How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

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Taken separately, ottomans and coffee tables are very versatile and useful, so what happens when you combine the two? Well, you get a new, more functional piece of furniture that you can use in at least two different ways.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

Ottoman coffee tables are beautiful and easy to work with, especially if you prefer casual decor, because no matter how hard you try, you can never make a space fully formal without an ottoman coffee table at its center.

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This is one of the things we love most about these hybrid parts. According to you, they have an inner dose of casualness and comfort. We’ll show you how to make the most of it.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

Before you buy the first ottoman you see, it’s a good idea to take some time to think about any key features you’d like to include in it. Not all ottomans can be coffee tables, and not all of them will suit your specific needs.

First, let’s talk about this particular combination. Yes, an ottoman can function as a coffee table in some cases, but do you want it to be used primarily as a desk or as an actual ottoman? Determining this helps you discover other important aspects of its design. If you want an ottoman that can be reused as a table from time to time, you don’t need to focus on how well it can imitate a table. Focusing on comfort is more useful in this particular situation.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

Before And After Ottoman Makeover

Coffee tables and ottomans can offer different storage options. It’s up to you to decide if this is something you can use in your life, and if so, what type of storage best suits your needs. Take some time to figure out exactly what to keep on your new ottoman/coffee table. Books fit well on a shelf, while small things like remote controls, cables, etc. are best placed in a drawer.

The size of each piece of furniture is important. Since we are talking about a multifunctional piece in this case, you need to make sure that the size is comfortable and practical no matter how you use it. As an ottoman it should be comfortable and as a table it should be functional and practical. It should be suitable for the room and layout.

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How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

As a general idea, the length of a coffee table should be half or two-thirds of the length of the sofa. Height is also measured in relation to the sofa. Coffee tables are usually the same height as sofa seat cushions, but since we are talking about an ottoman table, it is better if it is a little lower than that. You will feel better when you lift your legs this way.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas: My Fave Tips & Ideas!

Coffee tables and ottomans come in different shapes. Square, square, round and oval are the most common. Choose the shape based on other surrounding furniture, the overall decor of the room, and any special needs. For example, if you have small children, look for something without sharp edges and corners.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

There are also a bunch of other new looks that you might find interesting. For example, you can have a hexagon or an inverted pyramid shape, which will look cool in your living room.

Look for an ottoman or coffee table that fits your style. If you like clean and simple designs, look for something modern or contemporary. If you prefer something attractive and attractive, perhaps a rustic or traditional design will suit you. Eclectic designs are sometimes best at combining good features from two or more styles.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

How To Use An Ottoman As A Coffee Table — And More

No matter the size, shape or style, there are many upholstery options for you to consider. Some give you a more casual look, while others are better suited for more formal and elegant settings. Fabric is the most versatile material of all. It comes in endless colors, different textures, patterns and prints.

Leather, on the other hand, can offer variety in texture and color. It is more durable and offers a more luxurious and sophisticated look as well as other advantages such as durability or the fact that it is easier to clean and more resilient than fabric.

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How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

There are a few other options to consider, less common but worth looking at like velvet, suede or rattan.

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Whether you use it as an ottoman, a coffee table, or both, the Bon Pouf Cube looks really cool. It comes in 7 whimsical and fun colors and patterns like pale pink or honey yellow. It’s a great companion for the sofa and also great in a comfy armchair.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

If you prefer a slightly rounded shape, check out the Bon Pouf Round by Hem. This is a 50cm x 41cm pouf that you can use in different situations. It can be an ottoman for your sofa or armchair or an extra seat for a guest. You can group some puffs in the middle of the living room instead of a regular coffee table.

Genuine leather upholstery gives the Gendron ottoman an elegant and sophisticated look. At the same time, its extra wide shape makes it a great alternative to a regular coffee table. Combine it with a sofa or a sectional to create a stylish and super comfortable structure.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

How To Decorate A Small Living Room: 10 Tricks

Round ottomans, like round coffee tables, make the surrounding area attractive and attractive. The width of the Huskins ottoman is 41.73 inches, which is about right for a sofa or L-shaped sectional. The tufted top does not lie flat, so use a tray to serve drinks or snacks.

It’s a mix between a pouf and an ottoman and can work beautifully as a coffee table. The Tyson pouf is a 22 inch wide beauty with a distinctive gold tone stainless steel ring around the base. It also features velvet upholstery that makes the colors rich and attractive.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

Having an ottoman that you can use as a coffee table is already a very convenient combination. Add the ability to store things inside and it becomes the perfect piece of furniture for the living room. The Rosina Storage Ottoman is all of these combined, all in one sleek and elegant package.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

If you want something different from your usual coffee table and you’re not a fan of classic ottomans, check out Northside, an ottoman unlike anything we’ve seen before. It has a plywood frame covered in woven banana leaves and four small bushes. It also has a top that you can lift up to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

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How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

If you want something small or compact, or something that can be used in conjunction with an accent table, check out the DiGregorio ottoman. It is round and 16 inches in diameter. It is also supported by four super thin metal legs that give it a lightweight look.

Because ottoman coffee tables are upholstered (or they’re just tables), their surfaces aren’t great for displaying or storing dishes, glasses, and other items. To solve this problem, you can use a tray.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

Creative Coffee Table Alternatives Designers Love

If a tray isn’t the right option for you, you can have an accent table that fits over the ottoman like a sleeve. It can be similar to a C table that complements the sofa, but also has its own characteristics.

An ottoman is more suitable for a living room that wants to look cozy and welcoming compared to a coffee table, it’s all about the upholstery. We love the contrast shown here between the fabric upholstered sofa and armchairs and the leather upholstered ottoman table.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

We mentioned that you can use a tray if you want a flat surface to store items on your ottoman coffee table, but we didn’t mention the fact that the tray is a structural part of the table/ottoman. Check out this cool design with a special place in the middle for the removable tray.

Ideas To Style Your Coffee Table Or Ottoman

Sometimes an ottoman is too small to be useful as a coffee table. You can easily overcome this problem by using two ottomans instead of one. In fact, if that’s not enough, add one or two. Each of these can work as individual hybrid pieces or you can link them together to make one larger piece.

How To Decorate An Ottoman As A Coffee Table

Not all ottomans have soft and hard upholstery. In fact, the best coffee is made by those who do not fit these criteria

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