Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

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Wedding night centerpieces are a great way to highlight the theme of your celebration. And when it comes to their choices, homeowners have several different options. Hiring a professional floral designer to create tablescapes can produce great results, but it’s not always in the budget. In that case, you might want to get crafty and DIY your own decor. (It’s not hard, we promise.) Or consider buying table decorations that can be used as gifts or prizes.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

If you’re looking for ways to improve your space without breaking the bank, we’ve got you covered. Check out these incredibly creative ideas for inexpensive wedding centerpieces and table decorations.

Tropical Bridal Shower Ideas

Grouping bud vases with small flowers can fill as much space as a larger arrangement, but requires fewer flowers. The acrylic finish of this set is smooth and the dishes can be reused as napkin rings.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

To create a wonderful garden party atmosphere on your wedding night, fill these faux moss planters with fresh (or fake) flowers.

This rustic lantern is available in many different colors to match the party theme, from versatile neutrals to an eye-catching aqua shade. Decorate it with greenery and flowers to create a romantic centerpiece for your wedding night.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Treat Table Decorating Kit

Baskets add a natural texture to your table decoration and create a beautiful rough contrast to the delicate flowers of your wedding.

Celebrate the bride by collecting photos of her over the years (including lots of photos of her with her husband-to-be, of course) and print them out on photo cubes that can be used to decorate the tables. Bonus: These make great keepsakes for the guest of honor!

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Fill several jars of different heights with sweets. Voila, you have a colorful wedding night centerpiece and dessert.

Cozy And Sweet Rustic Bridal Shower Ideas

If a bride loves all things fall and pumpkin spice, then these velvet centerpieces should be right up her alley.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

The geometric shape makes this planter ultra-modern. Fill it with rocks and plants, a candle, fairy lights, or anything else you can dream up.

Looking for a rustic wedding night centerpiece? Mason jars are a great choice. Decorate them with several loose bouquets of flowers of different textures and shapes.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

How To Plan A Bridal Shower Brunch

Knot Shop Vintage Jars in Wire Holder, from $19 for set of 3,

The birdcage makes the elegant wedding party the center of attention. For a pop of color, add fresh flowers, moss balls or other vase filler. Or use it to store cards.

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Are you sitting on a larger guest list? Numbered wooden tables will help keep everyone organized while adding a bit of rustic charm to your wedding celebration.

Sea Beach Ocean Nautical Bridal Shower Table Decorations

These small artificial succulents will liven up any space. Place them by the table and let your guests take them home as a souvenir for the bride.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Galvanized buckets are immediately decorated with the addition of fresh flowers. This is an elegant way to create tall wedding flower arrangements.

Choose a frame that displays the photos on both sides to decorate the wedding table. This way, all guests will be able to see the menu, engagement photos, table numbers, artwork, or whatever you decide.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

The 25 Best Bridal Shower Ideas & Themes For 2019

Grouping lanterns creates a stylish landscape for the wedding night, and is extremely ideal for an outdoor event. Add candles to create an ambient glow. The custom details on this centerpiece are especially sweet.

This trendy faux spray looks realistic and can be used many times for other events or to decorate your home! Talk about a multipurpose bridal shower centerpiece.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Wedding night centerpieces, which include mason jars, are casually romantic. You can order these table decorations with flowers already added or fill them yourself.

Bridal Shower Pink White Table Decor Stock Photo 701328859

If you have a lot of tables and plan to number them, use wine bottles as markers for a fun wedding table idea. These wine labels can be customized with numbers and event information. You can even use wine as prizes for game winners.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Place these umbrellas on your tables and fill them with flowers. Or, for a unique approach, hang them from the ceiling! Now these are wedding night centerpieces that will truly wow.

Want to keep it simple? An elegant tiered server filled with canapés, macaroons or cupcakes can be the centerpiece of a wedding night. Plus, it encourages guests to dig in.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Winter Bridal Shower Tablescape

Planning a wedding reception with a tea party? We love this unique bud vase that looks like a teapot and cups.

Pre-printed wedding signs are an easy way to decorate tables without the fuss. Place them in pitchers or vases or attach them to small holders for instant wedding night centerpieces on a budget.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Vintage holders add character to wedding tables. Fill them with twinkling candles or use them as bud vases for a low key idea for wedding centerpieces.

Wedding Dress Centerpiece Bridal Shower Centerpiece Bridal

These little guys are an easy way to add some greenery to your table decorations. Plus, they make adorable gifts for the winners of your wedding games!

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Add color to your table decor with these enchanting bright bottles. They will definitely set the mood for a magical wedding celebration.

Great favours, such as honey jars with stylish personalized labels, can be grouped together on a cake stand or tiered server and used as a unique wedding piece.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Kara’s Party Ideas Pretty Pink Vintage Wedding Girl Party Shower Ideas Planning Decor

These unique birch tea stands add warmth to bridal shower centerpieces. They are perfect for any themed outdoor event.

Birch Bark Candle Holder Set, Sean Raine Designs, $23 for set of 3,

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Place this thoughtful book in the center of a long table for guests to swoon over during the festivities.

Rosé Before The Big Day: A Bridal Shower — Legally Crafty Blog

Add personalization to your wedding evening floral centerpieces with these chalkboard circles. Write table numbers, sweet sayings or congratulations for the bride.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Add a touch of French country style to your space with beautiful Provençal pitchers. May we suggest some soft hydrangeas or pretty lavender to put inside? (Hint: If you buy them in bulk, you can get a discount!)

These miniature lanterns add a touch of whimsy to wedding night centerpieces and can even double as your wedding night if you want.

Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Paper & Party Supplies Party Supplies Party Décor Macrame Charger Plate Wedding Table Decor Bridal Shower Table Decor Baby Shower Table Decor Placemat Charger Plate Silver

Something as simple as a runner can add the extra charm your tables need. We love the rustic feel of this Rustic Storm option.

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

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Images Of Bridal Shower Table Decorations

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