How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception – Rustic Wedding Candy Buffet | Having a candy buffet is perfect when planning a long reception or event. This allows for after-dinner snacks for your guests throughout the evening, without the host having to worry about filling the food trays. Lady Behind the Curtain received product from Oriental Trading for this article, all opinions are 100% my own.

Candy buffets are super easy to put together. Especially since there is no preparation! Just go and go! impressive!

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

My favorite place to shop is Oriental Trading! They have all kinds of containers. From fancy glass to rustic metal. Plus, you can’t beat the candy selection. I love how they divided the candies into colors. You can even order custom stickers! This makes shopping very easy. Click here to see all the great supplies—->>>>CANDY BUFFET.

How To Create A Wedding Candy Bar (buffet) For Your Big Day

Table: Since the celebration had a rustic theme. Old wine barrels were the perfect choice for the table legs and an old door for the top. Because the door was not flat, pieces of glass were placed on it.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Ribbon Garland: This adds a feminine touch without being too pretty (you’re welcome married!) Click here for the full tutorial—->>>>DIY RIBBON GARLAND

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How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Delicious Desserts At The Wedding Candy Bar In The Buffet Area: Cake Pops Decorated With Angels And Cameo And Fresh Rosebuds Stock Photo

Hi, I’m Cheryl and welcome to Lady Behind the Scenes. Here you’ll find a mix of easy everyday recipes, party ideas and party treats. With lots of tips and tricks for easy fun. Molly Allen is a former bakery owner specializing in wedding orders as well as a former event planner. She is now a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle, travel, food and drink.

When it comes to dessert ideas for your wedding, the options are truly endless. From cupcakes and layer cakes to macarons and pies, knowing what to serve can be incredibly difficult. But the beauty of planning your wedding and deciding what you and your partner want is that you don’t just have to buy an invitation. And that’s where candy bars come in.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Marisa Battaglia is the owner and creative director of B Sweet Designs, a New York-based company dedicated to creating custom dessert tables for weddings and special events.

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Candy Themed Party

“Candy bars and dessert tables are a great way for couples to offer their guests a variety of foods to choose from,” says Marisa Battaglia, owner of B Suite Designs. “Many of our couples decide to go with a dessert or candy table for their wedding simply because they can’t choose. You can have a cake (either just for the cake cutting ceremony or to serve to your guests. to do), and you can too. They offer a wide variety of other treats in a wide variety of flavors to suit almost any preference.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Some treats may only offer a variety of store-bought candies, but they may also include a range of other craft candies to complement it. Of course, your table can be arranged however you like, but there are a few important points to keep in mind when planning.

“I always start my consultations by asking my couples what kinds of sweets and flavors they naturally gravitate toward in their daily lives, and then we brainstorm from there,” says Battaglia. “The table should be designed with the couple in mind and should truly reflect their tastes so they can enjoy their guests.”

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Amazing Dessert Tables From Real Weddings

When choosing your sweets and desserts, don’t forget to consider the overall aesthetic. If you’re using the table to make a statement, you’ll want to tie your decor elements together. Battaglia always considers what’s going on around the reception when putting tables together. Consider the tablescape, flowers, linens and general atmosphere.

“Color palettes and themes play a huge role in the overall mood of the table,” says Battaglia. “Once the overall mood is established, it’s a matter of incorporating those colors and elements not only into the desserts themselves, but also into the decorations used on the table.”

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

There are so many options, but it’s ultimately about finding an aesthetic that works for you. Read on for our 18 favorite setups to inspire you to start planning.

Atlanta Candy Table Buffet, Candy Table, Candy Buffet, Dessert Buffet

Who says you can’t still have a beautiful cake if you choose a candy bar? We love the idea of ​​having it all! Paired with pops of gold and green, this all-white sweet color palette is simply stunning. Plus, with cakes, donuts, cheesecake, and macarons, what more could you ask for?

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

While a candy bar can certainly introduce the traditional mini desserts of cupcakes and cookies, how about introducing something completely unexpected? These little treats are a great way to add a special treat. Layered with pudding, cake and whipped cream, your guests will love this unique twist on cake.

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If you’re looking for a robust dessert to replace a traditional cake for your candy bar centerpiece, opt for a macaron tower or croquembouche.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Delicious Wedding Reception Candy Bar Dessert Table. Stock Photo

A candy bar can still be quite ideal for a small wedding. And with that, you can add more variety. The idea of ​​adding a talon layered cake with a variety of small desserts on the table below creates a beautiful look.

This is what candy bar dreams are made of! We’re obsessed with keeping this design simple, while incorporating lots of great treatment options. Consider adding height to your table by adding shelves or steps to hold desserts and sweets. With glitter, chocolate, and sprinkles donuts, gummy bears, acid strings and more, this setup is perfect.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

We love a candy bar that includes beautiful, sophisticated desserts, like custom hand-painted sugar cookies, macarons, and custom truffles, and squeezes a few childhood memories in between. The table features all of the couple’s favorites, including chocolate chip cookies, brownies and even flavored popcorn. Talk about a sweet way to treat your guests.

Typical Modern Wedding Reception Breakfast Table Decorations With Sweets Candy In Glass Table Number And Decorative Menu Card Stock Photo

Candy bars can certainly come in simple shapes, making a nice modern statement. This tiered cake, paired with sugar cookies and hand-painted macarons, is the perfect setup. Adjust the design to any color palette and add flowers along the way.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

It’s a neutral color palette that’s perfect. This table decoration leads the way by using dried flowers for an elegant look. With a large one-tier cake, custom cookies and bars, we love the simplicity of this bar.

This is definitely the table for the couple who can’t choose. And you don’t have to! Consider adding multiple cakes, all with tiered setups and watercolor designs. Mini cheesecake cups, eclairs, cookies and cupcakes are among the sweet options while a beautiful color palette completes this elegant setup.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Wedding Candy Buffet Quotes. Quotesgram

Thinking about your decorative elements can really make your candy bar shine. We love how the bar included gummy candies, Rolos, and acid ropes, and even added custom cactus cupcakes to offer something for each guest. And while the choices are plentiful, it’s the setup, featuring aged gold designs and florals, that really sets it apart.

Be sure to discuss decoration options for your candy bar with your florist. The big, bold floral statement that comes with this setup is amazing, and the color palette is an absolute dream. Complete with three tiers of textured cakes, cupcakes, donuts and macarons, this candy bar is simple yet elegant.

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How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

What a beautiful way to add flowers to a table. The bar offers everything from mini cheesecakes and cupcakes to pink glazed donuts and tiered cakes, all beautifully decorated around a pink and gold color scheme. The way donuts are displayed on mini white cake stands is a great way to add height and depth to a design.

Delicious Wedding Reception Candy Bar Dessert Table Full With Cakes And Sweets And A Flower Vase With Hydrangeas On The Background Of An Exquisite Restaurant. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image

Consider adding some elegant gestures to raise your bar. After all, with so many candies to choose from, you’ll want your guests to know what they’re getting. The table is plentiful and complete with two different single tier cakes, donuts, and sugar and shortbread cookies to provide something for every guest.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Cellophane-wrapped cookies look great on a candy bar and can also be used as a take-out item for your guests.

Hello, color! If you really want your candy bar to make a statement, don’t be afraid to add bold splashes from your color palette. We love how this table incorporates multiple cake stands to add height while the donuts and truffles complement the pretty flowers on the cake and in the vases.

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

Delicious Wedding Reception Candy Bar Dessert Stock Photo 376888153

When planning your table, don’t be afraid to include a variety of items, including your childhood classics. The beauty of a candy table is that everyone will enjoy a little bit of everything, so you don’t need to display a huge amount. We love the color scheme this time around, but it’s the variety of options that really makes us happy. From gumballs, cakes and chocolate kisses to gummy bears and Pop Rocks, there’s truly something for all types of candy lovers.

Chic arrangement of this candy

How To Decorate Candy Table At Wedding Reception

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