How To Decorate End Tables

How To Decorate End Tables – The flat surface of the end table is great for decorative properties. But it is not always easy to access the table! What items should be on the table? What would make this area profitable? And how do we make a table look interesting? Most of us don’t put much thought into making every end table in our home look interesting, much less how it will work with the rest of the room. But I hope to make decorating any table in your home easy and functional and yes, very amazing! Let’s style the end table!

Today on our Insider Tips and Tricks podcast we’re talking about end tables! How to choose them, what to use them and how to decorate them! If you’re wondering about side tables, this is the section for you!

How To Decorate End Tables

How To Decorate End Tables

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Liberty Furniture Penton Contemporary Round End Table With Bottom Shelf

Today I present a very simple and easy side table decoration. How the table is designed depends on how large the horizontal surface is, the size of the objects on the table and how the table is used!

How To Decorate End Tables

If your table is large and not used to hold someone’s drinks, you can add larger items and spread it out a bit.

If your table is used occasionally for drinking, it should be more open so there is nothing.

How To Decorate End Tables

Simple Summer Table Decor Ideas

Not all of the elements I’m sharing today are on every end table. Choose the one that works for you and your room!

I have two similar lamps on the end tables on either side of my couch. However, my end tables have a different shape. The color and height are the same and I really like that they don’t match perfectly!

How To Decorate End Tables

Today I am sharing a nice table with two shelves. End tables with shelves are a great decorating success! Sometimes they are just decorated like this and sometimes they are not so much styled as stuffed and used!

Small Side Table Decorating Ideas

Coming back to the matchy matchy, I love the same lamps that go with the sofa. It brings some harmony which I love! Both of my end tables are large enough to handle the weight of my large loose shaped lamp. The light shed is accessible only. The neck of the lamp shows (and that’s right) but the base doesn’t (thank goodness). I love the little on/off chains that are hanging and wanted to show off.

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How To Decorate End Tables

I usually like tall lights because I have high ceilings, but a small one would work here too! It is good to consider how much space your lamp takes up on the table.

Finding a balance between the size of the lamp and the size of the table is important! A lamp is a very important factor when styling a table!

How To Decorate End Tables

Mirrored Coffee Tables That Add A Sparkle To Your Home!

For me, books not only add a personal touch and color to an end table, but also serve as a highlight! Yes, I love stacks of books! If you have room on your back desk, add two or three books to the mix. They don’t really need to take up space if you use them as a perch for another item on top!

I chose decorating books that have shades of blue to work with the coasters on the table! BTW… you know how I love Savannah, aka “The Mothership”! Paula Dennis

How To Decorate End Tables

Lower Earth at its best! And it’s one of my favorite interior design books of all time! You can view the book here.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don’t Require A Home Stylist

The desk is the perfect place to display art or photos! As you can see, I have Beau’s Wonder Dog silhouette on the end table! Just a small picture or piece of art adds such warmth and charm to an end table. If the vase I chose for the flowers was a little bigger, I might have placed Beau’s picture next to the flowers in the books!

How To Decorate End Tables

I get a lot of emails asking me why I don’t have family photos around the house. The answer is very simple. I just don’t want them in my photos on my blog. I think my kids (and now my grandson Anderson and soon to be granddaughter Emma Kate) deserve some privacy.

So instead of taking them down every time I take pictures, I have them in my bedroom to enjoy. Now that that room is finally big enough to share, I’m not sure what to do!

How To Decorate End Tables

Coffee Table Styling Ideas To Copy At Home

If your end table is against a wall, it looks amazing to support a small picture behind the other items on the table! Also consider a photo or a large piece of art with a small blank frame in front of it.

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Not every table in a room needs to have something organic on it like flowers. But maybe one or two would be nice! Bobby picked these snapdragons from our garden today. So of course I use them. And I chose to put it in a handmade pitcher type vase that doubles as a piece of art.

How To Decorate End Tables

Just a few small flowers in a small bottle will add life and beauty to a side table. Other organics such as wood and twigs or even the most convincing artificial plants will also soften the table!

Best Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas And Designs For 2022

A pretty bowl of willow or moss balls will work just as well! Be creative and work with what you have. I’ve even put flowering weeds in a small vase on the end table. Who knew?

How To Decorate End Tables

Coasters and bowls seem like an odd combination and they are! I have a set of cute coasters in my living room and family room and a great place to find a home for them is on the end tables!

I also like to display a small bag or even a nice and different bag of bags on the end table, but I probably don’t have the beach and bags on the same table. So it’s one or the other.

How To Decorate End Tables

Christmas Coffee Table D├ęcor Inspirations For A Festive Celebration

It’s best if you show the beaches to have some good coordinates to show. If you have a mix of beaches, that’s okay, just keep them in a drawer until needed!

A table looks more personal and inviting if it has something special for you! Beau’s silhouette works as art and as something personal in this end table.

How To Decorate End Tables

I might have arranged things a little differently to include the lovely monogram lucite box I recently acquired.

Dining Delight: Christmas Decor For End Tables

Even something with a bit of fun or a fun piece that looks a little out of place can be very interesting on a side table! This is a place to shine your personality!

How To Decorate End Tables

How about rearranging and styling some of the side tables in your home? I will second my comment!

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How To Decorate End Tables

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

Subscribe to get tons of ideas and inspiration delivered to your inbox. Plus, my 100 Inspirational Home Decor eBook. An end table can be used for a variety of reasons. To fill a hole, empty corner or crevice. To give functionality to the bedroom or living room. Create more storage space. And no matter how you use these pieces, your attention should be paid to them in terms of detail and style. This is where we come in. We provide inspiration and we have an amazing array of ideas for you to check out. Scroll down and find lots of fun ways to style an end table!

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When you’re working with a small end table, you don’t need to do much to enhance it. You won’t even have room to make a bunch of decorative pillows! A few fun books might be just what you need for just the right amount of pizzazz and punch.

How To Decorate End Tables

When working with a more rustic look, think about more organic details. Terrariums, crystals, etc. can be a trendy, fun addition to a home with a country and cottage feel. It’s about being creative in your chosen subject..

Form And Function: Top Tips For Styling An End Table With St

Sometimes you need fresh and simple accessories to spice things up. Just look at this modern black end table accented by a group of beautiful tulips. By giving the space a revitalized feel and feminine tone, it can be very easy to style the table and still fit your look.

How To Decorate End Tables

This young acrylic piece has so much versatility that it might be the funnest back table on the style list. With contrasting colors, contrasting heights and beautiful fresh floral accents, everything about this style is on point and perfect.

Mid-century modern design with a pop of creativity, this round end table is styled to perfection in this friendly retro space. Completed with fresh greens and some personalized book accents on delicious dishes, we love how simple yet elegant it is.

How To Decorate End Tables

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Home

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