How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table – Decorating your coffee table gives you a chance to let your style shine in your living room. Adding the right pieces adds an intriguing sophistication that is sure to charm. Impress your guests with these quick and easy steps. Let’s jump right into this quick read:

Using tape, make squares around where you want to place the objects. This technique will help you measure what suits you and how much of the table you want to decorate.

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Find an ornament that will be attractive on your table. For example, if your table is made of dark wood, enhance it with white accents.

Best Glam Side Tables

Try to include a mix of shapes. Rectangular objects are great for structure, but will look too stuffy without any variation. Round trays, bowls and candles are useful for breaking up these stifling lines.

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Height is under the same concept, find a centerpiece with significant height to the rest for chic symmetry.

Start with a basic item Arrange on books or a decorative table. The rule of three is optimally applied to the design of the coffee table. Create three separate collections on your table, each with a different base. I recommend sticking to the same color in each group to avoid clashes. Two collections are also good, especially if you are working with a small table.

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

How To Create The Perfect Living Room

Greenery Flowers and plants add that pop of color that every room needs. Find bright pots to show off your greenery. Although real flowers are stunning, fake flowers are cheaper and last longer.

Small items Small unique pieces of decoration are perfect for placing on coasters, trays and books. Find items that match your theme and personal style.

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Candles Everyone loves a scented candle! Place your favorite candle on one of the bases to add maturity to your space. When I took a good look at the two coffee tables in our house, I realized that there are five basic decorating tools that I always use and I’m going to share each of these coffee table decorating ideas with you today!

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I always use a large board on my desks. I always love that they keep everything in place and if you want to remove your table to use for a game or set up a food spread, you can take everything by simply lifting the table. Containers are also a great way to add a contrasting texture or color to keep things interesting.

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How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

For our family room table, I used a large 28 inch square wooden table that takes up a lot of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to put his feet up (we’re looking at a “foot pillow” designed to do this – lol!):

Sources: White Tassel Corner Cushion Cover | Textured Gray Pillowcase  | Antelope Pillow Case  | Faux fiddle leaf fig tree | Carpet | A pair of floor poufs  | Acrylic Tablet (similar)  | Black and White Striped Box  | Brass Crane  | white coral (similar)

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Modern Coffee Table Decorating Ideas: Easy Tips And Ideas

I had the hardest time finding a large tray with a square handle that I liked, but I ended up finding the perfect one on Etsy. The store where I bought mine no longer exists, but you can find an almost identical vase at . They offer them in a wide range of colors in a matte or glossy velvet finish. A tray this big is expensive, but I’ve had mine for YEARS. I love that if I change my color scheme in the future, I can just repaint it instead of having to buy a new board.

In our living room ottoman/table, I mostly used light woven trays to add some brightness and texture. My favorite is  which is a nice size and reasonably priced for such a large table:

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

FYI, be sure to add felt pads to the bottom of the woven trays to make sure they don’t scratch your table! Here are a few other favorite pill trays that will also work well (

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I use flowers and natural elements throughout my home because they bring life in a way that nothing else can so it’s no surprise that it’s one of my favorite ideas for table decorations! During the summer, when we have a ton of flowers blooming in our garden, I keep small bouquets of fresh flowers on our coffee table:

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

You can add even more life and personality by placing your flowers in something unique like this bronze swan planter of mine (you can find similar planters and ) that I’m quite obsessed with:

If you don’t have flowers to pick from your garden, pick up a bunch of $5 tulips at the grocery store, or for even less maintenance, add a plant. This snake plant that used to be on our living room table is the best – seriously unkillable:

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How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

I also love that I have a pile of books at the end of our coffee table – it’s another way to bring nature into this space.

There’s no shame in making fake ones either! I recently bought raspberries and two of them make the most beautiful arrangement:

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

And after I moved my snake plant upstairs, I used three of these faux eucalyptus branches (found) on our living room ottoman:

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Under $100

You can also use other natural elements to add life – a pinecone bowl, feathers or marine elements such as wood, shells and coral are just a few ideas. The best thing about natural elements is that there are so many right on your doorstep that you can find and use for free!

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Books are another one of my favorite table decoration ideas. They’re perfect for adding a layered look plus it’s nice to have some interesting coffee table books for your family and guests to pick up and read. Being a design lover, most of mine (big surprise) are design oriented. Books about the area you live in, your favorite state or country to vacation in, or your favorite hobby are other great choices.

You might even consider taking a bunch of your phone and computer photos into one of  – that’s the future purpose of the table for me! And if you want to add color or pattern to your coffee table, an easy way to do it is to use a piece of your favorite fabric:

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Utilize What You’ve Got With These 20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas!

And if you’re a design lover like me and looking for some good coffee table books, here are a few that have great content inside and look great on the outside (

With some stacked board books, I always add a book topper or two. It can be anything from the large gold hand (similar available) that I used on my canvas book above to a decorative magnifying glass like or a small piece of coral like ):

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

It’s a coffee table decor idea that you can have fun customizing to reflect your own style and interests. Here are some more fun book ideas

How To Decorate A Coffee Table (21 Simple Ideas)

Decorative boxes are the best! There are so many great options out there and they’re great for hiding things you don’t want cluttering up your desk. on our coffee table in the family room are extra TV remotes, our lighting remote, and my photo flashes that I need from time to time while I have my laptop in the compartment:

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How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Once you’ve got these basics in place, it’s time to have some fun and add a few quirky things you love! For me, it’s often brass animals (#obsessed) like this pair of brass cranes (similar ones available):

But for you it could be something related to your favorite hobby or a piece that simply has a special history and meaning. Put it all together and you have a coffee table that is the star of your space!

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

Small Dining Room Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Sources: TV Console (similar)  | Chandelier (satin bronze)  | rattan chair | White Tufted Corner Cushion Cover  | Textured Gray Pillowcase  | Antelope Pillow Case  | Figs with Artificial Fig Leaves  | Carpet | A pair of floor poufs  | Acrylic coffee table (similar)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you want to replace even other parts of your living room, find out my essential tips for decorating your living room.

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

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While the artwork, the sofa and the right choice of lighting can speak volumes in the living room, the real centerpiece is the coffee table. It’s where you and your guests gather to grab, relax and rest your drink

How To Decorate Your Living Room Table

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