “I always tell people that dating is about being open and vulnerable about what you like and what you don’t like,” Gilmore said. He recommends narrowing down your choices by identifying what you don’t like first.

“It’s important to look at the type of furniture that appeals to you,” she says. “Do you like minimal design and structured design? Or do you like to go into detail like a brutalist, like logo patterns or things like that? Or is it more traditional?” A Turntable On A Table

It’s simpler than a few details and charts. “It’s mostly about color,” Stekel said. “It causes a pause.”

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If you’re new to designing (and even if you’re not), you’ll want to look at other homes for some content and inspiration. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be great sources because there are so many design ideas. But be careful not to follow them too closely. “I encourage my clients to stay away from the modern,” says designer Kelly LaPlante. “Changes can be really fleeting. It’s not uncommon to get caught up in a trend and be sick of it six weeks later. These days it’s so fast because you’ll see a lot of games on Instagram and other sites. Go fast.”

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Gilmore instructs her clients not to copy Instagram. “Try to spin something that really appeals to you,” she said. “Is it the use of light? Is it a really interesting wood detail? Thinking about the broader effect, rather than the specific details, can help you avoid creating a space that feels off after a year or two.

Finally, our experts warn, be practical. “The big trend right now is to use plaster and more copper … and concrete slabs,” Steckel said. – It doesn’t mean like yours. Building concrete pillars is really difficult. Difficult to clean. I see a lot of installers talking to them. “Remember, you have to live in your own space. It’s not just about taking pictures. A Turntable On A Table

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Nailing a vibe can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t know exactly what you want when you start. If you’ve just moved into space, life can be different than you first imagined. So take your time. “I advise clients to live in the space for a while,” LaPlante said. “Sometimes you think you’re going to use a place one way and end up the other way.”

If you have doubts about the choice or feel overwhelmed by the decision, don’t force it. “If you’re feeling unsure or questioning your decisions, take a step back, take a break, and relax,” Steckel says. “I don’t think I’d be in a rush to finish the space if you have what you need to ease your daily routine.” A Turntable On A Table

We think it’s helpful to start by defining how you view your desk. At least we’re messing around in Deep Cut. We love clean lines. I don’t like the sound So sometimes we have a hard time learning this advantage for the simplicity of our love for vinyl, the biggest, most fascinating form of music.

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Elbert woke us up. “It’s a mess we support.” “Records and books and whatever you like. That’s what you want to come home to.” A Turntable On A Table

He reminded me that the point of minimalism is to eliminate appearance. This is out of the question if you use and use your recordings. It helps make your home feel like home. So work around it.

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Like anything else in your space, what you do with your record player will depend on what you want from your space. Do you listen to a recording to write at the end of the day? Do you host record listening parties? Do you play at your desk in your home office while you work? A Turntable On A Table

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Generally speaking, the more vinyl plays in your space, the more popular your record player and record collection should be. “Think of your turntable as a piece of art,” says LaPlante. “Typically if the room has a statement piece, especially a great vintage piece, design around it.”

If your record player is going to be the centerpiece of a social gathering, keep your turntables and records as compact as possible. “Is this something you want to communicate with the next person?” Stekel says, “So you want people to see the post, touch it, and participate in changing the post? Then you can create an open structure where you can show everything.” A Turntable On A Table

If listening to music is something you do occasionally in your living room, where you usually spend time watching movies, you might want to show off your desk and collection less. Keep your collection short. You can hide some or all of them behind doors in consoles or cabinets. Also if you want to listen to recordings while you work. If you look at all those covers, don’t forget your notes.

The Timeless Beauty Of Minimal Turntable Design

It’s not the first time you’ve heard it from us, but album art is art. So show it! Our experts recommend using at least an old facial lens, whether it’s a “currently playing” field or a stock one. Elbert said, “I like the idea of ​​taking a break because you can A Turntable On A Table

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