How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table – Adding a pendant light above your dining table can have a big impact on your dining room design. When placed correctly, it adds an atmosphere to the room that simply cannot be achieved with a ceiling-level fixture. The tricky part is knowing how big the device should be relative to the desk and how high it should be above the desk surface. We deal with this often and through our experiences we can offer you some guidelines to follow when choosing and hanging a chandelier above your dining table.

First, consider the scale of the device relative to your desk. A device that is too small will feel flimsy, and one that is too large will overwhelm the room. Also think about how big your dining room is. You can get away with a larger appliance if you have an open concept room. A small room might mean you need to make the lamp a little smaller. Typically, the diameter of the lamp should be about 12 inches less than the width of the table. So, if your table is 36 inches wide, your device should be around 24 inches in diameter.

How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

When deciding how high to mount, the rule of thumb is that the bottom of the device is approximately 30-36 inches above the desk surface. If you have a very high ceiling, you need to add a few inches to that distance. This is a guide only, so do what makes you feel best when standing in the room. Some points to consider are that you don’t want it to be too low and too bright in your eyes while sitting at your desk, but you also don’t want it to be so tall that it won’t provide adequate lighting. .

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Always look at the device from different points of the house when deciding the height. If you have an open dining / living area, sit in the living room and look towards the dining table and lighting. Also go out and back into the room, paying attention to the height and scale of the lamp relative to the room and dining table. You may need to make some minor adjustments based on how it looks from all angles of the space.

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How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

If in doubt, give us a call and we will be happy to come to your home and guide you through the process. Even the smallest additions to your home involve many decisions and we are experienced in making them. The lamp above the dining table is a great mood setter for your home. More and more often you see open kitchens, where the dining table or kitchen island really stands out. It makes sense that you want a beautiful lamp to match! Usually a pendant lamp is chosen because it breaks up the space, creating a special place in the house. But how high is usually a lamp above the dining table? We are happy to help you with the following tips. At the end of the day, decide what you like, then do what you like!

To choose the lamp that suits you best, it is good to consider the function that the lamp performs above your dining table. Do you mainly want a mood setter, for example for a romantic dinner? Or do you work at the dining table and need a more functional lamp? A combination of different moods is also possible, using for example a pendant lamp and a floor lamp. The best thing about this option is that it creates a lively effect in your interior. Another good option is a dimmer, ideal for setting exactly the mood you want.

How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

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Often, the pendant light hangs 60 to 80 cm above the table. This height usually provides the best light for the table. There is an unwritten rule that a pendant light is well positioned if you can look down from it when seated at the table and it is at eye level when standing. Try different heights and sitting and standing on the table to see what gives you the desired result. Do more people live in your house? They will most likely have different heights. Check with everyone to find the ideal height for your pendant lamp.

If you hang a large lamp above the dining table, you may hit your head against the lamp when you get up or sit down. This is certainly not desirable, and therefore there is also an unwritten rule for this: stay at the maximum at half the width of your table. If you have a round table with a diameter of 100cm, hang a lamp no larger than 50cm in diameter. If you have a long table measuring 100x180cm, hang a lamp no larger than 50cm in diameter above it. Often, a round pendant lamp hangs on a round dining table. And a pendant lamp or extended beam is used above a (long) rectangular dining table. This way, you can be sure that the light is being used optimally. Also highlight the dining table with the lamp and create a fantastic design. Are you a rebel? So do the opposite and play with the shapes for a creative look. Anything is possible – do what you think is great!

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How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

A long table, for example, 100×200 cm, usually does not get enough light from a lamp. Therefore, it is often chosen to hang several lamps above a long dining table. You can choose to buy a pendant lamp that hangs many lamps next to each other, but you can also make your own lamp. A real eye-catcher in your interior and light up the entire table! We have some ideas to inspire you:

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Do you have a lot of separate pendant lamps and are wondering how much space should there be between the bulbs? There is also an unwritten rule about this that can help. Again, this isn’t a must – do what you think is cool. The bulb diameter is also the recommended distance. So, if your bulb is 40cm in diameter, leave a 40cm gap between the bulbs.

How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

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How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

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This carefully curated collection features dining rooms in a variety of styles, ranging from contemporary and minimal to eclectic, farmhouse and industrial. And each of these showcases a large chandelier (or, sometimes, a collection of pendants) that will hopefully inspire you to rethink the lighting options in your dining space.

How To Decorate Lights Above Dining Table

The pursuit of vibrant, vibrant dining room lighting inevitably takes you through some colorful charms that add style and personality to any room they adorn. Brightly colored lighting fixtures can make a big difference to a room’s ambiance, no matter what style and theme you’ve chosen for it. While eclectic rooms celebrate color with glee, industrial dining rooms look simply jaw-dropping with ceiling lights using colorful threads and unmistakable Edison light bulbs. Large contemporary pendants that add a pop of color are also quite easy to find and create the perfect focal point in an elegant dining room

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