Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

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Planning centerpieces for your wedding reception? Hydrangea can only be a perfect fit! Hydrangeas are flowering plants that give off an instantly romantic look. According to Amanda Theodoropoulos, owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, incorporating hydrangeas into centerpieces can be the perfect flower for beach or traditional weddings, or even for couples who prefer a simpler aesthetic. Large flowers can be found in different color options, including white, purple, pink, green and even blue.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Amanda Theodoropoulos is the co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, a mother-daughter owned floral company specializing in garden-style design for weddings and events.

Hydrangea Inspired Blue And White Table Setting

If you’re hoping to incorporate these stunning flowers into your reception centerpieces, Theodropoulos notes that proper care and arrangement are essential. “Because they love water, proper care and processing is needed for a long life. “Hydrangeas are better directly in water, but if foam is necessary, put them in a moist foam as close as possible to the event,” she says.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Hydrangeas can stand alone in simple vases, or they can be included in beautiful arrangements by adding other flowers and green plants. “We found that using larger leaves paired well with smaller hydrangea flowers,” Theodropoulos added.

Are you hoping for a simple clean look? Include hydrangeas in a simple way. This potted centerpiece used large stems of hydrangeas interspersed with roses, thistles and a few greenery for lots of texture and interest.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Cream White Hydrangea

Hydrangeas immediately create a classic, romantic feeling. Consider using a mix of white and blue hydrangeas paired with ferns to create a rounded centerpiece. Place a white pillar candle in the center to light before dinner begins.

Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to include in your floral arrangements if you’re hoping to make a bold statement because of their shape. Consider placing low clusters of these coordinated flowers on your tables. Allow them to stand on their own, or combine them with tall floral arrangements.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Combine classic touches like blue and white china with romantic florals. These centerpieces included lots of green and white flowers and greenery and matched the blue hydrangeas beautifully with the stunning table design.

Centerpieces With Dried Hydrangeas And Hypercium

While completely classic and beautifully traditional, hydrangeas also have the potential to be used for a country-inspired centerpiece. This centerpiece includes strawberry and cream hydrangeas to match the muted color palette. Paired with stone fruit, it evokes an old world vibe.

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Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Go traditional and choose a centerpiece complete with a white and green color palette. This short centerpiece includes hydrangeas and other white flowers, as well as lots of white astilbes for texture.

Place a long reception table or several long rectangular tables? Look for lush hydrangeas to line the entire length of the table. Their full form fills the space and adds height and quality.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

White Wedding Flowers For Any Season & Style

Hydrangeas scream spring, and like sweet peas, they’re the perfect pairing with other fall flowers to fill baby’s breath.

Are you going for traditional decor? Include hydrangeas on your all-white table. This reception area features tall, clear vases filled with white hydrangeas to draw attention. Round planters of white hydrangeas are suspended from the ceiling to complete the look.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Planning a farmhouse-inspired wedding? Hydrangeas have a full place on the table. Choose a muted color option and combine a large flower with green. Place each small bundle in a clay pot to complete the look.

Tall Blue And White Hydrangea Centerpieces In Mint Julep Jars

Hydrangeas can still be included in a centerpiece even if you’re looking for an understated aesthetic. This centerpiece combines hydrangeas, roses and ranunculus for a simple and elegant display.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Planning a beautiful pastel decor? Definitely add hydrangeas to the mix. This ombre theme features a host of award-winning flowers, including roses, tweedias and hydrangeas.

Select to exit all? This stunning centerpiece absolutely screams elegance, with a tall gold candelabra as its base. A combination of white hydrangeas, roses and flowers made for a stunning and complete display.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Wedding Dinner Table Reception. Bouquet In A Vase On A Table Of Pink And White Roses And Blue Hydrangea, With The Number Of The Table On The Plate Stock Photo

Hydrangeas definitely give a more romantic, classic look, but that doesn’t mean they can be used just for that! Include an unexpected pop of color in these stunning flowers to grab the attention. Bright pink is perfect for a tropical party and will make a statement when paired with tropical foliage on the reception table. When choosing wedding flowers, decisions are often best left to the professionals. What flowers are in summer right now? What flowers come from the same shades in your color palette? One type of flower we see at many weddings are hydrangeas! These flowering shrubs are available from mid-spring to late summer or mid-autumn – so they are in full bloom during wedding season! Beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors including white, green, blue, pink and purple, making them a complement to most wedding colors.

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Dainty flowers can be used as an accent or the main type in a floral design! Whether you choose to have a bouquet of hydrangeas or add decorative flowers to your ceremony arch, reception centerpieces or even your wedding cake, a hydrangeas flower arrangement is sure to add a lot of glamor to your event. Combine hydrangeas with roses for a romantic design, or create a rich floral table by incorporating other larger flowers such as dahlias or peonies.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Check out 15 ways real brides are incorporating hydrangeas into their wedding decor, and visit our photo gallery to see other floral designs featuring this beautiful flower.

Tall White Rose And Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces

Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography; Floral design by HMR Designs. For more ideas for bridesmaids, be inspired by these bouquets. The roses are red; Violets are blue. But hydrangea wedding centerpieces come in every color of the rainbow. This versatile flower is stealing the spotlight at weddings across the country, and it’s not hard to see why.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

“Hydrangea is an absolute classic,” celebrity event planner Sally Arnold of Sally Arnold Events tells us. Using hydrangeas is a quick way to make your reception feel soft and romantic. She continued, “Hydrangea flowers are very simple and beautiful, they have a lot of lush effect.”

With different colors and sizes, hydrangea centerpieces can easily inspire any wedding theme or style. Do you have a familiar vibe? Try clusters of white hydrangeas with greenery. Looking for something bold and memorable? Consider a blue hydrangea garland with crystal embellishments. There is no limit to imagination with this versatile flower.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Brilliantly Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Additionally, there are many unique ways to incorporate hydrangeas into the rest of the wedding ceremony, including the ceremony itself. Sally shares, “We love the look of clear glass cylinders of varying heights, filled only with hydrangeas. It’s a simple, elegant and impactful way to redecorate a hallway.”

But wait, there’s more. “Hydrangea is a great way to get a lot of looks out of one flower and can be used to decorate anywhere at a party,” says Sally.

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Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Many elements go into creating the wedding of our dreams, starting with the perfect centerpiece from a popular decor company. These 14 wedding centerpieces of hydrangeas will make us fall in love with the endless floral possibilities. From luxurious table runners to tall vases, hydrangeas are ready to bring your stunning vision to life.

Gorgeous Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces That’ll Make A Statement

While orchids and tulips were part of the classic white floral decor from Aqua, hydrangeas definitely captured our hearts at this beautiful Puerto Rican wedding.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Photographer: Rabbit Media Productions | Planner: Cristina Campos Events | Decor: Aqua | Location: Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Rentals: Design Events Lounge Furniture For Rent | Catering: Chef Marisoll & C + M Cake Designers | Entertainment: Joel Bigj

Click through to see how other centerpieces feature purple orchids nestled within clusters of blue hydrangeas – creating a stunning color contrast.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Blue And White Hydrangea Floral Centerpiece With Greenery And Acrylic Table Number

PJ’s Flowers created simple wedding centerpieces with white hydrangeas that perfectly complemented the seating and dinnerware with pearl edges.

Click through to see how this wedding planner incorporated hydrangeas into the rest of the wedding reception—especially sweet.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Photographer: R2 Studio | Planner: Sally Arnold Events | Flowers: PJ Flowers | Location: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

Best Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Ideas

We love how the pale pink stripes and hydrangea-pink bouquets were the perfect accent to the gold dinner plates and glittery favors.

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

As the evening progressed, the purple lights added to the beautiful scenery and breathtaking views of the city.

Photographer: Boy Beauty World | Country: Metropolitan | Linen: Wind City Linen | Cake: Bittersweet Cake Shop

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

Hydrangeas: How You Never Seen Them Before — Pronto Farms

Along with elegant aisle markers, rose and hydrangea centerpieces by Erika Rose Design made this country club wedding classic and romantic.

Photographer: Myrtle + Marjoram | Design + Planning: Marilyn Ambra Party Consultants | Decor: Erika Rose Design | Location: Private Club | Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen, Blueprint Studio – Rentals,

Hydrangea Table Decorations Wedding

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