Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party – If you know me, then you know that I never turn down a party… especially when it comes to tacos! I love the colorful holiday atmosphere… everything goes! With summer approaching, there’s no better way to celebrate the entire season than with tacos, cold drinks, and colorful decor! I made something colorful and fun using the amazing party supplies from Oriental Trading. I’m glad you’re here to celebrate with me! Party tacos! Take a look at these fun and colorful holiday ideas! Affiliate links are included in this post.

I knew almost immediately when I saw this adorable party taco balloon garland that we were having a fiesta. When you live in Southern California, you basically can’t have a party without tacos…so they were definitely on the menu. I love tacos for quick and easy Mexican party food. If you don’t want to do the repairs yourself, you can hire a taco truck to do all the work for you, or get lucky on food missions for taco toppings. Guests can make their own tacos the way they like, making it easier for you to enjoy the party.

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

Churros are always a hit at the Mexican party, as are chips and salsa. If you’re looking for a killer guacamole recipe, be sure to check out this post. Add it to these adorable little bowls of guacamole. This is the perfect way to display a variety of salsa dishes and small items like limes and jalapenos on your taco bar.

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas (& The Best Authentic Guacamole Recipe)

This mango salsa recipe is a must for your party tacos! it’s so delicious! You will love it! I also used cute bowls of guacamole for chips in every setting… it was a nice addition to the table.

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

On the buffet table, I added chips in simple paper bags for food, which I cut with scissors. I added a self-adhesive fuzzy mustache to each of the bags… with all the colors on the table, the kraft paper was a soft and cozy addition to the table. These bags are very easy to make and look beautiful.

Whenever I use plain white trays on the dinner table for a party, I try to add a fun candy or other element to the tray so the food can sit on it. I love the color contrast and the interest it adds to a white plate. Since I used black on the dinner table for this party, I thought it would be fun (and in keeping with the theme) to add dried black beans to the trays. I think it really helps those craft bags and mustaches look even bigger. It was such a simple and inexpensive addition to the table that had a huge wow factor.

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Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

How To Make A Diy Taco Bar

Mexican sodas in all sorts of fun colors and flavors were another easy addition to Mexican holiday food. I added homemade mustache straws to each bottle with the same self-adhesive mustache that I used on the chips bags. All you need for this easy craft is a mustache, cute black and white striped straws, and some cardboard. You can find an easy tutorial on how to make these adorable holiday decorations here.

I love the opportunity to get creative with holiday decorations and taco wrestling. A themed party fiesta is the perfect opportunity to blow all the streamers and go crazy! These crested streamers are amazing! I used to think I should make them myself… but now you can buy them ready made!! so cool! I like their funny look and size. They create a light and truly festive backdrop for a festive table. I bought these rainbow colored tufted ribbons to add to my taco balloon garland for the party. They were easy to install and easy to remove! The best Mexican fiesta decoration!

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

Taco Bout a Party Balloon Garland is very cool. I fully expected balloons to come with small straws that you use to inflate them. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they self-inflate!!

Summer Fiesta Ideas

: Each of the letters has a bag inside which you bounce and the balloon starts to make a live sound and starts to inflate on its own. I was a little concerned at first because some of the letters didn’t seem to fully inflate and then got stuck. I realized that if I shake the balloon a little, the bag inside will restart and continue to inflate. It reminded me of the hand warmers you put in your pockets when you go skiing. They stay warm for up to 8 hours, but sometimes you need to give them a little shake to re-activate the chemicals that heat them up and make them hotter. Same idea here. If you start noticing that your balloons stop inflating, just give them a little shake until you’re happy with how full they look.

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Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

I also wanted to make something fun on the table and adding simple paper ribbons in all different colors was a simple addition. This made the plain white table popular. I love how cute they look in different lengths. This adds even more visual interest to the table setting.

Decorating a Mexican fiesta can be as fun and simple as placing colorful daisies and cacti in tins. I bought some Mexican products like enchilada sauce and green chili in jars and emptied the jars to use as vases. These jars make such cute items for a Mexican themed party! The combination of colors and sizes with flowers and cactus looks great on a colorful table. And the best part is you don’t have to be a florist to make them look amazing! I’ve added these fun holiday flags to every jar of flowers to add a bit of height to any Mexican themed party centerpiece and make it even more festive.

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

Create A Walking Taco Bar For Your Next Celebration!

I wanted to take the festive and colorful paper decorations to the festive table where the guests were sitting. I experimented with several different ways to place the same paper ribbons on the guest table as on the dining table and found that this type of weaving looked very cool. Believe it or not, these streamers aren’t even glued to a table or anything. I simply took strips of serpentine in all colors and placed them on top of each other to create this braided pattern. I love how it turned out… and it’s so easy to recreate!

Isn’t that fun?! And so easy! I also cut ribbons to different lengths so I don’t have to worry about getting everything perfectly even. You can see what they look like below:

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

These cactus cups are the cutest!! Each guest had their own furnishings to take home, as well as a mini sombrero. I continued the paper theme design with layered paper plates in contrasting navy blue and yellow, white paper napkins wrapped around red plastic silver and wrapped in more paper ribbons, with a cute fiesta flag tucked inside. I never want to miss every chance to decorate, so when my original idea to use this awesome paper flower door decoration didn’t work out because the party was moved to an unplanned location, I repurposed these amazing paper flowers as the centerpiece. Mexican table party and smaller paper flowers tied to the back of each chair… I’m obsessed with these flowers!!!

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Mexican Party With Dessert Table And Games — Chic Party Ideas

I found another place to make these paper flowers work. I wanted Mexican-style desserts, so churros were a must, but my sweet budding baker wanted to try his hand at nude cake… so I let her be the centerpiece of our holiday table. As soon as I saw these paper flowers, I realized that the cake was needed as a decoration for the cake. Doesn’t it look like it was made for the top of the cake?

Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

I decorated the bottom of the cake with a fun DIY topping. I attached the gorgeous finished pom poms to the toothpicks with a hot glue gun and simply stuck them around the base of the cake. DIY is so easy and fun that it will really decorate any cake or cupcakes. I love that I can buy these pom-poms ready-made! I have a great pom pom machine and I can make my own, but making so many in the same size would be quite a project! I now have all the sizes and colors of these adorable pom-poms at home so I can quickly make wreaths, cupcake toppers, headbands and more. Such a great find! I’ll be putting together a quick tutorial on these adorable cupcake toppers soon!

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Ideas To Decorating Table For Taco Party

How To Set Up A Simple Taco Bar!

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