How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table – Create your perfect backyard retreat with these outdoor patio design ideas and decorating tips. Everything you need to plan your own summer patio!

I can’t believe we’re already in week 7 of the Seasonal Simplicity Summer Series! We hope you enjoyed all the great summer ideas we shared. If you missed any of the previous weeks, you can find them all here…

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

In case you didn’t know, today we’re all sharing our favorite outdoor spots. You’ll find some amazing outdoor decorating ideas and beautiful summer patios, so be sure to check them all out at the end of the post.

Of The Most Creative Diy Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Summer is my favorite season. I love the nicer weather, all the plants, and getting out and enjoying the outdoors more. This is also the one time of year that we can really use our backyard patio. Unfortunately, June has been too rainy so far, so hopefully the sun will shine!

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite patio design ideas with you and give you a little tour of our patio. We did our patio makeover 3 years ago and are very happy with it. So happy, in fact, that we didn’t really make too many changes to the design. Here are some of my favorite elements…

One of my favorite things about our patio design is the composite decking. I love the look and especially love the low maintenance! Before this we had a wooden patio, and every year it had to be maintained or repainted. And keeping our dogs clean is always a problem. This Trek decking is in great shape so far and only needs a quick power wash at the start of the season. It’s definitely more of an investment up front, but, for us, it’s totally worth it!

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Outdoor Entertaining Tips For Summer

We went with the clamshell color. I’d say it still shows a little dirt from the dogs but this

Better than painted wood and we don’t have to worry about any scratches or chipping. And if I’m really worried about dirt, I can easily use a power washer to clean it.

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Patio furniture can be a big investment so you want to make sure you choose pieces that will last for years to come. I like to choose the large items first and then “fill in” with additional pieces of furniture where there is space. Almost all of our patio furniture is from Canadian Tire and has held up well over the years. While our set is no longer available, this Canvas Tofino line is pretty much the same.

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The Best Small Patio Ideas To Enjoy This Summer

We brought furniture to the living room as it was rainproof for our west coast weather. There is a little sunning on our dining chair cushions, but the sofa and club chair cushions look like new. Even when our dirty dogs climb up, they are still easily washed off.

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

I like to create different “zones” when designing a space, so keep in mind what you want to use the space for before purchasing your furniture pieces. We created a seating with a set of club house chairs perfect for reading or drinking our morning. In the covered areas, we have a sectional sofa for watching movies, roasting marshmallows, and visiting with guests. The sectionals, loungers, and club house chairs are actually all from different collections, but the color and cushions still tie them together nicely.

I like to start with fairly neutral pieces of furniture that can easily be styled with different decor elements. It’s easier and cheaper to change accessories if you want to change the look down the line.

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

The Best Outdoor Table Decor Ideas For Easy Summer Parties

I love setting up an outdoor drink station and/or snack station when we have guests over or are having a fun family night. Our old liquor cart was pretty beat up from all the weather damage over the years, so I was happy to find this liquor cart on clearance at Canadian Tire this year.

I built the basket holder on the wall a few years ago when we BBQed at this place to store all the BBQ stuff, but it’s fun to move around and decorate a little differently each year . You can hang different hooks and baskets from it to create some custom storage or add some nice design elements. It worked great for our lemonade float bar!

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Since our deck is lower than the ground, railings are not needed to meet safety codes and we can really do whatever we want. I was very happy to see the privacy screen and I like it even more now that the plants have grown.

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Outdoor Patio Ideas And Designs For Backyards And Rooftops

We have a driveway to the elementary school next to our house so the privacy screen is not only nice, but also provides more privacy beyond our fence. This is a simple design using a mix of 1×2, 1×4, and 1×6 boards with a trellis on top.

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Even though the privacy screen isn’t as long as the other side of the deck, we used the same design there to tie it all together.

I often get asked where I got this plant and I picked it up at Home Sense a few years ago. I always find some nice plants there, but the stores are pretty bare this year. At least this good pandemic saved me money!

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Cozy Backyard Living

Last year, we added some reinforcement to the privacy screen as it started to lean. We built the wooden table and then screwed it to the top post of the screen. The back of the two table posts extends to the ground of the window behind it, so it is very stable now.

We try to eat outside as much as possible in the summer. Since the courtyard faces east, it’s usually nice and cool at dinner time. I think food tastes better when you eat out!

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

The patio is right outside our kitchen, so it’s easy to bring food and clean things.

My Affordable Patio Furniture And Outdoor Decorating Tips

The patio table was from Canadian Tire but, unfortunately, is no longer available. I like the circular design because it allows easy traffic flow without taking up space. The table has a cement table top that isn’t the best for cleaning, so I usually do a quick re-coat of paint every year.

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

I love creating simple summer tablescapes and blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. I found these sheets at Lowes and I think they add the perfect touch.

Having part of our patio covered was a total game changer for us. Even in the summer we still get a lot of rain, so taping the deck makes the deck more usable. It also provides a year round area where we can bbq and gives us easy room for cushions on the uncovered side of the deck to go when it rains.

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How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Small Patio Decorating Ideas That Make Your Deck Into An Outdoor Oasis

Not only is the covered area great in the rain, but it also provides a shady spot on warmer days. The sofa is the perfect place to read a book or take a break from the sun.

I never thought I’d enjoy the fire table as much as I do, but there’s nothing like a good fire on a summer night. We’ve certainly done our fair share of marshmallow roasting and s’mores nights! The fire actually puts out quite a bit of heat, so it’s perfect for cooler nights – especially transitioning into autumn.

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

If the table doesn’t work, I throw in a table runner so it acts as a regular coffee table.

Affordable Patio Furniture Ideas

That’s good about wrapping things up! Hope you enjoyed the little tour! If you have any questions about anything, just let me know. Now, let’s just hope we finally get some good weather to get out there. Wishing you all some relaxing summer days ahead!

How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

There are many more great outdoor patio design ideas, so be sure to check them out! Just click the links below the images to be taken to the full posts. Outdoor furniture and accessories can be expensive. Here are my tips for getting a high-end look for less! Read more to find out all my patio sources in my post, Cheap Patio Furniture and Outdoor Decorating Tips.

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How To Decorate Outdoor Patio Table

Best Luxury Outdoor Furniture Brands

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