How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table – Artificial evergreens are very popular for holiday tables, but they can often be expensive. Let me show you how to make cedar planks for a fraction of the price!

Cedar logs can be very beautiful when creating a holiday landscape. After not finding the ones I wanted online, I decided to make some. I bought artificial pine sticks, but they were also expensive. I was wondering if I could make them with fresh cedar?

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

I found 25 feet of cedar wreath from Costco for $12. You can also check with your local nursery. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make them yourself!

Elegant + Simple Holiday Home Tour

Since this is a fresh cedar crown, it will eventually die. One way to extend its life is to water it. I soaked my crown overnight to give it a good drink of water.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Be sure to water the cedar crown and let it dry before the next step. You are now ready to create your cedar crown moldings.

I would leave this step out as the crown is messy. I measured about 2 foot sections at the crown and made my cuts. The PVC pipe cutter worked great because the mouth opens wide and wraps around large branches.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Modern Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

You will take the 2 foot cedar wreath pieces and round them into a circle. It will take some bending to make it look like an actual circle.

Then tie the ends. I tried the rope and had a hard time doing it myself, so I settled for zip ties. If you’re outside and it’s cold, they break easily, so use gently. Alternatively, you can use craft wire.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

I made six cedar tablecloths and had plenty of cedar left over to create a centerpiece.

Diy Orange Pomander + Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Now is the time to set the table. I shopped at my local home decor store called Rodworks for some fun pieces like All Wrapped Up wrapping paper (use my code 20citygirl for a discount on their website here).

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

I decided on deer and tree decorations. The champagne gold and bronze look was simple and matched the greenery.

I used wrapping paper as a table support. I cut it longer than the table and then glued it. That way I can throw it all away when the season is over. Plus, with the tape, it still stays on the table.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Unique Coffee Table Ideas

You can use wrapping paper in a number of ways on a table. Try it as a bed or as a foundation!

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Next was the centerpiece of the cedar wreath. I took some extra pieces of 25 foot ribbon and cut it to size for the center of the table.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

After cutting my first strip, I realized I needed a shorter one. I used PVC pipe cutters to do this.

Mini Cedar Christmas Tree With Led Lights Small Pine Tree Table Desk Xmas Decors Home Party Gifts Supplies Ornaments Accessories|pendant Drop Ornaments| Aliexpress

I love jute roundhouses and used them as a base layer. I then placed the cedar planks on top for a layered look, followed by my dishes.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

The cedar layers lift the dishes a bit. This didn’t bother me at all. If the board is bent, simply maneuver the cedar plank. Here are some round beds that I like:

You can even make round tables yourself or find some at the Dollar Tree if you’re lucky!

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Creative Uses For Cedar Chests

I added the beautiful pieces I picked up from Rodworks to the center, moving the cedar wreath around it. If you insert the pieces into the branch, they will be more stable.

I added the gold leaf wreath to the cedar wreath by weaving the leaves together. Then I added the reindeer and trees.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Finally, I added the pretty napkins as a finishing touch. I folded them into a square and then popped the top through a trim ring. Burlap ribbon tied it all together. Simple and easy.

Fall Wedding Décor Ideas For Your Head Table

You can also add some twinkling lights to the tree and wreath to give it a glow at night. This was a fun way to decorate my holiday table with a cedar wreath and I love it. How to incorporate fresh-cut perennials from the yard and navel oranges from the supermarket for a simple vintage Christmas table.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Last week, while the rest of the world was busy eating at their Thanksgiving tables, I was busy creating a Christmas centerpiece.

Because I think my brain, with its millions of always-on eyelashes, will spot a juniper in a nearby parking lot and bookmark it for later. And this is the story of how this Christmas table decoration came to be.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

The Easy Way To Set A Gorgeous Holiday Table

If I see a tree with fiery red maple leaves, loaded with magnolia blossoms, or covered in juniper berries, you better believe I want to grab a few stems to enjoy the nature inside.

I definitely recreated my simple 10-minute Thanksgiving table decoration from last month because well… if it’s not broken and all that…

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How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Just like the Thanksgiving table decoration I made with pears, berries and leaves from my fall garden, this is just as easy to forage for branches you can find in your area.

Absolutely Gorgeous Centerpiece Ideas For Your Christmas Table

Psst… you can find How to Dry Fruit and Preserve Leaves for Christmas Decorations here for additional help.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Shake the branches beforehand or put them in a sink full of water and a capful of vinegar to remove any insects that may be there.

Place the evergreen branches you cut earlier around the candle holders in different directions. Let it be messy. It’s perfectly fine to step away from perfection and let nature do the work.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Diy Evergreen Table Runner Centerpiece The Easy Way

Move and open the chosen fruit in the gaps between the candle holders. It doesn’t have to be in any specific way.

If you fancy an extra challenge, dry some orange slices in the oven and scatter them over the evergreen branches as well. Or cut a few sprigs of rosemary to use as garnish.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

This is! Cutting the branches was the longest part of the process, but even that only took about 5 minutes. Pro: It smells absolutely amazing.

Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Have you ever found your garden to decorate tables? What beauties do you have in your area that would work perfectly as a Christmas centerpiece? You may have accumulated a few cedar chests over the years. Maybe you’re a veteran furniture guru or you just inherited a cedar chest from your mom or aunt. Maybe you were given a cedar chest as a wedding present at some point…

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Either way, you now have one or more cedar chests, and the beauty and grit of these wooden beauties begs you to find creative uses for cedar chests rather than going the goodwill route (although you have more right to do so). Even if you decide to sell your cedar chest, this blog still applies especially if you want ideas on ways to refurbish your cedar chest.

Here are 18 ways to use or repurpose a cedar chest! Restoring a cedar chest is a great idea, especially if you want the chest to add a certain touch or look to a room. In the photos below there are restored and refurbished cedar chests for you to get inspired and find ideas for their use.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Pcs New Party Table Decoration Christmas Cedar Red Fruit Napkin Ring Champagne Bottle Decoration Ring Christmas Tree Napkin

If restoring your cedar chest is in the back of your mind, take an exciting moment to check out the following blogs on how to restore antique cedar chests.

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Coffee tables are the perfect place to rest your cup of joe as you unwind after a long day. Cedar quilts offer an attractive and classic look as a centerpiece in your living room. For extra protection for your cedar chest, you can add a piece of glass or plexiglass to the top.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

Bedside tables are always very useful! Whether it’s your glasses, a cup of tea, a lamp or a beautiful room decoration, side tables provide the perfect place in the room. If you have enough space, a cedar chest is an efficient and stylish nightstand. Seems to fit the bill for creative uses for cedar chests, right!?

Greenery Table Garland — Bindle & Brass Trading Company

Cedar chests are solidly built, making them a worthy candidate for holding your TV. Cedar consoles create a tasteful TV console, plus you can still store items inside.

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

The end of the bed is a classic use for cedar chests, not to mention useful! It provides the perfect place to sit to put on your shoes and of course to store woolen jumpers and other valuable bedroom items. Also, if you want ease of movement, you can add wheels

Place your cedar chest at the entrance of your home or business. Making a stylish fashion statement is sure to grab everyone’s attention the moment they walk through your door!

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

How To Style A Console Table Ideas

As mentioned above, cedar chests are a stylish addition to the entryway, and when paired with some legs, pull-out drawers on wheels and adorable baskets, they make a perfect catch for all your skills and abilities.

Of all the creative ways to use a cedar chest, storage is probably the least creative…simply because it’s the most popular way to use a cedar chest. However, it is the best way to use a cedar chest! See “ What is safe to store in a cedar

How To Decorate With Cedar On A Table

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