How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor – In) their wonderful glory. But it wasn’t that long ago that I put a coat of paint on the wood just because – well, who doesn’t love a well-painted piece of furniture with pops of color?

That almost happened to this vintage Anco Bilt table that I found years ago at a thrift store for –

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

– Only $30! I stopped by one of my regular stores where they told me there were 5 minutes left in an unexpected flash sale “Everything is 50% off .

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A few seconds later I saw this beauty sitting in the back of the store and a few seconds before the sale ended. Within minutes, I was persuading salespeople to increase sales

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

I took apart a nice drawing table, put it in my trunk, and intended to use it in my office for the next 9 years where the kids and I would do projects of hands and others.

My first thought was to take a picture of him. I know, I know, when I think about it I’ve seen these vintage tables for sale online for upwards of $300 or more (the last time I checked, I saw them for $700!) .

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Artist Drafting Table Desk

Instead of ruining the wooden furniture with paint, I decided to leave it to nature. Trust me when I say it wasn’t in there

Bad shape. Having young children with no sense of manners or standards to prevent damaging furniture (didn’t I teach them that??!) had to be overcome with nicks, scratches and stains .

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

The perfect renovation project! I contacted the wonderful people at Franmar® who make my favorite paint stripper: Blue Bear Soy Gel Paint & Urethane Stripper. I also decided to use an eco-friendly, water-based, VOC-free wood stain and turned what was an old desk over an old writing table into nice desk that looks like it’s been well taken care of!

Draft Desk Spider Grey

The wood surface looks great even with three coats of clear wax! And all the dirt and grime that had been wiped and ground on the table was replaced by a smooth lamp!

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

I wanted to show you how you can restore your furniture or old furniture so that you can bring it back to life without breaking the bank.

* Updated: When using a paint sprayer it is best to work outside. Although this paint sprayer can be used indoors, fresh air and ventilation are required. Always wear eye protection, cover skin, and use chemical-resistant butyl gloves to prevent skin exposure.

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How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Light Tables And Light Boxes For Drafting, Architect, Designer

Let’s talk about why I fell in love with Blue Bear Soy Gel Paint & Urethane Stripper a few years ago!

For the faint of heart, simply because it’s messy even if you use an environmentally friendly paint remover. 🙂 If you are working indoors, put down a plastic sheet to protect the floor. It’s nice to know that even though the paint did get on the floor in one or two places, it didn’t go through the plastic and ruin my floor. So one thick sheet is enough to start.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

TIP: Before you start, take lots of pictures and videos of your project in case you need to separate anything. It’s easy to see photos and videos to learn how to put them back together! 🙂

Draft Sofa By Pearson Lloyd For Modus

Although you will be restoring your wooden table or furniture, it is still a good idea to practice cleaning all the furniture before starting any project. Although you would probably only be removing dirt, you would need to paint the furniture, which can affect the paint’s ability to stick to the wood.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

So, a good rule of thumb: just clean it first. 🙂 I use Blue Bear Emerge Cleaner & Degreaser, which replaces traditional TSP and is 100% biodegradable. If you can’t get your hands on it, vinegar and water also work.

After the wood has dried, pour the soy gel into the old container. It can be applied with a brush or foam brush. Whatever works to spread it in a thick layer.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Stationery Island Caye Drafting Table

This soy paint product will stay wet if applied in a thick layer, so use enough to prevent it from drying on your wood. I like to leave it on for about 15 minutes.

This soy gel can remove many layers in one operation. This table didn’t have a ton of texture. But usually at this point, even after a few minutes, you will start to see the old parts of the paint and start to shine, ready to wipe them off!

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Now for the fun (and bad!) part. You can use a metal or plastic knife. I like steel because it has a sharp point. But be careful around those sharp points and corners. It can scratch your wood and create other scratches that weren’t there to begin with, creating another repair job.

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Meeden Solid Wood Drafting Table, Artist Drawing Desk Xsz 2

Use an old box or the edge of a milk jug or jug ​​to poke the putty knife through the old gun.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Soy gel is non-toxic, so I think it’s safe to throw the discarded gel in the box. However, you may want to call your local recycling center to make sure it’s safe to do so and to follow their guidelines for properly disposing of old clothing that has been removed by stripping gel. .

What started out as a clear soy gel is now amber with an old stain finish.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Imelda Iii Adjustable Children’s Study Desk And Chair (blue)

No matter how many times you wipe, you will still have a film on the wood. You will need to delete this before moving on to the next step. For this, you can use a cleaner and degreaser that replaces TSP.

No matter what you remove, it is likely that the wood will stain as the wood dries. I waited until the next morning to start sanding to make sure it was completely dry. And you could see the stains on the old wood of the drawing table.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

To create a smooth wooden blank, you will need to sand it. Although you can easily remove it from the house, leaving it in the house requires more planning; otherwise you will have dust all over the house. To sand the interior, use plastic sheets and tape them to the ceiling to create “curtains” that keep the dust inside. Also wear a dust mask and safety glasses.

Flash Furniture Cherry Mobile Draft Table

I found that 80-grit didn’t remove much of the surface to be smooth, so I dropped to 40-grit and worked my way up to 220-grit. Consider a few things:

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

I fell in love with the wood cleaner. I remember thinking at one point that this was just another random step in refinishing wood furniture, but yes, if you’re working with porous wood, you need a tool of wood. Without it, woods like pine and maple will look mottled and streaky when you stain them.

A wooden stick is like applying makeup: it creates a nice, flat, surface to apply your makeup on. By creating this uniform surface, the stain you use will appear to be the same color. And the brand I use is also eco-friendly, water-based, and non-toxic!

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How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Stonkraft Wooden 3d Puzzle Miniature Drafting Table

I put a coat over this old table, let it sit for a second, then wiped it off and let it dry for 30 minutes before I stained it.

I remember the day the stain smelled all over the room while I was refinishing the wood furniture. It would be brought into the house and the off-gassing would produce an odor that would never go away. And even when it finally stopped smelling, it still left unpleasant chemicals in the air.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

As I get older and more “awakened” to the impact of the products I use on the environment, I change my workshop. One of my goals was to find an eco-friendly (water-based, VOC-free) wood stain that would not only harm my health, but was environmentally friendly. environmental and good looking.

Industrial Loft Drafting Desk 62

I found these water based stains and used them on a small project but nothing as big as a drawing board. I was afraid I wouldn’t like them but surprisingly they worked and were odorless and can be used indoors just like soy gel! (Aren’t you glad that companies are now getting eco-friendly products?!).

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

Dark so I ended up doing two coats of Spiced Walnut (which was a bit more red than I wanted) followed by one coat of British Chestnut to help darken it up a bit.

To use water-based cleaners, wipe with a lint-free cloth (wipe with the grain) and immediately wipe with a gentle movement of the grain. As the stain dries, it will lighten, so you’ll want to add more layers depending on how deep you want the color to be.

How To Use Drafting Table In Home Decor

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Here you can see that with two coats of lepa and spices,

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