Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent – Following the model of the Old Testament temple, with a courtyard, a nave and a sanctuary, the Orthodox church is also divided into three areas: the narthex, the central part of the church and the sanctuary.

The back of the church (usually the west side) surrounds the main entrance and is called the narthex. In the ancient church, this section was reserved for catechumens (those preparing for baptism) and penitents (those excluded from communion due to serious sins). The narthex is usually large; sometimes it includes a pool for adult baptism. At this time, the narthex was usually small. Candles and prosphora are sold here. The stairs leading to the narthex and the area above the stairs is the portico.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

The central part of the church, the nave, is where the faithful stand to pray. It is separated from the sanctuary by an iconostasis, a partition covered with many images. In the oldest churches, this section is not very long and there are no icons. At the end of the eighth century, after the heresy of iconoclasm was condemned, the icons began to be placed on the partition between the nave and the sanctuary, and the partition itself was raised high. Therefore, over the centuries, an iconostasis was developed, consisting of many rows of icons arranged according to a plan.

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The iconostasis has three doors leading to the sanctuary. The middle doors are called “royal”; through them the Lord himself, the king of heaven, passes unseen in the holy gifts, that is, in the holy communion. To the right of the royal doors is the southern door and to the left is the northern door. The icons on the royal doors depict the apparition of the Mother of God and the four evangelists, Saint Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The side doors usually have images of the archangels Michael and Gabriel. On the right side of the royal doors is always the icon of our Savior and on the left is the icon of the Mother of God. To the right of the icon of the Savior is the icon of the patron of the church, which represents the event or saint dedicated to the church.

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Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

On the lower level of the iconostasis there are also images of highly revered saints, such as San Juan Bautista, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and others. Above the royal doors there is always an icon of the Mystical Supper (the Last Supper), which reminds the faithful of the greatest sacrament offered by the Church, Holy Communion.

The iconostasis usually has several lines or levels. On the second level are the icons of the major holidays; the third, the apostles; and the fourth, the Prophets. The upper part of the iconostasis is crowned with a cross.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

Red Deer Lake United Church, Calgary

The iconostasis is usually located on an elevated area called the solea. This area is reserved for those conducting religious services. The middle part of this section, in front of the royal doors, is called the ambo.

Here the deacon repeats the prayers of the litanies and reads the Gospel, and the faithful come here to receive Holy Communion. On the sides of the solea are places called kliri, or choirs, where readers and singers stand. The flags were placed in front of the choirs, consisting of icons mounted on cloth and attached to tall poles to resemble flags hung vertically. These flags are carried during church processions according to church standards.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

The altar area, or sanctuary, is the holiest part of the church, which consists of the altar itself and the offering table. The altar is a specially consecrated square table where the sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated. It stands in the middle of the sanctuary and is covered with holy cloths. In it is a cross, a book of the gospel, an antimension, a tabernacle and a pyx.

St. John Neumann

The tabernacle is the ark or chest in which the reserved sacrament is kept. The pyx is a small box in which the priest takes communion to the sick in their homes. The antimension is a silk cloth on which is depicted the laying of Christ’s body in the tomb and the instruments of His suffering: the crown of thorns, the spear, the sponge, the rod with which He was scourged, the nails, and others.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

The antimension was written when it was consecrated, by which bishop and in which church. On the back of the antimension is sewn a small pouch containing the relics, according to the tradition of the first centuries of Christianity, when the faithful celebrated Holy Communion in the tombs of the martyrs. Without a consecrated antimension, the liturgy cannot be celebrated. To protect the antimension, it is wrapped in another silk cloth.

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The offering table is another table that is also covered with holy clothes. On top of this, the proscomedia is performed, the rite of preparing bread and wine for the celebration of the sacrament of the Eucharist or Communion.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

The Art Of Architecture

This table stands in the northeast corner of the sanctuary and contains the sacred vessels. The first of these is the chalice (cup) into which the wine is poured in the church, and the discos, a small round plate on a stand. Discos usually have a picture of baby Jesus lying in a manger. It is used to hold the Lamb, a piece of bread cut from the middle of the small bread (prosphora) consecrated in the liturgy, as well as other particles of bread cut from the prosphora. Along with the chalice and discs, the following items are found: a star made up of two bent metal arches joined in the shape of a cross, placed on the discs so that the veil does not touch the pieces of bread cut from them. . prosperity; javelin or javelin, a knife used to cut lamb and other parts of prosphora; the spoon from which communion is given to the faithful; and the sponge with which the chalice was wiped.

In addition to the main sanctuary, some churches also have other altar chapels where additional liturgies or other less solemn services can be held.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

The main altar, where the faithful direct their eyes, is located in the eastern part of the church. Since the time of the apostles, it has been customary to pray facing east, which symbolizes Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who enlightens every person who comes into the world.

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The liturgy celebrated in the church comes from heaven, not earth. We are brought to this conclusion by the vision of Saint John the Apostle, which is narrated in the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse). The heavenly liturgy he describes reminds us in many ways of our Orthodox liturgy. He saw the altar, the candlestick, the golden censer with the smoke of the incense, the chalice, the Lamb slain in the middle of the altar, the elders in white robes and golden crowns standing before the altar, and then the countless number of angels and righteous people, all praising the Creator (Rev. 4-5). The twenty-four elders correspond to the 24 priestly courses or divisions established by King David to serve in the temple (1 Chronicles [1 Chronicles] 24:1-18).

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Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

In the Orthodox Church, as in heaven, the slain Lamb [that is, the flock, the cut part of the prosphora] is also on the altar. Saint John’s vision of the souls under the heavenly altar, of the souls of those who were killed for the proclamation of the word of God, corresponds to the remains of the holy martyrs where the tombs were held in ancient times. So when we go to the church for the divine liturgy, we must know that we are able to participate in a great and mystical divine service, where our prayers are accompanied by prayers of angels and saints surrounding the throne. Heavenly King Pentecostal altar design for Fellowship Convo 2009 by artist and pastor, Rev. Todd Pick. Image courtesy of Pick’s website

Pentecost is a day in the Christian calendar that practically tells all your senses to wake up and celebrate!

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

About The Cathedral

Artist and pastor, Reverend Todd Pick, colorful pentecostes painting. Image courtesy of Pick’s website

And suddenly there came a great wind from heaven, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages ​​according to the power given to them by the Spirit.

Rentals — Paradise Church

“Pentecost is our day to celebrate the ‘birthday’ of the church,” said Marcia McFee, an author, worship planner and leader, professor, preacher and artist from San Anselmo, Calif. McFee is known as a worshiper of worship.

Ideas To Decorate A Table In Our Narthex For Lent

[Acts 2:1-4] is often used at Pentecost to describe how Jesus’ disciples

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