How To Stage A Library Table Decor

How To Stage A Library Table Decor – Ever dreamed of having a library in your home? Good news – you can do it! Make that dream a reality with DIY home library ideas that you can tackle in no time. From closet nooks to secret reading rooms, lawn libraries and more, these unique settings will inspire you to relax with your next page-turner in every room of the house. Trust us—these ideas are just guesswork—plus, they’re perfect for spaces of all sizes.

When was the last time you showered? Do you have a favorite novel? Well, bathroom libraries do exist. (You might consider one!) No matter your genre or setting of choice, there are few things as comforting as the feeling of having a good book in your hands. Great stories allow us to live vividly through the experiences of our favorite characters. Before we know it, we are standing on a hilltop or walking through the green countryside. As we think these imaginary settings bring harmony to our lives, it makes sense to look for similar parts in the places we call home. Roll up your sleeves and read on! (Everyone loves curling up with a blanket while reading, so check out these fun blanket storage ideas for your space.)

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Dust off and break out those cobwebs – your attic could hold some serious home library potential. The one pictured here doubles as a living room.

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Have a blank wall to work on? You can DIY this beautiful shelter landscape from start to finish. Install kitchen cabinets in the base for extra storage.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Find more inspiration from these DIY built-ins, including a simple shiplap backsplash. Try covering your walls in shiplap wallpaper. If you like it, go for the real deal.

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Bring warmth to your living room with a sturdy shelf filled with colorful copies of your favorite books. Drill through the bottom board of your shelf before securing it to the wall.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

How To Organize Your Bookshelves, According To Interior Designers

Sure, these books aren’t worth reading—but this wall art installation provides an attractive backdrop for a home library. Best of all, you can DIY the whole thing.

Transform an open corner into a cozy reading nook with a room-enhancing mirror. Be inspired by this space at the home of Kindred Vintage. We love every last detail.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

A black and white palette gives this farmhouse living room library a sleek and elegant feel. Add contrast with a touch of black to break up the negative space.

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Turn the hallway into a secret reading room for your little ones. Twinkle lights add a magical touch to this dreamy space.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

The whole family can bring this DIY lawn library to life. More than 75,000 Little Free Libraries—which encourage children and families to share free books with their communities—have popped up around the world. Now’s your chance to join the fun!

We’ll leave it here. Can you think? To create your own version of this space, start by placing an oriental rug at the base of your bathtub. Most bathrooms see less light than other rooms in the house, so consider adding an extra light fixture or two.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

New York Public Library (new York City)

Not ready to renovate an entire room? Soften an existing bookcase with a touch of warm color. Take inspiration from this moody setting, complete with plush sunbrella cushions. Get one and settle down with your next page-turner.

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Bring joy to your home library with vibrant colors and standout patterns. An accent lamp or throw pillow is a good place to start.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Put “home” in your home office with an earthy, rustic library hutch. The one pictured here adds warmth to an all-white workspace.

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On the other hand, let your library set the stage for a stunning workspace. A large hanging chandelier balances this stunning space.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Put your favorite cookbook on display in the center of your dining room. Complete the look with tall, leafy garnishes and decorative dinner plates.

Too many books to count? Paint the old fireplace and use every last one to frame it.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Creative Ways To Store Books (that Aren’t Bookshelves)

Add a personal touch to your home library with family photos, heirlooms and artifacts. Assemble your prints in frames and place them evenly on top of your bookshelf.

Need a place to make a statement? Anchor your home library with a bold leather chair. Choose a neutral shade that complements the spine of your books on display.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Open up your kitchen cupboards – and everything that fits inside them – with glass cabinets. Organize your cookbooks and kitchen accessories by color.

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Transform your under-stairs space into a dreamy reading retreat. Long bench cushions give you room to sink.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Not at sharp angles? Soften the adorable shelves with a stack of your favorite cozy blankets. Keep them within easy reach of your base of built-ins.

Add visual interest to your home library through tactile details with texture. The chicken wire shown here gives this bookcase a funky feel.

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How To Stage A Library Table Decor

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Walk through your home and find pockets of space to store your favorite books. Take inspiration from this setting featuring novels tucked into an empty fireplace.

Add instant character to your home library with this budget-friendly DIY rolling staircase project. Stain the wood before assembling the pieces.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

For a nursery library, keep clutter to a minimum. Place fabric bins in fun patterns under your child’s bookcase for neat and efficient storage.

Blured Bookshelf In Small Home Library In The Background. Table Top For Product Display Montage Stock Photo

Working in a room that serves multiple purposes? Be inspired by this multipurpose space that serves as a bedroom, office and library. The built-in was installed at a later date.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Find unique accents – like old porch doors – to bring a touch of character to a plain reading nook. Choose decor items in pastel shades for a soft and calming effect.

On that note, consider bringing nature into your study for a breath of fresh air. Add other rustic details — like the wicker chairs shown here — to achieve a lively, cozy feel.

How To Stage A Library Table Decor

Green Square Library And Plaza

Feeling crafty? Transform an old wooden spool into a DIY rolling library bookshelf. Start by sanding the spool to remove rough spots and dirt.

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