How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table – Decorating an entryway console table can be a fun design experience, especially if you let your creativity take hold. While you may be tempted to worry about the details, don’t feel pressured to make everything perfect. Consider the following two simple rules. First, choose a decor that really works for your space. If you want this table to serve a purpose (such as holding keys and mail by the front door), do that first and focus on the containers rather than the objet d’art.

Second, give yourself the freedom to let your style evolve! If you see the table decor as an interesting statement that is not set in stone, you can really enjoy the process of decorating it! Additionally, you can make changes over time as you like. For details and more great design ideas, keep reading…

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Let’s start with some design basics, shall we?! Don’t hesitate to use a mirror or painting as a focal point. Below we see a beautifully designed vignette centered on a circular mirror.

Best Console Tables For Small Entry Or Hallways

It goes without saying that you should choose a console table that matches your decor. For example, if you want to avoid a dirty look, consider choosing an acrylic piece. It is transparent, giving the illusion of more space. Below we see the Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table from CB2:

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Make a report on green. There’s nothing like a simple vase filled with tropical leaves, or a modern pot with your favorite plant to make a welcoming statement in your entryway. In the next picture we see an Elke Marble Console Table with a brass base from Crate & Barrel:

Create interest by displaying furniture of different heights. Lamps are a great way to use vertical space, while brightening up your space. Stacking boxes and books can help create the height you need. Low-level items, such as trays for holding mail, can also be helpful.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Decorating A Console Table For Fall

For many of us, the “less is more” look is very helpful in the entryway, especially if your entryway is small (or non-existent). Leaving the room to appreciate a few key pieces will set a calm tone and create a spacious space, even in cramped living spaces. Here’s a great idea for a small console table: make a pile of decorative items. We love the style of the bookcases below in the shot with CB2’s Peekaboo Smoke Acrylic Console Table:

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If you don’t want your table to hold important items like mail, try laying out a few pieces of framed art and adding another decoration or two. The result: a dimensional display that takes up less space.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Create an asymmetrical look by pairing a few items side by side. You make a big impact, even if things are small. In addition, most of the surface remains free of decor, creating a minimalist, clean look.

Practical And Attractive Narrow Console Tables For Your Entryway — Trubuild Construction

Try putting a bench under the table to save space. Now you have a place to sit when you put on your shoes before heading out the door, but it all fits into a tight space. In this case, more seems less!

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Not to take away from the focus of the console table in today’s article, but if you really like the “less is more” look, you can always choose a bench for your entryway. It’s low to the ground, saves wall space, and you can display a thing or two on a chair if you want a bench to play the role of a small table! We’re totally in love with this Arch Bench from Bower, featured on Domino:

If there is no limit to what your income can hold, bring it! Now we’re sharing fun design ideas that work for any table, including those with more than one level. For starters, add a container or two to hold things like keys, mail, shoes, and more! Below, we see a list of decorative and functional pieces for Crate & Barrel’s Echelon console table:

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Ways To Decorate A Console Table

You can also choose a console table with built-in drawers for plenty of storage, like this lovely table from Cox & Cox:

Another strategy to try: keep it simple with a few things on the top level of your table and a bowl or plant on the bottom. The look here is one of simple elegance rather than opulence.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

To avoid a confusing look, add pieces of one color, such as white plants and vases below. Gröna adds another dimension to this vignette with the Aalto console table from Cox & Cox:

Antique Small Console Table Decor, Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Other Home Furniture On Carousell

If you’re displaying multiple pieces in multiple layers, create a purposeful, curated look. Try to avoid using the table as a place to dump your belongings when you enter your home.

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How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Finally, you may feel the need to fill every single shelf space. As always, empty spaces can create a sense of calm, especially when it comes to entryway console tables that welcome you home. Below we see the Wesley Console Table from Urban Outfitters, which holds everything from dried flowers to a bowl that holds small items.

We hope today’s post has equipped you with more tips and tricks for creating a cool console table display. Good luck with the inside!!

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Best Entry Table Décor Ideas

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a passion for all things interior design. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing shows her particular interest in how design has changed over the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( explores fashion and […]An impeccably designed console table completes a foyer or hallway with excitement. For ideas on how to update a cluttered or empty console, see here how Dering Hall interior designers put beautiful tables with books, vases and other storage items.

In this vignette from Gil Walsh Interiors, the bright red of an antique console contrasts with a contemporary painting by Roy Lichtenstein called “Landscape with Boats.”

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

A sleek modern console is paired with a fuchsia upholstered bench and bookshelves. Design by Liz Caan & Co.

Slim Console Tables We Love For Entryways

Gold accents, from the copper lamp to the lemons, add warmth to this wooden console table in the space from 2 to 5 Design.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

This revolutionary design is achieved through a mix of contemporary art and an antique console table. Design by Woody Argall Design.

A range of vases and ojets d’art elevate the vintage console table design in this space from John Willey | Willey Design LLC.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

How To Decorate A Console Table: 5 Simple Tips

Mirrored and white accessories highlight the brightness of the console table in this space from PURVI PADIA DESIGN.

A Jean de Merry console looks simple when paired with decadent, Art Deco-inspired accessories, including a mirror, objet d’art, and ornate sconces. Design by Angela Free Design.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Natural minimalism reigns in this space from Abaca Interiors, where the console table gets a pared-back decoration from a set of matching vases, antlers and slanted sconces.

Entry Table Decoration Ideas For.a Stylish Home Entranceway

A mirror with nail detailing adds a unique touch to a rustic console cabinet. Design by Abaca Interiors.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

A gallery wall can serve as an accent for a console table. Design by Alan Design Studio.

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The sectional console table takes on high-end design pieces, including chairs, metal fixtures and custom artwork, from Wesley-Wayne Interiors.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Console Tables That Take A Creative Approach To Everyday Storage And Display

A beige lacquered console blends with the stone wall behind it in this foyer design from Annette Frommer Interior Design.

An antique console table provides wardrobe inspiration in this room from Joshua David Homes.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

The bright, hand-painted console contrasts with the dark elements above and around it. Design by Lisa Michael Interiors.

Ways To Style A Console Table

Black and gold pieces blend seamlessly with the matching console table in this design by Maureen Stevens Design.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

In this post by Scott Sanders, the nautical theme is rounded off here with a coral table.

Cost of Brittany | Chair Brittany Cost is an editor at Chair who writes about beauty, unique interiors and the influence of history on contemporary design. This post will show you how to decorate a long entry hall without feeling cramped; a challenge we often take on from clients in our work as interior designers.

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

Stylish Console Table Decor: Make Your Home Look Expensive

We’ll be packing a lot of inspirational posts for you to see, and we’re giving you tips on how to post the various ideas discussed below. Don’t worry, you are in safe hands.

By the end of this post, your long hallway will be a great place to walk through. From the moment you walk through the front door, there will be a warm welcome, with lots of notes from God and obvious interest. Let’s get right in!

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

A stylish console table inside the front door impresses with both form and function. It will look good, but it allows you to throw away your everyday things when you get home.

How To Choose The Best Console Table For A Hallway Project?

You want the depth of the console table to be as small as possible if the space is tight. I mean less than 40cm or 16 inches deep. If you have a wide hallway to play with, feel free

How To Decorate A Very Small Console Table

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