How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table – Today I’m sharing my 18 expert tips for coffee table design. This is a topic that design clients and blog readers are always asking for help with, so I think now is a good time to take part in this styling challenge.

It should be remembered that coffee tables of different shapes will have different styles. They have to be, because the table surface will have different parameters that you will have to work with. So, next I want to summarize my general rules when it comes to coffee table style, and after that I’ll talk more specifically about individual table shapes.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

I hope that by the end of this post, you will feel very confident when it comes to decorating your coffee table. You might even come to realize that there are some things you’ve been doing wrong that can be fixed. Let’s get started!

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These 18 tips apply to coffee tables of all sizes, shapes, and colors. These are universal rules you can follow to keep your decorated coffee table looking great. Once you’ve mastered these general guidelines, we can get stuck into some more individual ideas for your specific coffee table shape.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

I should mention before I continue that all the images in this post come from Coco Republic. I was recently on your site picking out furniture for clients and I was blown away by how elegant your style is. I’m sure you’ll get some coffee table ideas here, but I’m sure you’ll also get some extra inspiration from the living room pictures!

No house should seem too themed, but it should have a cohesive atmosphere. Is it a quiet, relaxing space that suits a Hamptons style or a coastal/bohemian vibe, for example? Whatever it is, make sure the items on your coffee table use this pattern.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

Light And White Coffee Tables • Thestylesafari

New store-bought decor is beautiful, but the style of your coffee table should also reflect your personality. I’ve told you before why you need more quirky things in your home, and your coffee table is the perfect place to display those quirky souvenirs and travel memorabilia.

Your coffee table should have several items at different heights. You want the eye to go on a visual journey; Raise and lower table decorations to create a sense of interest. Don’t place them so high that you can’t see them from the couch, but explore different levels.

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How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

Texture is very important. All too often you will see coffee tables with items made of the same material. Like a shiny vase next to a shiny bird on a shiny tray. It’s too much of an ending. Ideally, you don’t repeat the same finish at all. Instead, explore tactile materials that look and feel different.

Silver Orchid Farrar Glass 2 Tier Round Coffee Table

What I mean by this is that you don’t have all the objects in one row. Place tall items behind the coffee table, then shorter items in front. Think of it as a family photo; you want everyone to be seen. However, instead of a string, think of an array as a group of elements, some closer together and some further away.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

A flower arrangement or a plant is an important component when decorating a coffee table. And here you can fake it if you need to (I do it all the time at clients’ homes). A plant or flower brings life and softness to a scene and can break the potential monotony of too many hard elements.

The style aspect of your coffee table is vital, but you should also think about the other senses. We’ve looked at the tactile elements you want to touch, but we’ve also looked at smell. The easiest way to do this is with an aromatic candle. I include a candle in most of my clients’ coffee table design scenes. It also gives the scene a nice round shape.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

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You want to have the right number of pieces on your table. We’ll take a look at the shape of your single coffee table below, but as a general rule, larger items look better than a bunch of smaller trinkets. Too many small objects can make the scene look cluttered. Larger elements mean you can get more visual impact without feeling cluttered.

If you have a large table and want to place several items, a tray is a great way to hold all the pieces. On a large table, you can place different items on a tray and still have room for books next to the tray. Just make sure the tray is not the same material as the coffee table top.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

When thinking about how to decorate a coffee table, it is important to remember that it is a scene that can be seen from all sides. So don’t brush the front of the pieces the same way. Of course, when it comes to books, the root will be oriented a certain way by design, but other items can be pointed in different directions.

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When it comes to books on the coffee table, stack them like never before. I mentioned earlier that varying the height of items is very important, and a book is a great way to elevate an ornament. He folds three books and puts an ornament of strange shape on top and becomes the hero of the scene.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

A rookie mistake I see some people make is having a stack of thin books on their desk. It’s fine if it’s a collection of magazines on a tray, but for the most part you want the books to be thick. You should also make sure that they relate to the house and the room. You don’t want a cookbook on your living room coffee table, for example. Keep the topics of the books inspiring; something you can pick up and flip through.

A coffee table is a smaller reflection of what is going on in the room as a whole. So, while the style of the objects is important, so is the color. You don’t want a color on your tray that isn’t anywhere else in the room; it will just look amazing. Instead, use colors from places like pillows, rugs, and artwork. This will make the whole scene really cohesive.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

Guide To Choosing The Best Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Depending on the style of your coffee table, there may be room for decoration underneath. I don’t necessarily mean small items (although you might have a bookshelf on the coffee table here), but furniture like an ottoman or ottoman. You can also explore under-the-table storage baskets that can house remote controls and make the scene very focused.

People often ask me how to design a coffee table with practicality in mind. Know how to keep everyday items close at hand and looking good? Storage boxes are a godsend for remote controls, but they also ensure you get cool coasters to match the coffee table theme you’re after. Candle matches can also be well displayed in glass jars.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

You want to avoid designing a coffee table with items that have the same finish as your table. So avoid marble pieces on a marble table, black wooden pieces on a black wooden table, etc. Of course you need color contrast, but material contrast is much more important.

Large Wooden Drum Coffee Table With Fluted Edges Textural Living Room Furniture Large Round Coffee Table Designer Scandinavian Nordic Decor Ideas

Another rookie mistake people make when designing a coffee table is that they have too many circular items. The resulting scene looks rather dull and flat. To fix this, look for the shapes of the foreign objects. I’m talking about fluid shapes that don’t look clean. Think things like branches, corals, and even spiked balls. They make a big difference.

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How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

Finally, scale really matters. You want to fill the coffee table with items that are your style, but still leave room for everyday things like setting a drink. You also don’t want plant leaves to end up in your drinks, so keep an eye on that. Leave enough space between your items and the edge of the coffee table.

Ok, we’ve covered the general rules, now here are some quick tips on how to design a round, square, rectangular and oval coffee table.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

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I hope this post has given you some tips on how to decorate a coffee table. If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them below. I also have a members-only Facebook group you can join to get styling tips from me and the TLC community. Post a photo and give us some style tips. It’s fun and friendly and you can join the Facebook group here.

In addition to writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He has also spent time on TV, The Dressing Room on Channel 10 and presenting segments on The Sunrise and The Morning Show on Channel 7. If you would like to book a design consultation with Chris, you can find out more here.

How To Decorate Round Coffee Table

I’m interior designer Chris Carroll, and we at TLC Interiors are committed to helping you create a beautiful home without breaking the bank

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