Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving – Make your decorations inviting throughout the holiday season with our collection of Thanksgiving decorating ideas. We’ll also give you some great tips for transitioning your holiday decor from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Take a look below and let us know which of these ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments!

1. The Thanksgiving Tree. This idea is great! After Thanksgiving, just take out all the pumpkins and put the rest on the tree for Christmas. The main purpose of this tree is to recycle, reuse and recycle unused autumn decorations from previous years. (via Home and Vacation)

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

2. Thanksgiving table decorations. Gray velvet pumpkins, green metallic pumpkins, and sunflowers inspired the design for the Thanksgiving tree pictured above. It will be a great holiday theme in your home. (via Home with Leave)

Halloween Centerpieces & Table Decorations

3. Decorate your stairs with branches. Tie deadwood and winter branches to your stairs to create a fall feel. After Thanksgiving, you can add pine cones to the branches and red ribbons and Christmas ornaments for some festive color. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

4. Orange pomander balls. This thanksgiving decoration will create a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. All you need is fresh citrus and some cloves. Add to a decorative bowl with some pine nuts and fresh pine branches. (via Easy Bites)

5. Rustic Thanksgiving Table. Mix rustic and elegant by adding natural elements to your table setting. The jute table runner is layered with logs and pumpkins. Add candles filled with birch wrap candles and taper candles in brass candle holders. Dry eucalyptus and pine nuts add nostalgia. To turn it into a winter tablescape, pull out the pumpkins, add some glittery decorations, fake snow, touches of greenery and red – pomegranates, taper candles, etc. (via Joyful Growing Blog)

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Natural And Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

6. Growing kernels. This simple decoration is an easy DIY in a flash. If you have mason or glass jars, add some crumbs, water and small candles to melt them. The perfect accessory for your center! (via Deco Aquarium)

7. Simple carnival lights. If you have a mason jar, add the herbs, a handful of cranberries and a floating vote. It will add some festive character to your table and can be used at Christmas. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

8. Tea light centerpiece. This rustic decoration will set the mood for your holiday table and can be used for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try using colorful tea lights, fall colors for Thanksgiving and red or green as an alternative to Christmas. All you need is a ball of dough, a pin and a tea light. (via We Heart It)

Thanksgiving Table Decorations » An Inspired Kitchen

9. Pumpkin color. A great DIY project for your holiday table, it is sure to add interest to your table. Get the full tutorial of these rustic pumpkins at the link provided. (via Liz Marie Blog)

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

10. Table of decorations with basic elements. Combine fruits, herbs and pine nuts for fun. This table can easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. White pendant lights are placed on the curved side mirrors for an elegant look. Add some fall tires and mini pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Channel fall elements with pine boughs, clementines, and pine cones, as shown above, along the corner near Christmas. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

11. Rare sailors. If you’re looking for an easy DIY to add some character to your Thanksgiving table, then try this simple idea. All you need is a glass jar or wine bottle, fill it with some eucalyptus and pine branches and add water. Place candles in the opening. (via Refinaria)

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces & Diy Table Decor

12. Cinnamon sticks. Tie cinnamon sticks around your candle. When lit, burnt cinnamon will make your whole house smell amazing. (via Home A to Z Info)

13. Hurricane Glass Centerpiece. This wreath will look beautiful on your Thanksgiving or Christmas table. Fill it with some real leaves or foliage for autumn. Of course, fill it with cranberries and pine branches for Christmas. Leaves can also be sprayed with paint for a metallic effect. (for the little bride)

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

14. Woodsy Candleholder Centerpiece. It can be used to decorate your Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. A piece of wood is cut in half, with a flat surface on the table. Make a hole in the top to fit the lights. Add other rustic decorations like pinecones and herbs. (via Barbasca Made)

Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips From A Few Of Vogue’s Favorite Tastemakers

15.DIY Apple Candle Holders. These lights can be used to decorate any place in your home for some happy moments. All you need is a fake apple, a tea light and a taper candle (the same color as the tea light). Cut a hole in the apple to fit the tea light. Light a taper candle and apply wax to the ends, perfect for Thanksgiving decorations. (via Homely Bliss) by Melissa @ The Inspired Room November 13, 2020 | Decorating inspiration, holidays, decorating and investing, thank you

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Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Today I’m sharing some simple and beautiful Thanksgiving table decoration ideas! You can use anything to create a unique look of your own, so hopefully these beautiful tables will spark your imagination and become your creative inspiration. There is a source listed at the end of the post.

If you missed yesterday’s post with an inspiration board collection of table decorations and fountains, you can find it here.

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Cozy And Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor

I love this idea from Beauty House. Put together an old family photo, and get an instant Polaroid camera for the family to snap new photos!

It’s a cozy look and I love the pop of red and the bouquet of fall leaves.

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

I love this table setting from Sanctuary Home Decor. A long wooden tray with lots of fruit, black candles and candles, empty tableware. The table has a nice burst of warmth and sparkle from the copper Moscow mule carts.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas: The Best Choices For Your Festive Feast

I love this natural and rustic orange table decor from Homestead 128. She used broom corn and dried orange box leaves for the centerpiece!

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

This table looks elegant with linen and gold accents, with string lights and eucalyptus in the center of the table. I love that this set would work for a winter holiday or event.

Love this dessert table setup with a simple craft paper menu, fall leaves, and a stand to display the desserts!

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Easy To Make Thanksgiving Decorations For Your Home

Purple and pink colors make a beautiful statement from sugar and charm on this Thanksgiving table.

Last year we planned a winter setting for our Thanksgiving table. We used buffalo check napkins with greens tied with baker’s twine, paper forest trees and tea lights.

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

I love this simple idea for towels from Vintage House. Cinnamon sticks and greens (or rosemary!) on linen napkins tied with twine! A nice touch is a small handwritten name card tied with twine or a name typed on a label maker like this one.

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Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: Yea Or Nay?

One year we put bottle brush decorations and handwritten place cards on each plate like this. Smiles on the faces of our guests!

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Don’t have a table and need more seating? I love the table top Thanksgiving table setting for the island from Sanctuary Home Decor!

It looks so cute with a wooden bowl, birch battery candles, and a fall decor to fill the bowl!

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

Tips For Decorating And Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

One year, we placed a pumpkin, a beautifully carved bear, in the center of our table and a bronze Moscow mule on each plate.

Sources for top: Turkish towel (lots of color options, love using these as tablecloths!) // Teal Matte Dinnerware // Simple Collection Book // Wood Pedestal with Handle // 2 Tiered Wood Shelf // Dead Light Dinnerware // Bamboo Rattan Cup and Handle // Double-Set Taper Brass Tableware // Sage Green Tableware // Blue and White Divider Towel // Marble Acacia Wood Round Chisel // Tray Gold Stainless Steel // Farmhouse Ceramic Tray // Marble and Acacia Wood Tray and Tray // White porcelain tray // Blue taper tray (various colors) // Gray dresser And, as you can imagine, Ree Drummond takes her Thanksgiving menu seriously — especially the Thanksgiving sides, which she likes to roast.

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

But there is one thing on the table that is as important as the food: its thanks to the table decoration! After all, hosts know that a beautiful, well-thought-out table can elevate the meal you’re serving—and a little food goes a long way over Thanksgiving dinner. Designing a wonderful DIY for Thanksgiving, putting together cute fall place cards, making some pumpkin crafts, and using beautiful napkin rings as part of your Thanksgiving rituals will transform the food. Think: These touches add a sense of elegance, sophistication and luxury that is distinct from a high-end dining experience.

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

Fortunately, you’ll find many beautiful and simple Thanksgiving table setting ideas here.

Ideas To Decorate Your Table For Thanksgiving

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