How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room – 5 Helpful Tips to Help You Decorate a Buffet Without the Guessing Game + Wayfair’s “Save Big, Give Back” Sale to Donate Proceeds to Feeding America.

Remember Betty White? No, not the real person (although she is what I want to be when I grow up), but the sideboard we made and affectionately named “Betty White” a month ago?

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

It sat completely empty until this morning because I was wondering how to style the top to hide the large, assembled antique mirror wall behind it.

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But since we’ve been home for oh… forever… I finally thought about this thing long enough and styled this beauty!

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

I scrolled through Wayfair for probably hours trying to stumble upon the perfect gap between traditional and rustic with a blue and white print vase to tie in with the other blue tones in our dining room.

Wayfair is currently running a “Save Big, Give Back” sale where they will be donating 10% of the proceeds to Feeding America for COVID-19 relief. So I picked up a few other discounted items from the sale to include.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

Make Your Dining Room Function At Its Best With Your Buffet Table

In my case, the pretty blue and white vase. I often prefer to put the tallest element at the end rather than in the middle.

When looking at a grouping of decorative elements, they should look like a triangle. Do you see it? It is best for the eyes. (But hey, feel free to break the rules if you’ve learned this. It’s just a good “safe” zone.)

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

If you look at the sideboard, arrange the items in groups of three. Thus, for example, the vase and the small black bowl at one end are a group. The pair of cups and beads at the other end is a group. And the wooden bowl on top of the pile of books in the middle is a group.

Dining Room Ideas: Trends, Styles, And Advice

It can be a bouquet of flowers, a plant in a pot, stems in a vase or moss in a bowl, but no matter what, a small leaf brings life to a room.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

Try to include 3-4 different types of materials: glass, stone, wood, metal, paper, woven baskets, etc. In this case I have included ceramics (vases), wood (beads and bowls), paper (books). Granite (black bowl) to add texture. I stuck with neutrals to keep the earthy feel, but punched it up a bit with the blue print to make it more of a focal point.

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It is! Maybe that helps? It’s been way too long since I’ve done a simple decorating post, but I hope you find them useful for those little areas around your home when you’re feeling a little stuck and need some rules of thumb to rely on.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

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If you want to shop Wayfair’s “Save Big, Give Back” sale, you can save up to 80% on almost everything here at home. Now that I’ve finished our clearance (check out the find here!), I’m continuing to do a bit of our dining room. One piece of furniture that will definitely stay in our current dining room is this buffet table.

You can see my original dining room here. Here are the items I’m changing in this mini makeover:

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

Lastly, I am also changing our dining room table and chairs because the table is too small for the room.

How To Decorate A Dining Room

But first I will focus on decorating the buffet table! Read on to see three different design options for a buffet or dining room buffet!

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

In addition to the buffet table, I will also keep the canvas print. I found them at HomeGoods a few years ago and the colors match the sideboard perfectly.

This option better adds greenery and flowers with neutral tones and pieces I already own. In my opinion, larger trunks often look more realistic. I already have the candles and the tuscan pot. As you can see in this picture, decorating a sideboard is easiest in sets of 3 – ie. 3 different height candles on one side, larger vase, smaller flowers and accent on the other side.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

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This option includes lamps on either side of the sideboard which adds good height and weight to the end of the table as these are substantial lamps. I like the symmetry this option provides, but I don’t think I need the extra light in my room. You should also add other texture and shorter elements like I did with the clock and the beaded bone boxes on top.

Another option is to combine the two by using an anchor lamp and a piece of greenery to anchor the other side. In this design, I used two picture frames of different sizes to solve my problem with the awkward picture frame. Picture frames look best in sets!

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How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

Which option is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! And stay tuned to see how the dining room buffet table decor will turn out! Last weekend I spent time styling a buffet table for a client and she couldn’t believe how it turned out so stylish in just a few minutes with things she already owned (half of which was hidden in the buffet). So today I thought I’d share my best tips for styling your buffet. Just like your coffee table, there are certain design rules, but otherwise you can use whatever you already have. No need to shop around. Also, I can’t stand reading anything and there are more than a few tips on how to remember everything. So here I offer just 3 quick easy ideas to take your buffet table from blah, well, not blah.

How To Style Dining Room Buffet Like A Pro

I found these perfect examples of a stylish sideboard. I love the use of trays, you can keep a mini stocked bar on it if you don’t have room for a bar cart, or like me, a collection of serving portions. It is also typical for most dining rooms to have some type of ceiling lighting or chandelier. I like to add a table lamp to the buffet table (or bar cart) in the dining room because sometimes you’re at home and you want some glamorous light in the dining room, but not necessarily a chandelier. So always remember to find a place for a nice table lamp. Finally, it’s important to play with different pitches. This goes for all types of table setting, you can see how this great designer did it below.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Accept dining room buffets and buffet tables in any dining room, decorating and updating is an essential aspect of the interior. The dining room in the house is always important every day! There are some premium styles that can highlight the character of the residents and the setting. Today in this article we are sharing how to decorate a sideboard or sideboard. We offer simple approaches to liven up a sideboard or sideboard and valuable, wonderful and possibly modern sideboard decor ideas. It is important that the decoration of sideboards and sideboards for dining room does not require investment or items.

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The dining buffet originates from the Middle Ages, when it was used as an alternative to side tables. Then it is mainly used for storing utensils and food. However, over time it has established itself as a stylish piece of furniture in many households.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

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Moving on to the tips and tricks for decorating sideboards and dining room sideboards, we have listed some unique and trendy sideboard decoration ideas that will never fail you –

The first question that comes to mind when decorating a sideboard is an open or closed sideboard; which is the best option? Then let us tell you, don’t get confused, both have their advantages. So choose the design of your buffet table according to your needs.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

An open-look sideboard or glass cabinet doors can be a solid combination for a more modest dining room. The piece will appear lighter and give the room a steamy feel if the area is smaller in comparison.

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However, a dining table with closed cabinets and well-finished joinery looks solid and fits best in a larger dining room.

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

It is important that the sideboard or dining room sideboard has an ideal height so that you can properly and comfortably serve the food on top. The sideboard should be proportioned in the dining room so that it is taller than your dining table. Determining the right size for a dining table is a little interesting. Despite the fact that sideboards are usually long, you need to have the right size so that it fits in your dining room and looks in proportion to your table.

Along with dining buffets, height and shape are also the most important aspects of kitchen furniture. Precise dimensions make your work comfortable and pleasant. After knowing its meaning, we are sure that you will be able to know about the optimal one

How To Decorate Buffet Table In Dining Room

How To Decorate A Sideboard

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