How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve – For this inspiring shoot, the designers at Custom Love Gifts wanted to show off the glitz and glamor of Christmas decorations using three different budgets – one for a high-end party, one for a mid-range party, and one for a low-budget party-together. Today we will focus on mid-priced table decorations.

The white table provides New Year’s Eve inspired linens with gold details on black and I am totally in love with the theme. To create a luxurious feel for the occasion, DIY New Year’s decorations focus on blending precious metal colors and some shimmering details on a black background as bright as midnight. What better view of the city for a night than the Knoxville skyline as seen from the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame through floor-to-ceiling windows.

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

To keep the budget of a mid-priced table setting, rented items are used instead of floral centerpieces. This Times Square drop ball recreation was designed with a rented mirror ball from Campbell Tent Rental and a glass vase surrounded by a small flower arrangement from Melissa Timm Designs. Since our shoot was in Knoxville, TN, I was happy that the center reminded me of the Sunsphere in World’s Fair Park. Full disclosure – even though I designed it, I hate the numbers that go down on the glass. Maybe if they were smaller and fit 1 to 10 on the same side, I’d change my pitch, but I think it would reduce the display. You live and learn.

The 37 Best New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

I love metal votives and champagne glasses. This is a fun and easy craft to personalize our decor. I used masking tape to cover half of the glass and the rest was spray-painted with metal. So easy. If I could do it again, I’d use a clear coat to protect the paint because the paint would come off whenever the wax or glass came into contact. As a precaution, I never paint a glass surface that will touch my lips while drinking. I made sparkling grape syrup pancakes, which are the perfect New Year’s breakfast. Each setting includes Cake Cocktails, a mini glass martini dessert cake from Gail’s Custom Cakes. Break the Mold Photography captures everything that sparkles and shines in perfect light.

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

Whether you’re on a dollar or diamonds budget, the perfect New Year’s party decorations are within reach, just add some sparkle!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, elite consectetur adipiscing, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam Celebrate your New Year’s Eve party this year in festive style with our collection of fantastic decorating ideas that we have put together for you. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or an elegant dinner party, your New Year’s Eve party should be full of glitz, glamour, and lots of celebration.

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How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

Amazing New Year’s Eve Table Decorations To Try Right Now!

Check out some pint-worthy inspiration below, from clocks to balloons to disco balls, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to add your favorites to the Pinterest board so you can save them for inspiration when it’s time to decorate! While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow One Kindesign on Pinterest to keep up with all the latest inspiration. Enjoy!

Tell us: What do you do to celebrate the New Year? Please share them with us in the comments below and don’t forget to let us know which image inspired you the most!

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

Note: Looking for more inspiration? Check out these New Year’s party ideas: 26 festive and glamorous tables for New Year’s Eve and 12 amazing last minute DIY ideas for New Year’s Eve.

Unique New Year’s Eve Party Decoration Ideas

1. New Year’s party table. Inspired by disco ball center mirrors (mostly found in dollar stores), candles, and clock collections. This elegant table is sure to please your party guests! (through Life Is A Party)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

2. DIY mini bow tie. Impress your party guests by dressing up your champagne glasses with these adorable decorative bow ties and buttons. Sticky gemstones are used under bow ties to make “buttons”. Download the full guide at the given link. (via Celebration At Home Blog)

3. Elegant Table View. With a silver, white and gray theme, the table is decorated with a Christmas ornament taken from a tree (silver star), along with a trio of white, gray and clock plates. The dial is visible on HomeGoods (or find a paper plate with a similar pattern). Coat the horns and silver party hat all over. Using a silver sequin ribbon, tie the ribbon around a white linen napkin for a festive touch. Try using leftover ribbon from Christmas. (via Pizzazzerie)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

Festive Christmas New Year Table Setting Scandinavian Style Rustic Handmade Stock Photo By ©mashiki 222458836

4. Black and gold. This color theme will bring drama and elegance to your desk landscape. Decorate the chair like a wrapped gift by wrapping it in an attractive fabric for that extra wow factor. (via Zodiosphere)

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5. Party table. This elegant table features a leopard dial, clock slide and loose pearls. Vibrant glass shading and antique glass ornaments add shine and sparkle. The clock face is printed. A bowl of Hershey’s “Midnight Kisses” will add a delicious touch. Party hats and horns are a must! (via Ciao Newport Beach)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

6. New Year’s Table View. Decorate your table with Christmas decorations using silver, glass and glitter color themes. A taper candle and a mercury glass votive add ambiance to this elegant table setting. (via RemodelandolaCasa)

How To Create A Festive Party Table For Christmas Or New Years When You’re On A Budget

7. Luxury And Glam Table View. The DIY gold leaf charger adds a nice touch to this elegant party table. Add some gold confetti, a lovely champagne flute, and a small vase full of flowers and name tags for a party gift. (via Pizzazzerie)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

8. DIY Dial. The printed clock face is the basis for setting the place. Clear glass dinner plates are inexpensive and very versatile. Print a set of dials to fit 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Cut it with scissors and place it between the glass plate and the silver or gold filler plate. (via Ciao Newport Beach)

9. The center of the New Year’s table. The decorative plate features a mix of black, silver and gold trim to create this striking centerpiece. (via Tricycle)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve Party Table Decor Ideas

10. DIY New Year’s Decorations. Turn an old glass bottle (Martinelli bottle) into this simple Christmas decoration. You will need four glass bottles, four large new calendar year numbers (wood, chipboard, metal, etc.), gold spray paint, rough gold glitter, mod podge matte, gold curling tape, and a low temperature hot glue gun. Download the full guide at the given link. (via No Biggie)

11. Beautiful golden table view. For a touch of elegance, Olivia and Oliver Splatter Plates can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond. The gold star ornaments and ribbons are from Christmas stock leftovers. Add gold cutlery, metallic gold party horns and a clock ornament to complete this fun and festive look. (via Pizzazzerie)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

12. Happy New Year wall decoration. Celebrate the New Year with festive wall decor including banners, tassels, and sparkling black, gold and white rosette fans. (via Pom Joy Fun)

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Ciao! Newport Beach: My New Year’s Eve Table

13. Bubble champagne balloons. Pop some bubbles and celebrate with the Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit from Party City! Champagne bottle foil balloons and gold latex balloons help create a champagne effect for the ultimate New Year’s Eve party. About 40-50 balloons are used to create this effect (certain spaces have a double layer of balloons) and double-sided duct tape to attach to walls, windows and each other. (via A Passion For Party Planning)

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

14. New Year’s Eve Midnight Clock Printable. Framed in glossy gold card, the 2-inch black and white clock can be printed with basic Roman or analogue numerals. There are four different ways to use these molds, cupcake toppers, headbands, gift bags, and party hats. Download the full guide at the given link. (via No Biggie)

15. Table decoration inspiration. Party favors, decorations, name tags, candles and arrangements are the main ingredients for the perfect New Year’s table. The watch face is a simple DIY, from a clear glass panel with the clock design printed underneath. (via Ciao Newport Beach)In this post: Planning a New Year’s Eve celebration at home? Here are 6 simple and easy steps to set up a beautiful New Year’s table.⇒

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

Simple New Year’s Decorations For Your Design Inspiration!

Are you the type to dance on the table for New Year’s Eve? Or do you prefer quiet nights at home?

Believe it or not, I remember one New Year’s Eve view from the table, but today I’m more of a ‘somewhere in the middle’ girl. Group dinner and small dessert celebration at home. Or a festive but substantial dinner at home.

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

After all, I’ve always enjoyed celebrating the New Year and its promise of new beginnings.

Easy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

If you’re planning New Year’s Eve at your home, but you don’t have much energy to decorate after December

How To Decorate Table For New Years Eve

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