How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table – I grabbed a few of my favorite black coffee tables to share! Lately, I’ve been fielding a few questions about our coffee table, so I thought I’d share a few that are similar. And I included round, rectangular and oval shapes. From wood to metal, there are many options when it comes to coffee tables. (Post contains affiliate links, see advertisement)

Our coffee table is actually a bench that used to live in our bedroom. It got a makeover when I covered it with black faux leather. Still soft enough to put on our feet, easy to clean and the perfect size. I was originally planning on buying this black metal coffee table, but luckily I was able to use something we already had.

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

A two | Three | Four | Five | six | Seven | Eight | Nine | The first coffee table is similar to mine, and I love the extra shelf it has. Great for coffee table books, decor and extra storage. I am obsessed with the new Hennerson coffee table by Amber Lewis for the Anthropologie collection.

Tofteryd Coffee Table, High Gloss Black, 95×95 Cm

I think a black coffee table is timeless. They are a great alternative to wood, especially if you have many other pieces of wood in your home. A few weeks ago I shared some simple coffee table style tips and they work great for rectangular or round tables. We share the best home decor ideas, furniture recommendations, cool products and interior design tips for America’s most stylish women.

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

A black marble coffee table is a dramatic choice for the living room. Black is a striking color, especially when placed on a white or light background. Black marble coffee tables are attractive and elegant furniture options. They make a bold statement in the living room. I love how they look with gold hair furnace legs, but they can also be stunning with silver chrome legs.

A coffee table is a key decision in the design of your living room. It is a central piece of furniture that most people notice immediately. You will also use it to hold your coffee, books, vases and any other personal effects. This is a great place to show your personality and show off the things you love.

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How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

This first coffee table has beveled edges and golden brass legs. She sits on a faux fur area rug in front of a modern beige sofa. This shows the importance of balancing dark furniture with lighter decorative elements!

Here is a rectangular black marble coffee table with black legs. It is very simple and functional. It doesn’t stand out too much, and again it’s against the beige carpet and light beige sofa. Balance the dark with the light! Red tulips in a glass vase on the table are also a nice touch.

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

Marble coffee tables are a great investment because they are so on trend while at the same time, they are made from a classic and durable stone that has been popular for centuries. Here are some more different coffee table ideas for your home:

Our Favorite Coffee Tables At Every Price Point!

Curated Interiors uses affiliate links and if you make purchases from the linked retailers, we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products from dealers we know and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Every room needs to really enhance its style, anchor it and sometimes give it an edge that other colors just can’t provide. Considering the amount of white and light gray that designers use in contemporary living rooms, black seems almost inevitable. And if you’re wondering how you can add black to your own living room without completely committing to color, few options are as attractive as a coffee table!

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

A black coffee table can be many things – a showstopper that turns heads, a versatile piece of decor that boasts an eclectic mix of vibrant colors, or at the very least a masterpiece!

A black coffee table can be exciting to work with, and when done right it can blend into the background and stand out visually at the same time. It is an addition that never goes out of style, and today we have 23 beautiful inspirations to go along with some helpful tips that will hopefully make the process of embracing a dark coffee table a little easier.

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How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

A black coffee table will inevitably become the focal point of a living room unless it is surrounded by many dark colors. It’s an approach that allows you to highlight your unique coffee table and elegantly anchor the larger living room while allowing you to work with lighter hues elsewhere. You don’t always have to choose a strong contrast to achieve this, and it’s best to repeat the black elsewhere in the room for a more curated vibe.

A trio of round coffee tables in black for a modern living room [Credit: Allen Construction / Jack Cryan Photography]

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

A misconception among homeowners is that embracing black means turning the living room into a black, black, black space. While this look works in some select homes, a better way forward is to pair that black coffee table with a dark accent wall or even a sofa in a matching color to create a cohesive look. Add a rug with black hints, some black chairs and maybe a dark pendant or two to make a bold style statement.

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Black pairs well with many other dark hues, and red is a perennial favorite that never disappoints. Another classic color duo is black and yellow, and those who want to turn up the glam quotient can replace the yellow with gold glitter. In an eclectic living room filled with contemporary sophistication and multi-colored brilliance, few coffee tables look as at home as black ones!

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

Another living room color scheme that is quite classic and the black and white look will continue to be influential in the future due to its simplicity and effectiveness. A black coffee table is perfect for this setting, and you can easily switch between trendy, seasonal colors and accent decor without breaking a sweat thanks to the neutral background.

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When it comes to coffee tables, round, square and rectangular are not the only options around! A black coffee table that adds both visual and geometric contrast to a contemporary interior dominated by simple, straight lines can easily raise the style quotient of the living room to a whole new level. From classics like the elliptical Eames coffee table to modern delights in the hexagonal style – there’s plenty to choose from.

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

Buy Black, Rectangular Coffee Tables Online At Overstock

There is no shortage of ultra-sleek and minimal black coffee tables that often end up in all-white living rooms with the same polished and minimal atmosphere. If you are someone who likes this shiny, modern and sophisticated living space, then a black coffee table becomes indispensable!

One of the biggest benefits of owning a black coffee table is that you can change the decor and accessories around it without ever feeling that things are out of place. A dark coffee table evokes convention, but beautifully combines contrasting styles and hues. So, mix, match and experiment boldly this festive season, even as the black coffee table remains a big contender among all the trends.

How To Decorate Black Coffee Table

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