Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Ideas To Decorate Side Table – 5 rules for the best ideas for decorating tables in the living room + the best things to put together to be beautiful and functional.

A few weeks ago I asked a group of you all on Instagram and the Bless’er Home Decor Group what you would like to help with and would like to see here on the blog. this year, and some of you said you’re confused about decorating ideas. tables, how to build shelves, how to choose the right size rug…

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

If it’s not one of those things that comes naturally to you. (I also hold many.)

Ways To Decorate A Console Table

So I’m breaking down ways to make every little part of decorating your home easy and hopefully take some ideas.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Every week or two, I plan to focus on one part of the home and expand on the whole series. I am very happy and hope it helps! Because I’m a fan of these things.

Since I was working on a winter living room the other day, I thought I should explain how to make side tables as they seem to be the perfect starting point.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

I’m not a certified interior designer, but I’ve spent years studying every resource I can find, so I’m just sharing what I know. (And during the holidays, while visiting the NC mountains with my mom, I found these end tables and couldn’t wait to decorate them so…)

(Did you know that 3 is the “magic decoration number”? It creates the best symmetry. Please try that number on something: a mantelpiece, a dresser, a shelf. It works. It’s not. in the year e

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

This number also applies to “groups”. In the photo above, the frame on top of the stack of books is considered one group.

Console Table Decorating Ideas For Every Room In The House

Usually I just want a set of coasters and a table lamp as the main thing, and then the other parts will be beautiful decorations that don’t really work.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

I like to add a potted plant or vase of flowers to add color, texture and “life” to a flat vase on a side table.

If you have two items on the table that are the same height, lift one to make it even. Stacks of books or books on a coffee table are great as a climbing surface.

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Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Small Accent Table: How To Decorate A Tiny Living Room Corner

Whenever you print a shelf, table, or shape, let things form triangles. The “view triangle” is a stylist’s best kept secret.

I love Philips Hue White bulbs. It’s not too yellow, but it’s not too white, and it works with Alexa and Google Assistant, if you want your lights to be “brighter”.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

I love having one of these to hold little things that end up on our desks like change, decorations, etc.

Style A Console Table Like A Pro With These 5 Designer Tips

Choose spices that are not season-specific so that you can use them all year round, without having to worry about storing them in the off-season. Top for hat decoration. ūüėČ

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

We usually throw pacifiers and naked barbies on top of ours, but if you want your makeup to stand out.

Absolutely not. It’s nice to match the furniture in your living room if you want, but the end tables in the area will enhance the look of the furniture.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

How To Style Bedside Tables: 7 Professional Tips

The desk should be within two inches of the height of the arm of the bed, no higher and no shorter than two inches. I am addicted to beautiful coffee table decorations! When I took a good look at the two coffee tables in our house, I realized that there are five basic decorations that I use all the time, and today I’m going to share each coffee table decoration idea with you!

I always use a large tray on my coffee tables. Still. I like that everything is organized so that if you want to get rid of your coffee table to use it for playing games or putting food, you can remove everything by simply lifting it. at the threshold. Trays are also a great way to add a different texture or color to spice things up.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

For our coffee table in the family room, I chose a large 28 inch wooden tray that takes up a large portion of the coffee table, but still leaves room for my husband to put his feet up (we keep a “foot entry” around. for him to do this – lol!):

Utilize What You’ve Got With These 20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas!

Source: Tassel Corner Entry Cover White  | Gray Textured Cover  | Antelope Home Cover  | Fig Tree With Fake Violet Leaves  | carpet  | A double decker bag  | Acrylic Coffee Table (similar)  | Black and White Doll Box  | Bronze Crane  | No white (similar)

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Ideas To Decorate Side Table

I had a really hard time finding a square tray with a large handle that I liked, but I finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store where I bought mine is no longer there, but you can find a similar tray at . It is offered in many different colors in matte velvety matte or glossy. A tray like this is expensive, but I’ve had it for YEARS. I like that if I change the color scheme in the future, I can repaint it but not buy a new box.

On the ottoman/coffee table in our living room, I often use plain woven trays to add brightness and texture. My favorite  is a good size and great value for a tray this size:

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Ideas For How To Style A Round Coffee Table

FYI, be sure to add nail pads to the bottom of the wicker trays to avoid scratching your coffee table! Here are some other great coffee table trays that will also work (

I use flowers and naturals throughout my home because they add life in a way that no one else can so it’s no surprise that this is one of my favorite coffee table decor ideas. ! In the summer when many flowers bloom in our yard, I keep small bouquets of fresh flowers on the coffee table:

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

You can enhance life and personality by placing your flowers in something unique like this copper planter of mine (you can find a variety of planters and ) that I really like:

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table Like A Pro‚Äď La Muse

If you don’t have flowers to cut from your yard, pick up a $5 bunch of tulips at the thrift store, or for less maintenance, add a plant. This snake plant in front of the coffee table in our living room is the best – it can’t be beat:

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

And I love keeping books at the end of our coffee table – another way to bring nature into this space.

And there is no shame in a fake! I recently bought some strawberries, and two of them make really cute little arrangements:

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Tips For Decorating Your Entryway Console Table Like A Pro

And after I moved my snake plant upstairs, I used three of these fake eucalyptus branches (found) on the ottoman in the living room:

You can also use other natural elements to create life – a pine bowl, feathers or elements from the sea such as driftwood, shells and coral are just a few ideas. The best thing about natural elements is that many of them are on your doorstep and you can find and use them for free!

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Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Books are one of my favorite ideas for coffee table decor. It’s perfect for adding a layered look, and it’s great to have an interesting coffee table book for your family and guests to pick up and read. As a huge lover of design, I am mostly (big surprise) a designer. Books about where you live, your favorite region or country for vacation, or your favorite pastime are another good choice.

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

You might consider downloading a lot of your photos from your phone or computer onto one of ¬† ‚Äď future coffee table goals for me! And if you want to add a little color or pattern to your coffee table, an easy way to do it is to use the best fabrics:

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

And if you’re a fellow designer like me looking for the perfect coffee table books, here are some that are functional on the inside and beautiful on the outside (

With some books stacked on the coffee table, I’ll add a book cover or two. This can be anything from a large gold metal bone (similar in shape) that I used on the book cover fabric above to a decorative magnifying glass like one or a small piece like ):

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

Creative Ideas For Styling A Console Table

There are coffee table decorating ideas that you can have fun personalizing to reflect your style and preferences. Here are some more ideas for fun scrapbooks

Jewelry boxes are the best! There are many beautiful options, and they are great for storing things you don’t want to clutter up your desk. The coffee table in our family room has a TV attachment, a light remote, and my flash drives and photos I need here and there.

Ideas To Decorate Side Table

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