How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations – Sometimes I see a craft and just have to know how to make it! When he first saw the common balloons wreath, he thought, “How do you do that?” He said. Straight! After many experiments, I am happy to teach you how to make a balloon bouquet that is better than any bouquet you can buy! I learned a lot from this project. How to put vinyl on balloons, how to adjust stickers on large curves, which balloons make the best wreaths, and how in the world you can get small balloons into big ones. Let me show you an easy way to make an impression at your next party!

Today I’m sharing three free files for Cricut balloon projects, and each one is customizable. I will show you how to customize birthday app in this tutorial. You can use the same steps to modify other designs or create your own custom design for a special occasion!

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Balloon projects require some special tools and equipment. I’ll show you my favorite large balloons, clear balloons, interior decorating options, and the best balloon pumps for work. Don’t worry, we won’t pop the balloons ourselves. We also cover how to set up a balloon system with a special balloon rod and cup. There are many ways to decorate a base, but I’ll show you my favorite method using a gift box, tissue paper and ribbon.

Most Common Balloon Arch Questions

One of my best kept secrets is how to make and use vinyl balloon decorations. Bobo balls are HUGE, and they need a great design to look good. Instead of using all the words and shapes at once, I’ll show you how to cut the label. Easy to use one item at a time with multiple adjustment tips! You will also save the transfer tape.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

The possibilities are endless once you learn the secret to making balls nestle inside each other and align evenly on a curved surface! You can create your own designs for gifts, jewelry, and even promotional items. These balloon bouquets would be perfect for a baby shower, birthday party, grand opening, or corporate event. I know many people who want a gift for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion. I’ll show you how to customize a Mother’s Day sticker to fit any occasion.

Of course, it’s not just how to make a balloon bouquet that you can use for flower bouquets. You can also decorate with balloon arches, balloon trees or other DIY balloon ideas!

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How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Creative Balloon Decoration Ideas For Your Next Party

To cut the permanent vinyl, I use a Cricut machine, specifically the Cricut Maker 3, but you can use the original Maker or any Cricut Explore machine. All you need is a StandardGrip machine mat and a fine point knife! We also use the same vinyl tools that I use: a brayer, a weeder, transfer tape and scissors. I’ll show you a few tricks using masking tape and a lint-free cloth!

Let me show you where to find vinyl balloon bouquet designs and then we’ll get started on how to make a balloon bouquet!

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Let me show you how to put vinyl on balloons with my tutorial and free SVG design! This post contains some affiliate links (meaning I get a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking the link, but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read the full disclosure process.

Balloon Stand Kit 7 Sets Of Table Balloon Stand Holder Balloons Decorations For Party , Birthday Wedding Anniversary And Other Festive Decorations Allowing The Balloons To Float Without Helium

NOTE: This activity uses latex balloons, which some people are allergic to. Be sure to check with the recipient before donating latex-containing items to be safe! If latex is a problem, I recommend adding a custom vinyl design to the mylar balls.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

First, download SVG/DXF/PDF files from our free resource library. Model #386. There are many design options in the folder, but I’m going to show you how to make a custom birthday label called “balloon-bouquet-labels-birthday-order–SVG”. You can follow the same basic steps for all designs. Upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space and add it to the canvas.

TIP: If you don’t know how to upload a cut SVG file to Cricut Design Space, check out this helpful video tutorial I made. If you’re on an iPad or iPhone, here’s how to download and upload SVG files to Design Space.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

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This pattern is the size of the 24″ Bobo ball in the kit and makes a beautiful ornament that measures approximately 9″ tall by 7.5″ wide. If you place the marker on a different size ball, resize it accordingly. You can click and drag the size icon in the lower right corner of the design template, or you can enter a new size in the width box (“W”) under “Size” in the top menu.

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If you need help resizing SVG in Cricut Design Space, you can check out my resizing guide where I explain what to do to resize any design to fit your needs.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

You will notice that there are nine layers in this design file. To prevent bubbles or wrinkles, we use vinyl on a curved ball in different parts. Also, it’s easy to remove the little tape from the balloon without having to open it!

Balloon Centerpieces Without Helium

This design says “Happy Birthday” so you can customize it with any name you want. Let me show you how!

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

With the template still selected, click the Ungroup button at the top of the Layers panel. Now click on the word “Name” to highlight it in the layers panel. We will hide this line and replace it with a new name. Click the Eye layer icon to hide it.

Now you can add whatever name and font you want! Click the text icon on the left side of the screen. A box labeled “Text” appears on the canvas. Do not click anything and write the name you want. I use “Alexa”. Then click on the line that says “Cricut Sans” under Fonts in the top menu to see the font options.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Creative Balloons Decoration Ideas For Your Party

Scroll and click on the font name to see how your name will look until you find one you like. If you click on your name, click it to change the font, or double-click to type a new name. Make sure your font choice isn’t priced close to it so you don’t get charged when you go to cut the design. I’ll be using the Tingler Print script, which you can find a link to in Notes. Use a font you like.

Then move the text box with the name you typed to the position below the word “Birthday”. If you want your colors to match mine, change the color to match the word Awesome. This can be done by clicking on the colored square in the top menu and selecting the blue color listed under Tool Colors. You can also change the size of your name now if you want it bigger or smaller.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Once you have your name centered, colored and sized to your liking, look at the stars on either side. If the new name takes up more or less space than the Name, the stars may appear closer or further away from the design. This is an easy fix! Drag each star closer or further away from the new name until you are happy with how the design looks. If you make a mistake, click the Delete arrow at the top of the menu. Please note that we place the design elements separately, so it may not be perfect on the screen.

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Baby Shower Balloon Decoration Ideas [photos]

NOTE: You can customize the Mother’s Day rule using the same process as above. You just want to hide the “Mom” layer and replace it with another word like “Dad” or “Grandpa” before cropping. If you want the letters to match, use the Beechwood referenced in the notes. This scenario means we want each of the added letters to be cut as one piece – and I’m happy to report that the Cricut already knows this and automatically adds them when we go to cut it – so there’s no need. to weld it by hand.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Now we are ready to cut! Select the correct device at the top of the menu and click ‘Execute’ to proceed to the Edit screen. A pop-up window may appear asking how you want to upload the content. If you are not using Smart Vinyl, select On Mat and click Continue.

If you use the same colors in the plan as I did, you’ll see three different rugs: one with six stars; one has the name “Happy”; and one with the word “Birthday” and two sets of lightning bolts. The constellation consists of four elements: two small fixed stars and two types of stars.

How To Make Helium Balloon Table Decorations

Air Filled Balloon Displays

We will cut each of these nine pieces from the back before applying them to the balloon, so you may need to move them around on the mat to leave more room to cut them with the scissors. Click on an element and drag it to cut between the two parts

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