Indian Table Decor Pictures

Indian Table Decor Pictures – Whether you are having a traditional Indian wedding or not, there are a million ways to add authentic Indian flair to your wedding. Traditional elements can be subtly incorporated into the decorations, table settings, food arrangements, entertainment and stationery for your wedding.

Indian fabrics like Bandhi, Ikat, Lehriya, Batik and other similar fabrics are very popular for their bright colors and prints. References to these styles can be incorporated into table runners, napkins, pillows, signs and even wedding accessories. Indian brocade is very rich with textile arts like block paintings, mirrors, embroidery, etc. they can be used in the same way.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Indian Table Decor Pictures

For table settings, try using traditional urlis with flowers and diyas. The table setting can include brassware and cutlery to give it a more Indian look and feel. Henna themed candles are a great addition to the decor. Additional features like peacock feathers, Indian ornaments, colorful bangles, etc. they are also lovely accessories to add. Incorporating Indian motifs, bright Indian colors and Indian prints in your stationery and signage is also a good idea. Using Indian flowers in your decorations also looks very beautiful and smells good and is a great choice to make your wedding more traditional Indian.

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Why not dress up your wedding party in Indian attire? Think about having Indian motifs and designs on your wedding cake.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Food is another aspect that India is famous for and you can take this opportunity to spoil your guests with delicious Indian cuisine. Depending on the tastes of your guests, you can choose light and non-spicy options such as soga, different types of Indian bread, dal, and mithai (Indian sweets).

When it comes to wedding entertainment, today there is a variety of Indian music or even fusion music that lends itself very well and is suitable for exciting rituals and ceremonies. There’s also plenty of live entertainment – think of an instrument like a harp, but play Indian songs! The possibilities are endless!

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Indian Wedding Table Decor Stock Photos, Images & Photography

Image credits: Image 1: | Image 2: unknown | Image 3: | Photo 4 : unknown Decorating the dining table according to the theme not only brings the atmosphere, but also makes the meal with family and friends a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

I recently had friends over for an Indian dinner…obviously the table setting had an Indian theme. I had asked my guest to wear something Indian. .

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Indian Table Decor Pictures

To draw my table I used one of my never used dupatta. (Click here to see more details.) Table cloth forever.. Love the color and the gold embossed border..

Indian Restaurant Black & Gold Balloon Setup Party Table Decor, Hobbies & Toys, Stationery & Craft, Occasions & Party Supplies On Carousell

For the centerpiece I used a round wooden tray with a large scented candle and some pebbles inside. I wrapped a lotus flower and its leaf around the candle. I arranged a Diya (Indian style candles) in the middle.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

I used golden silk mats… For the men I placed a clay leaf I made a while ago and for the women I used a lotus candle…

I polished the mirror with the cuttings until I saw my face in it.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

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I really liked setting the table… making a table presentation… I want to do it again… this time thinking of a sea/beach theme…!! Helium balloons are one of the most attractive and simple installations for any living environment. Mix and match with a pop of color or keep it in gold or white for a modern decor.

Get creative with pastel colored paper folded into these intricate nets. Stick them anywhere on the ceiling and everyone who enters your home will be amazed.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Replace boring centerpieces or welcome mats with interesting flower decoration ideas. You can also make simple rangolis with rose petals and marigolds.

Bollywood North Wedding With Tropical Whimsy ⋆ Ruffled

It will not only brighten up the decor of your home but also bring natural aromas into the air.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

A few strings available at craft stores are inexpensive and will take your decorations from plain to fancy.

You can even try a combination of glass bracelets tied on strings and colorful ribbons. They look simple yet amazing as a background for your Rock photos.

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All you need here are chic cushions, a floor rug, lamps and your mother’s sari or dupatta.

The festive decoration of the rocker is ready in no time. For a large collection, this is the best way to add extra space and have fun.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

For a traditional ceremony like Roka, it is better to use ethnic but natural elements in your decoration. Candles with flowers, floating in a pot of water are the easiest way to decorate your space.

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Unique Table Decor Ideas To Make The Intimate Weddings Of 2020 Extraordinary

The best conversations happen after the party during lunch/dinner. Make your dining area stand out with beautiful, personalized accessories and a stylish setting. Your in-laws will be pleased with the effort.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

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Indian Table Decor Pictures

Table Decoration At Indian Wedding Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Plan Expert Advice on Getting Fit Before the Wedding: Guide and Interview Indian Wedding Buzz June 21, 2018 Ever wondered how to enhance your wedding decor with minimal effort? Well, the coronavirus pandemic this year has made all couples think deeply about how to make their intimate wedding special. Every couple planning to get married this year is faced with the question of inviting or postponing the wedding. Some of them find it difficult to work on an intimate wedding, while others get all the inspiration from the internet to make sure every aspect of their intimate wedding is special.

Well, we are here to help those who are having a hard time planning their intimate wedding during this pandemic. You can make your intimate wedding extra special with a little decorating effort. Place a table in the hall, observing the rules of social distance, and some table decorations. We have just the right table setting ideas for your intimate wedding. So be sure to check out our extensive list below and make your local wedding special with little effort. Also, don’t forget to put free hand sanitizer on every table to protect your guests.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Colorful umbrellas are very popular in wedding decorations. You can hang them or even create a theme with these beautiful colorful umbrellas. Well, this time we recommend using these versatile umbrellas as table decorations to make your table decorations unique.

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If you are someone who finds it difficult to get your hands on some decorative items for your wedding, then why not just do it yourself? A DIY table setting is perfect for an intimate wedding and would connect you more with your wedding guests. You can create anything you find interesting and place your artwork on any table to make your intimate wedding extraordinary.

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Indian Table Decor Pictures

What? do you have lego bricks in your house? We have only the best uses for them as table centerpieces for your intimate wedding. Take these colorful lego bricks and put them in the bowl. Now all you have to do is add a special message to your visitors. Get inspired from the images below.

Scented candles always add fun to your decor. A table decorated with scented candles is all you need to make your guests happy at your intimate wedding.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

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An Indian wedding is nothing less than a carnival and that’s why we have the right table settings for your wedding carnival. A mini Ferris wheel decorated with flowers will add a much-needed extravagance to your intimate wedding.

If you then have a daytime wedding, a pot of green flowers is your perfect table decoration. Adding greenery to your wedding, these plants can also provide a unique gift idea for your guests.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Add a special touch to your wedding decorations with tea-colored glasses or shot glasses. Be sure to fill these jars with fragrant flowers to make your table setting unique and wonderful.

Wedding Centerpieces To Add That Extra Oomph To Your Wedding Table Decoration!

If you are a classical music lover, show your love for music in your wedding decorations as well. Add a small tabla and DIY paper wheels to add a desi vibe to your wedding. These can add a desi look to your intimate wedding without much effort.

Indian Table Decor Pictures

If you want something wonderful and unique for your wedding table setting, then get yourself some whimsical auto rickshaws decorated with beads and colorful flowers.

Finally, if you want to keep it understated yet elegant, nothing can beat a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your wedding table setting. A classic bouquet of roses or a custom-made bouquet is all you need. Also, don’t forget to add glass candles to enhance the beauty

Indian Table Decor Pictures

Ruby Kilim Round Tablecloth Indian Tablecloth Indian Table

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