How To Decorate Patio Table

How To Decorate Patio Table – Decorate your outdoor space with furniture that matches your decorating style! Follow these simple tips to create an outdoor oasis that the whole family will love!

This post is written in collaboration with At Home. I love their stores and I think you will too! All thoughts and words about their cute decor are my own.

How To Decorate Patio Table

How To Decorate Patio Table

Interior Design Tip 1: Before buying outdoor furniture, consider the environment, the physical space, your goals for the area, and your budget.

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It is always useful to measure the allocated street before going to the store! By doing this, you will have a general idea of ​​what furniture will work best in your space. Take a tape measure with you to the store and measure the furniture to see what will fit best!

How To Decorate Patio Table

In our home, we are blessed to have several outdoor areas to enjoy. We have been busy decorating our front yard this past summer and love spending time as a family; however, during the hot summer months, the heat is unpleasant at certain times of the day. We considered building a gazebo over part of our patio to add some shade, but decided instead to use the shade pad attached to our shed/barn. It’s a very rustic space that hasn’t been used before, but I knew it could be cute and functional!

My goal for this space was to create a nice sitting area that would complement our bucolic views and match our existing patio furniture. At Home offers some beautifully curated collections of patio furniture, and I was thrilled to find the Weston II Outdoor Sectional. The sections can be customized in size and shape depending on the selected details.

How To Decorate Patio Table

Affordable Patio Furniture And Decor // — Me And Mr. Jones

One of my best tips for beginners is to use a simple color palette! By choosing just a few colors to work with, you can effortlessly create an elegant and collected space. The great thing about shopping at At Home is that they’ve done the hard work for you by creating a range of beautifully curated products to choose from! All you have to do is scroll through the rows of styles you like and see at a glance what goes together.

I used our rust red barn to set the tone for my color palette and then chose the Lowottawa 5 x 8′ indoor/outdoor rug as inspiration. From there, I literally walked around the store with a mat in hand to see what I thought was best! Poly Farm green striped pillows with faux leather handles were too cute to pass up and looked great with the Wessex Azure Button Pillows. To add some texture, I chose a macrame lumbar pillow to finish off the split look.

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How To Decorate Patio Table

I really liked the Resin Faux Bois vase, but I needed a table for this space, not a vase. I thought about turning the vase upside down to create an end table, but it wasn’t ideal. Then I found this round wooden tray that is perfect for a few planters. I placed the tray on top of the vase to create the perfect table!

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Speaking of cute trays, if your outdoor coffee table is an ottoman with soft cushions like mine, consider getting a large tray for drinks and snacks. My Large Distressed Tray from At Home is the perfect perch for drinks on a warm day! (p.s. The cute melamine pitcher and glasses are also finds from At Home!)

How To Decorate Patio Table

We store our patio and outdoor pillows in bad weather, and I use this grass bag to quickly move the throw pillows into the shed. It looks cute left as an accessory next to planter #2!

Outdoor lighting has come a long way in recent years and there are so many great options to choose from. I was so excited when I found these Edison solar lights that don’t require an outlet and turn on automatically in the dark!

How To Decorate Patio Table

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The light they emit isn’t as bright as some other outdoor lighting options, but they create a great glow!

I hope these outdoor decorating tips inspire you to decorate your own outdoor space this season! I encourage you to visit your local At Home store for more inspiration!

How To Decorate Patio Table

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Tips For Decorating Small Outdoor Spaces

If your outdoor dining area is located in a forest where you can see trees, shrubs and maybe even local wildlife, use local foliage for inspiration. Oak leaves, pine cones, apples (especially small crab apples) and branches such as willows can be used to make the setting even more local. They can be displayed on pottery that you already have, or tied with found materials, such as old twine. Almost everyone has weathered “project wood” lying around, which is an ideal basis for natural compositions.

How To Decorate Patio Table

The plus is that there are many materials and they are mostly free. If you are creative, you can create fantastic decorations on a small budget. The disadvantage is that they are often quite light, fragile and temporary. They will need to be protected from rain and wind when not in use.

Outdoor dining furniture should be durable enough to withstand a little exposure to the elements and, of course, frequent use.

How To Decorate Patio Table

How To Dress Up A Backyard Patio Table

Indoors, heavy and abrasive centerpieces such as unpolished stone and heavy wood should be avoided as they can damage the table covering.

Outdoors, these cozier materials can work perfectly, and you won’t have to worry as much about damaging the countertop. Driftwood, unpolished river rocks, and even outdoor sculptures are all fun ideas for centerpieces.

How To Decorate Patio Table

Speaking of wooden sculptures, the Peakoly Wood Knot Decor is a great tabletop addition, a stylish decoration that will fit into almost any setting. This small talk creates a refined atmosphere.

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Glass and metal make good centerpieces for interior and exterior work. Glass, polished chrome, aluminum and stainless steel can withstand wet conditions and can be heavy enough to withstand high winds. One great way to use these materials is to add light and beauty. While most people choose candles to create ambiance, you can also use small battery-powered flashlights in addition to candles. One of the great modern designs that can beautifully light up your outdoor dining room is the YHT Shop Cordless LED Table Lamp.

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How To Decorate Patio Table

Succulents are hardy plants that are easy to care for and require minimal watering. Cacti, aloe plants, chickweed, donkey’s tail, and jade are examples of plants that are perfect for centerpieces when they are small (some aloe, cacti, and jade plants can grow large over time). These gorgeous plants exemplify the simple beauty of nature, making them perfect for simple centerpieces. Add a long rectangular modern planter for succulents; or plant succulents in almost any container – from broken ceramics to cinder blocks. We recommend the black 16-inch ceramic pot in the classic oval shape, which puts these lovely plants on full display in a safe and sturdy position on the table.

Use fire as an element that can enhance the dining experience with the timeless appeal of fire. Although this design requires more table space and a fireproof fire tank, it’s a stunning addition to an outdoor living space that can make the design of the space more permanent and intentional.

How To Decorate Patio Table

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A fire also adds coziness and warmth when the days and nights get a little cooler. And fire dances create a wonderful atmosphere. For table centerpieces, you can choose any fireproof container, such as a metal bowl on top of a couple of bricks, where you can light stubble or other fondue fuel.

Or you can replace your regular outdoor dining table with a fireplace table. Fire tables work on natural gas, which ensures the absence of smoke and cleaning after each fire. It is also an easy-to-use system that is safe, consistent and adjustable.

How To Decorate Patio Table

When you’re dining alfresco, soft, diffused lighting is perfect for setting the mood. Candles are one of our favorite ways to add a little romance to any weather

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