Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

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I love the atmosphere of a picnic-style dinner – it’s relaxed, comfortable and the perfect atmosphere for conversation. These picnics are perfect when held outdoors in backyards and parks, as well as indoors! While it may seem like a lot goes into creating such a dining atmosphere (I think it’s true!), it’s not as difficult as it seems. Today I’m putting together a post to share how easy it is to host your own bohemian palette picnic style dinner, the perfect way to entertain this Christmas. Step 1 – give it space

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

Assemble your ‘furniture’. To create this environment, you’ll need some large picnic rugs or outdoor rugs. Here I used my two Wandering Folk picnic mats (I have an emerald bush on the left, and a native wildflower on the right). Since I do it indoors, I have a smaller space than I would like, so if you have more space, you can use 3-4 rugs for a larger spread. Once you have your rugs in place, you can add your pallet tables. Pallets can be picked up for free or for a small fee on browsing sites like Gumtree. But I really struggled to find a pallet with smaller gaps between the boards, so I decided to make my own (next tutorial!). Add plenty of cushions to sit on. These velvety beauties are the elms here in the west. Step 2 – create a location setting

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Set your location settings. As for the atmosphere, the tastier the better! Here I placed a hot pink plate with a smaller salad plate on top – I like how the edges of these plates are a bit jagged – it gives a real rustic look. I walked out with rose gold plates and gold glasses, both western elms. When it comes to the Christmas party, I love dressing up napkins with decorations. All you need is a sprig of greenery, festive decor, ribbon and something to use as a name card. This little napkin look I created is super easy to replicate. Here I used twine (available at craft stores) and attached dried wildflowers I found at the local grocery store and a small ratchet. The little festive die cut cards are from an old kikki.K Christmas themed paper lover’s book – and I put them on top to use as name cards. Step 3 – table centerpiece design

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Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

For this particular look, I used lawn planks for inspiration to create a busy centerpiece where large plates are framed with all kinds of fruit and greens. One thing that completely changes the look of a tablecloth is a nice table runner. It really elevates the table setting from an ordinary dinner to a special dinner. Start by setting up a table runner. Then add your large plates, alternating colors/plates to create a varied look. Scatter decorative items around these plates, such as vases and candles. With all the main elements on the table, it’s time to decorate and fill in the gaps! I used a piece of greenery I found in my garden to create the backdrop for this table top. Use small branches and place them around the table, tucking the branches under the plates. Fill in the gaps with pops of color like grapes, strawberries, kiwis, nectarines and lemons. You can also add small fairy lights. Make table decorations interactive while being edible! Don’t think twice, post what you think. Once done, everything will come together in a beautiful festive look.

And there you have it. The dinner ready for Christmas has been rolled out. I can’t wait to repeat it again and again in the summer (yes, we Aussies have Christmas in the summer!). We hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for creating your own pallet style picnic. I will follow up this post soon with a tutorial on how I created my own picnic tables.

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

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I’m excited to share a tutorial today on how I created my pallet style picnic tables! I’ve always wanted picnic tables like this and spent months looking around the neighborhood for old pallets. I wanted the wooden beams to be next to each other so that there wouldn’t be too much of a gap, but I never found that and most of the pallets I found were too dirty for indoor use / and I was a bit worried that they would touch or treat me like I wanted to use them as a table. That’s why! After a bit of planning and a long time in the aisles of my local Bunnings, I finally found a way to make my own without wasting too much scrap wood and needing too many tools (and getting the most out of the cutting shop at Bunnings).

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Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

For the pallet picnic tables I created, you can seat 4-6 people in one or 10 people in two, whether you want people to sit at the ends of the table or not. However, you can use this tutorial and adjust the sizes to create any size chart!

Kids Picnic Party

Total Material Cost: About $70-80 Total Time Required: About 30-45 minutes max I did all my shopping at Bunnings and adjusted my measurements to match the wood options I had available; so if you’re planning to shop at Bunnings, the measurements I’ve used will make your project a breeze. Step 1

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

On a flat surface, lay out your three shorter beams like this, with the middle beam evenly spaced between the other two beams (a square would have been useful for me here, but again I forgot to buy one). Step 2

When you are happy with the placement of the joists, apply wood glue to each side of the joist and carefully glue each side to the wooden boards. Carefully rearrange to make sure you have 90 degree edges. Step 3

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

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When you’re happy with the placement, insert two nails into each connection point to secure the glue. Step 4

Now that the end boards are in place, it’s time to arrange the center boards. Take 7 boards and first carefully arrange them on the board, leaving a gap of about 3-5 mm between each board. When you have enough, you can peel off each board one by one and start gluing. Step 5

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

After each plank is glued, secure it with two nails on each side of each wooden plank. Your table top is complete!

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Indoor Picnic Guide

Carefully turn the pallet table and on each side, glue and nail the remaining two pieces of wood.

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

And you’re done! Easy DIY pallet picnic table! Allow the glue to dry before use. Here are some pictures of our pallet table in action.. Hope you enjoyed this fun little DIY! You don’t have to cook a meal to prepare your party if you’re looking for a relaxed party. seating for rent with our beautiful luxury picnic tables.

Made from reclaimed wood and seating 8 guests per table, we can bring your dream party theme outdoors or indoors. Including tableware, decorations, cushioned seating and our cotton teepee, just choose your location and choose your package. If you want, we can set it up for you too!

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

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Standard delivery and collection charges of £25 within a 9 mile radius apply to this package. Additional travel fees apply outside this area.

A £25 Dream Team set-up fee will be invoiced if required. If not, we assume you are happy to set up your picnic with our instructions. Cutlery must be cleaned and rental goods must be disassembled and packed prior to collection, unless otherwise agreed at the point of reservation.

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

Please note that this option is custom made as we acquire themed items, so exact pricing is confirmed upon request.

Picnic Parties & Dining

So why not become a fan of a great British past in celebration? From your front room to a party in the park, our luxurious setups have a relaxed atmosphere and are perfect for all ages. An indoor picnic has become very popular in recent weeks as many of us spend more time at home. Along with the Backyard Picnic perfect for warmer days, an indoor picnic can be enjoyed any time of the year!

Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

If the weather is bad, or if you can’t go to an outdoor picnic, a cozy indoor picnic can be just as fun!

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Indoor Picnic Table Decorations

How To Create The Perfect Indoor Picnic Date Night

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