Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables – I played a test version of Monster Hunter World Iceborne before the release. From bariot to hot spring palico friends, here’s what we learned.

We recently had the opportunity to play and record the first hours of video of the Iceborne expansion when we visited Capcom’s US headquarters in San Francisco a few days ago. The test build we tested was a work in progress and we weren’t allowed to show equipment, new ornaments, mods, or talk in depth about monster weaknesses for spoiler reasons. But the game still offered an interesting first look at the gameplay, including a new Seliana base, some previously unannounced monsters, and new gameplay mechanics like Clutch Claw.

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

One of the best parts of the campaign we had was seeing new monsters that hadn’t been shown publicly at the time. They were Tobi Kadachi the Viper, Paulumu the Nightmare, Pukei Pukei the Coral, and one of the many beloved monsters, the Sabertooth Barioth Snow Wyvern.

The Purr Fect Room: Silver

Tobi Kadachi Viper: This Tobi Kadachi subspecies has orange and black pigmentation instead of the silvery blue and white of its main rival. Its spikes can cause not one, but two status effects: paralysis and poison. Throw in the speed and agility that Tobi Kadachi is known for, and you could end up with a headache on your hands if you’re not careful – or if you don’t have the antidote.

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

Nightshade Paulumu: This subspecies doesn’t look particularly threatening at first glance. He looks like a dark, emo Paulumu hanging out in the den while listening to old My Chemical Romance songs. That is, until it sprays you with a noxious gas that can throw you forward or down in a huge billowing cloud as it floats. Let’s just say this monster isn’t passing a DMV smog check anytime soon. By the way, that gas cloud can send hunters to sleep, requiring items like energy drinks while Paulumu’s gauntlet hunts.

Coral Pukei Pukei: Like a two-legged fire engine, this monster looks comical at first until it pulls out the big guns—and by that I mean the big water guns. Coral Puke can bend and tilt its tail like a gorillapod, resulting in all sorts of ways you can spray it with high quality H2O. His water attacks can reach very far, making him a threat even when he seems far away. Seeing him in action was like watching my fellow hunters play in one of those public fountains. Except every flood blows them a mile away.

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Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

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Barioth: The hunt for Barioth, the apex predator of our multiplayer session, continues to be an intense, white-fingered adventure. The saber-toothed wyvern is fast and furious, especially in the first half of the hunt when its wing claws are intact. Add in the ranged blizzard attacks and you might find it hard to let go, let alone when the monster freezes you with Iceblight. Barioth looks better than ever after getting the Monster Hunter World visual treatment. If you’re a fan of Rakshasa, you’ll enjoy his addition to Iceborne.

The new Hunter base in Hoarfrost Reach has a more centralized design, allowing easy access to various shops, services and the Gathering Hub. While Astera’s vertical design was great to look at, it was a bit awkward for multiplayer matches, so the new look for Celiana makes it easier to get from point A to point B or point C and D.

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

Housekeeper: Starting right at the main entrance, go up the ramp past the popo and you’ll see a wooden house with a counter manned by a palico with a fuzzy hat. It’s actually a handheld cat that can send you to the practice area, which now includes an option to practice the mechanics of clutch engagement on a dummy cart. The housekeeper can also help you claim the extra bonus. Exiting the training area sends you to your private room.

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Your Personal Camera: Do you feel like a camera author? Well, get ready to knock your socks off at your new hunter’s quarters in Seliana, which you can now trick out with all kinds of furniture and decor. When you first walk into the room, you’ll find a rustic space with stone, lots of wood accents, and some great furs. However, don’t worry if this setup doesn’t tickle your fancy. Iceborne lets you choose from a variety of curtains, tables and beds, including some familiar to series veterans. In addition to choosing materials such as canvas or fur, you can also change their patterns. These designs can range from quiet and natural looks to more elegant offerings that will delight your inner Caligula. More decorations can be unlocked as you progress through the game and complete rewards. You’ll also have a private hot spring, a new aquarium and beautiful window views of Seliana’s cool surroundings. Continuing the theme of easy access, your private room can be accessed from various locations in Seliana, including the next room, the Gathering Hub.

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Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

Gathering Hub: The gathering place for multiplayer hunting has familiar stations such as the quest counters, item shop, and hub canteen. In addition, it now adds other services that were only available outside the hub on Astera. For example, one of the sailors at the tavern gives you access to a botanical research station for growing herbs, mushrooms, etc. and to an Argosy ship for people interested in making material requests. The center also has a fresh steam room, a foot bath and several hot springs to help warm you up indoors after spending time on the frozen mountains of the Horforst Reach. Take a dip in the foot bath or hot springs and you’ll be able to experience the best feature ever at Monster Hunter-Dome, pampering your Palico. Seriously, you can rub and pet your cat, pick him up, submerge his furry body in water, splash water in his face as he thrashes around in the hot, soupy bath water. I actually had to remind myself that I was going hunting at one point because I couldn’t stop playing with my Palico in the Gathering Hub bathrooms. Palico manipulations can be done in any hot spring, including the one in your private rooms.

Other Rooms: If you need to craft new tools after hunting, there is an exit directly connected to the forge in the Gathering Hub. If you instead exit through the main doors of the Gathering Hub, you’ll find the new war room to your left. There the fleet’s board meets to strategize about the new world. To the left of the war room is the Environmental Research Center for gathering monstrous data. In front of the Research Center is the new cafeteria, which is occupied by Professor Muscular Chef. There is a small nook that serves as a shortcut from the canteen to the new steam working station that powers the entire camp. It also lets you play a minigame where you can guess the order of the three gauges and get materials in return. You can earn fuel to start Steamworks by doing quests. The Steamworks Tech Boss will ask you to take on optional quests from time to time, as will other NPCs in the game.

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Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

Jewel Trashing Cheat Sheet V4. (updated For Jewel Names Instead Of Skills. Including Source Spreadsheet.)

Once again, the Iceborne expansion lets you experience the game’s campaign with other people if you don’t want to go it alone. For our session we basically had everyone gather in the same Seliana hub and someone would post a quest or an expedition and have other players join that quest.

However, the same in-world caveats still apply to Iceborne’s multiplayer campaign. Doing campaign missions that involve expeditions, for example, requires us all to do the same expedition separately, then come back after the cutscene triggers. After that we can do the same task. You also cannot skip the story scenes.

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

We’re limited in what we can say about the story, but people who have played Monster Hunter World should be familiar with the process. Basically, you have to do quests and expeditions to progress the story which focuses on the sudden migration of Legiana. The reason behind the ecological disruption is that it ripples throughout the entire ecosystem of the New World, with monsters appearing in places they wouldn’t normally be seen. As hinted at in the previews released by Capcom, the manager appears to have a personal stake in the ongoing events. You’ll have to play the game to find out what those stakes are, well.

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Remember when I mentioned the “claw” in Monster Hunter, the way you had to pick up the PSP due to the lack of a second analog stick? With the advent of Iceborne, the term now refers to

Iceborne Old Decoration Tables

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