How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables – A console table can be used to design any room in the house, be it entryway, living room, dining room, bedroom or just about anywhere! They can be used to add personality to your space and the decor can ideally be changed with the seasons. Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to set up your console table for the cleaning season. There are tons of options for setting the table, and you can also use decorations that easily transition right into Halloween and even Thanksgiving—with just a few small additions.

Fall accents include faux leaves and flowers, pumpkins (real or faux), corn husks, corn on the cob, faux or real fruit, nuts, and cozy pillows and throws. These are just a few ideas of what you can use to decorate your table. Below you will find inspiration from the collection we have put together for you. ADVICE. A good rule of thumb to live by is that seasonal decorations should complement your existing decor.

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

1. The entry console table is adorned with a collection of original pumpkins, some of which are grouped together in a wooden mixing bowl – these can be found at

Best Sofa Table Ideas And Designs For 2021

. The wicker baskets below are filled with pillows and throws. Silver and gold accents add glamour. A eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby is set in a wrought iron vase from Target. (via Honey We’re Home)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

2. The candle holder is decorated with a pumpkin with the word “BOO” written on it. A fall bouquet and a vase filled with candy corn complete the look. A storage of water hyacinths on the bottom shelf adds a rustic touch. (via The Container Store)

3. Simple decor emphasizes this console, which is decorated with a tray of painted pumpkins and a large candlestick. On the opposite side is a large pumpkin with a small owl and a small rustic sparkly pumpkin. (via the seventh house on the left)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

Black Console Tables

4. This custom made 60L x 30H x 14W farmhouse style console table is made of lime and filled with fall themed decoration. The wire basket is from TJ Maxx and the blanket is from Kohls. Other highlights include rustic lanterns, windows salvaged with wreaths, fabric pumpkins and pumpkin patch signs. (via Sugarcreekcraftsmen)

5. An industrial-style console table in the living room decorated with cutouts. Buffalo check pillows, vases of fresh flowers, fabric pumpkins and a wooden box filled with artificial fall flowers. (via jodie. thedesigntwins)

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How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

6. Console table sourced from Wayfair features decorative items found at Pier 1, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods. This charming table is decorated with pumpkins, faux cotton buds (found at Kirkland’s), and a fall sign. (via katelynrhoades_)

Sofa Table Ideas For Your Living Room

7. This festive console has a basket filled with black and white buffalo pillows, faux floral prints, floral beads and lanterns. (via bigfamilylittlefarmhouse)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

8. A DIY farmhouse style console table gets a spooky makeover with spider webs, bats, skull pillows, a cauldron, small and large skulls, and a lantern. (via Mom’s Home Design)

9. A console table with gorgeous fall decor, including fall-scented candles, faux pomegranates, and potpourri in glass vases and bouquets. (via Pinterest)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

Neutral Console Tables For A Warm Home

11. The foyer of this blog house is a great showcase for fall decor. In front of the entrance is a table decorated with a galvanized case with a bitter. An old wooden bowl filled with cones, pumpkin and corn husks. Under the table are rain boots with more bitters and a basket with autumn themed pillows and throws. (via The Gable Rock Blog)

12. This entryway table is decorated with a DIY Hot Skwash pumpkin made from velvet and cashmere. A faux white hydrangea in the center completes the look. A basket filled with comfortable throws on the bottom shelf. (via Golden Design Decoration)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

13. A chic entry console from Home Goods is decked out in fall decor. Featuring a variety of shiny pumpkins from Marshalls and a large wicker basket filled with faux fur pillows from Home Goods. (via Crazy Chic Design)

How To Decorate Your Living Room With Gorgeous Sofa Tables

14. The standout feature of this living room is the teal console table. The table is decorated with a wreath made of cotton stems, autumn leaves, pumpkins, lanterns and a basket filled with autumn themed pillows. (via Homedecoriz)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

15. Under the gallery wall, pumpkins decorate the console table. DIY printable falls in a rustic frame. Magnolia wreaths add to the overall design. (via Turquoise House)

16. Simple and neutral autumn decor sketch. The white pumpkin sits in a wooden batter bowl, sprigs of fresh eucalyptus leaves are used as a decorative filler. A pair of small brass deer completes the centerpiece of the table. (via The House I Made)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

Country Girl Home

17. DIY signs for autumn. Sign “Hello Autumn” made from an old school desk. This easy tag can be made in minutes and is perfect for fall decor! Get the full tutorial from the attached link. (via The Hoff Home)

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18. The dining room console has pumpkins and squash of all shapes and sizes. Glass vases keep the theme light and airy, filled with faux fall leaves. (via Honey We’re Home)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

19. In the dining room, this table is covered with potted mums, faux pumpkins and tall branches as filler. (via Liz Marie’s Blog)

How To Style A Console Table With Simple Decor You Can Move Room To Room

20. Warmly welcome your guests with a console table decorated for autumn. This table features fall leaves and animal-inspired knick-knacks. A bouquet of fiery and burning red linden leaves arranged in a glass vase. Underneath is a basket filled with buffalo pillows and a tartan blanket for a rustic touch. (via The Perfect Home)

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

22. This console table next to the fireplace in the living room has a simple fall decor. Highlights include a vase with faux leaf sprigs that add color and texture. The baskets also seep into the room from the autumn warmth. (via Sunny Side Up)

23. World Market Everett’s lobby table is designed with fall-themed decor that greets guests at the entrance. The table is decorated with artificial pumpkins, autumn pillows and a sign, lanterns and a magnolia wreath. (via @rainandpineblog) Struggling to decorate the table behind the sofa? Here are 4 different ways to organize your coffee table!

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

Styled Console Table For Fall

When we moved into a new home last year, the living room was the room I paid the most attention to decorating. We had bought a sectional for our old home, but it took so long to arrive that we shipped it to our new home.

Thank goodness I love this new part of the room. (I brought a tape measure home to make sure it would fit). And I was pleasantly surprised that my beloved Everett console table fit so well behind it! I love our new cozy living room layout, which is less of an open space than what we had before.

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

However, a new challenge for me is how to place a console table behind the sofa and in the middle of the room. It should be functional (with a reading lamp) and pretty (duh!) and not feel like a wall in the middle of the living room.

The Living Room Rules You Should Know

I’ve styled it pretty much the same since I set it up, but I decided to play with a different style and came up with 3

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How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

That too for style! So, I thought I’d share it with you, in case you have a console table behind your couch too! This home design idea is also suitable for any apartment service!

So what to do when decorating a table other than when it is pressed against the wall? First, you don’t want to fill the table with lots of really tall decorations because you won’t see them.

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

Fresh Spring Console Table Decor Ideas

So keep this in mind when styling. For example, when I put this console table against the wall in my old house, I placed a large piece of art in the middle of it. But it won’t work in this situation.

Although each style varies slightly, I like to incorporate at least one of these elements into my decor when decorating a horizontal space.

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

Placing things symmetrically is probably my favorite way to decorate, but it’s not always pleasing to my eye. It’s just easy for me. So, this is the formula I use the most on the console table behind our sofa.

How To Style A Console Table

This includes two of my favorite lamps on either side of the table, then a pile of books and decorative accessories in the middle. A small brass turtle on the book introduces an organic element.

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

The faux plant on the right and the quilt draped over the edge of the basket on the lower left offer just enough asymmetry to feel a little more fancy and less “plain Jane.”

Then at the bottom are my two favorite console buckets. It’s a very simple but classic style and we use this lamp every night at sunset to create a cozy atmosphere in our living room.

How Yo Decorate Sofa Tables

How To Build A Rustic Sofa Table

In this view, I kept both baskets at the bottom, but took one of the lights. It still needed to be balanced with something tall on the right side, so I moved the stack around

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