How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

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A head table is a special table set aside for you and your bridal party. It is designed for you to be with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of your welcome. You can use the theme of your big day to influence the look of your head table – from the flowers to the food and everywhere in between.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

It’s not just a head table; It’s a dining experience. Above is an arbor bursting with flowers. Underneath is a classic table with colorful centerpieces and tall ivory taper candles. White lenses match the white reception chair to balance the color.

Simple, Elegant Head Table Decor

Leaning on the same concept, this head table sits beneath a panel of greenery and a collection of industrial lamps to cast a romantic glow. Natural wood tables have white runners and small centerpieces for a fresh accent.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Suspended just behind this head table is a vibrant display of green, pink and white roses, and pink dahlias for a stunning backdrop. The table is decorated with patterns, gold accents and candles, and a small flower arrangement for an elegant finish.

Behind this table is a white curtain backdrop with a string of lights, green wall paint and a unique scripted gold sign. The table features a rustic-inspired design with a natural wood table, green, black and white anemones, and white roses, gold candles with white tapers, and a floral runner made of smart vintage blue glasses for a pop of color. is the.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Sweetheart Table Ideas For Any Wedding

This headboard is simple and sweet. Decorated with a white linen burlap runner, light blue jars, bottles and pink flowers, baby’s breath, and small wooden accents. The bride and groom’s chairs are lined with signs that read “to be” and “to be” in Italian.

And if you’re more about lighting than flowers, this curtain of industrial bulbs is fantastic. The head table stands against a light backdrop and is finished with a simple white tablecloth, plenty of candles, and a small flower arrangement.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

The head table is where you and those sitting next to you on your big day can enjoy the festivities. Make it beautiful, make it comfortable, and above all, make it an experience. Allix Cott is the Community Leader of Carrots and Cakes. Launched in 2013, Carrot and Cake is an online platform for the best wedding venues and vendors across the country.

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Wedding Reception Seating: Sweetheart Table Versus Head Table — The Leap Lifestyle

Usually placed in the center of your reception area, the head table is the main focus of your celebration. With a curated list of your nearest and dearest, the head table features some of the most important members of your big day, including you and your new husband! From immediate family members to your wedding party and close friends, it is entirely up to you how you fill the seats in this VIP area.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

For couples hosting their wedding in the fall months, there’s no better opportunity to create a principal table that fully embraces the spirit of fall. A crisp fruit background, seasonal elements such as pomegranate as an escort card, and stunning gold accents transform a simple table display into an attractive, stand-out setup.

Warm reds, earthy greens, and amber yellows are all tones that can be easily integrated into your fall wedding table decor elements. Bright blooms and branches create a tablescape that exudes a fall feel without looking tired or overdone.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Elegant Neutral Head Table Decor

For ideas that go beyond the traditional design path, we consulted top industry experts to compile a list of head table options for your fall wedding decor inspiration.

An abundance of greenery is a great way to highlight the most natural features of the season. Whether it’s bookending an outdoor space, carpeting a grassy area, or incorporating steel into your design elements, there’s nothing quite like a thin evergreen statement.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

“Fall is all about texture,” says Ashley Colchia Cash, owner of The Graceful Host.

Beautiful Banquet Style Tables For Your Wedding Reception

Complement the rich tones of the traditional fall palette — burgundy, evergreen, orange — with hints of various neutral colors. “I love pairing neutral table linens with decorative gold pieces,” says Tracy Domino, founder and creative director of Tracy Domino Events. “It added warmth and elegance to the space, without being over the top.”

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

An ideal accent color for a modern fall table, black can easily transform your display from classic to contemporary. Emily Clark, creative director and founder of Emily Clark Events, considers black when making a bold statement with a dramatic table setting. “Incorporating black into this outdoor reception ready product made for the perfect design for this wonderful celebration, paired with florals in more traditional fall colors,” she says.

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Blush — although it’s not traditionally thought of for a fall color palette — is a great way to soften the season’s other dark colors. “Pairing blush with green elements like green, fruitwood, and gold can make your dinner reception look like a wedding out of place,” says Jennifer Thai, owner of Amony Events.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Wedding Wednesday #2: Our Wedding Reception!

When working with a fall tablescape, Sonia Hopkins, owner and lead event designer of XOXO Bridal Events, relies on different materials to create texture in tiered table displays. “Crystal glassware, gold-plated chargers and gold flatware helped represent softness while a patterned dinner plate brought texture and elevated the whole look,” says Hopkins.

Another way to vary texture is through furniture. A standout head table will stand out from your tablescape by using chairs in different colors, styles and shapes. For this outdoor connection, Amorology owner Heather Balt used this concept to create a unique setup when she mixed chairs from different materials such as wood and metal. She played with colors by adding black, gold and white chairs and black accents on the table top.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

“Summer weddings make the perfect time of year to use these beautiful moods and saturated colors as the centerpiece of your wedding,” says Stacey Shea, owner of Stacey Shea Events. Pair orange, cobalt blue, and magenta flower arrangements with gold vases. ‘Tis the season to be bold, dramatic and rustic with your flowers.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Reception Tables

To add softness and texture to your head table, wedding and event specialist Rebecca Sams of Gillespie’s Flowers & Products suggests adding a table runner to your decor. Integrating a lace-embellished runner is another way to show softness in your performance.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Hanging floral centerpieces are another fall favorite and a great option if you want to avoid cluttering your table with large flower arrangements. “Bronze and gold mimic a fall harvest, but we didn’t want to overpower the eye, so we just added a metallic touch with dangling geometric shapes,” says Ethereal Schultz, founder of Fluorescence Flowers, who created this fascinator. . A canopy of flowers.

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Leaning on the concept of a hanging installation, Cedar Room sales director Graham Irwin recalls an incident where a bride worked with plans! Events use lanterns to decorate wooden beams hanging from their autumn festival head tables. “Adding lighting is a fun way to take a traditional green installation and turn it into a fun yet elegant focal point,” she says.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Travelwant Candle Holder Hoop Wreath Floral Centerpieces For Sweetheart Table, Head Table, Ceremony Reception Artificial Flowers Wedding Decorations

One way to create subtle drama is to use the lines of the garland as the focal point of the decoration. For this reception, held in a spectacular sailcloth tent, Lynn Easton, co-founder of Easton Events, incorporated lush florals and wreaths into the design of this fall celebration. “Crossing the mallets in the middle of the tent created a low ceiling and added life and color to the head table,” she says.

Coordinate blooms thread decorations seamlessly together. “Using the same white blooms on both the hanging installation and the floral table runner made for a clean and crisp display that tied in well with the rest of the reception’s white decor,” says Alicia Fritz, founder of A Day in May Event Planning. . Design. “The use of white is also a fresh and unexpected color to use for fall celebrations.”

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

Add traditional fall elements like pinecones and apples to your tablescape display for your guests to instantly feel drawn to the season. “Pairing these items with tall candles creates a magical setting that’s sure to evoke the essence of fall,” advise Bree and Freddie, owners of Rockcross Floral.

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Another seasonal crop option is stone fruit. Francie Dorman and Brett Cole, co-founders of 42 North, choose seasonal stone fruits when decorating a lush table. “Persimmons, pomegranates and pears look beautiful and bold when you let them grow organically.

How To Decorate Head Table At Wedding Reception

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